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  1. Sounds like the citizens who either can't afford so called 'renewable' energy and prefer to live with less expensive electricity need to refocus on making the Sierra Club and citizen's action coalition spend their time and resources on other issues so they don't ruin the lives of others. Isn't that their typical method? It is amazing to me how such a small percentage of the population can have such a negative affect on the rest of us.

  2. If these residents were there long before the hog farms - "some for generations" - then I feel they have every right to be upset. They are folks who "grew up in the country" according to the article, so they are not new to this lifestyle. Those at the corporate level who decided to change operations from agricultural to a hog farm are the ones who should be held responsible. Perhaps these execs would like to purchase these residents' properties for their "weekend retreats" and see how their families and guests enjoy it.

  3. In Indyman's world, if you live in the country you should shut-up and deal with anything a corporate farms decides to do. And I'm guessing your philosophy for people living in the city is to shut-up and deal with anything a corporate factory decides to do. We the Corporations of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union...

  4. Leave it to a Lake Co. judge to rule that a union has more rights than an individual. Unions are nothing more than an arm of the Democratic Party. Forcing membership in a union means forcing a person to support a political party with which he or she may not agree. Nothing could me more unconstitutional.

  5. Wasn't Zaxby's supposed to open early last Spring? Last time I was by there it didn't look like much was going on with the construction. Can you update Zaxby's in your next column? We eat at Zaxby's when we travel, and our kids love it.