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  1. Has it been verified from the owners or DD closed on Michigan Road. When a sign came down a month ago - they were still selling donuts they just said they were going through some updating. But it did look closed later. I'm shocked that they wouldn't try to make it work just a little longer as RIGHT ACROSS the street is the new Neighborhood Walmart that is going in - which will drive TON more traffic along that intersection....interesting.

  2. I agree that lights would add fans. I don't know how many, but if I had to take an educated guess, I would say 30k. The fact is the Brickyard has a lousy date on the schedule. "Most years" the race is just too hot! The race would be more enjoyable at a reasonable temperature. Plus, night races are just plain more suitable for NASCAR. I for one sat in the nasty sun one too many times. If they move it to a Saturday night, I would come back.

  3. Illegal immigration SHOULD be addressed by the Governor. Don't you think this is taxing Indiana's crime rate, welfare system, etc, etc?? We all need to wake up...

  4. Not any mention at all about Mayor Ballard's plan to mortgage the entire Indianapolis Criminal Justice system to his robber baron friends for $500+ million at a unsuitable GM site through foreign shell companies.

  5. Thank you for your comment on the FAA. Commercial drone use could become a problem if not regulated and we welcome the opportunity to join the discussion to craft responsible laws. Having said that, Fat Atom has and will always push the envelope when it comes to creativity and this tool is a nice one to have in our toolbox.