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  1. Rick, how does granting theright to marry to people choosing to marry same-sex partners harm the lives of those who choose not to? I cannot for the life of me see any harm to people who choose not to marry someone of the same sex. We understand your choice to take the parts of the bible literally in your life. That is fine but why force your religious beliefs on others? I'm hoping the judges do the right thing and declare the ban unconstitutional so all citizens of Wisconsin and Indiana have the same marriage rights and that those who chose someone of the same sex do not have less rights than others.

  2. No one is complaining about these jobs coming to Indianapolis. We are complaining about the need to subsidize these low wage jobs. Why do you never hear a peep from republicans and tea partiers about this type of welfare? We should only be subsidizing high wage, high skilled jobs.

  3. It's not marching backward. It is refusing to sacrifice the rights of the majority, who wish to raise their children in a moral, traditional society for the convenience of the two-percenters. Sometimes the majority must be the protected class. This is one of those times. The 3-judge panel was correct in issuing a stay. SCOTUS was correct on Hobby Lobby. And the courts were correct yesterday in striking down subsidies for Obamacare. These cases are all interrelated, with the common thread being a minority trying to cram an ideology down the throats of the majority. America has simply had enough. The two-percenters are afraid of en banc because they know they can't win.

  4. Still only going to buy the base plate and only pay the BMV the minimum amount required to drive on Indiana's fine roads.

  5. Why are you yelling?