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  1. Simon retiles one of the five wings in the mall, tear out all but one of the gardens and fountains, allows water to damage ceilings and walls in the main concourse, half or more of the indirect lighting is burned out. Simon wonders why no one shops there. Clearly they are idiots. When you remove every thing pleasant, half ass your RENOVATION to where there is clear lines of age and quality difference you should not say you renovated anything. They made it worse, then funneled all time and money to Castleton.

  2. Unfortunately, Simon has no say in the retailers merchandise mix. How can you blame them for that?However, retailers do use a lot of market research to determine which products fit their customer base for a particular market . Their research must have shown that East siders did not want higher priced merchandise.

  3. I agree, For 20 years, Washington Square has been an outlet type mall for the stuff stores couldn't sell at other malls. People with money to spend saw this and just started going directly to the other malls. Even when it had a Macys, there wasn't much there for me to buy.

  4. I do not want to be bombarded with political talk first thing in the morning and while I am getting ready for work. Give me weather, humor, traffic reports, and the fact about major news. I miss Steve Simpson.

  5. The east siders stopped going to the mall when they were forced to go to Greenwood or Castleton if they wanted a product that was seen in the advertisement flyer they received in the Indy Star. Those fine retailers you mentioned down-graded their merchandise. For the east side mass with money to spend we don't want to spend our it on cheap crap. So I don't feel any compassion for Simon or the retailers who help bring the mall down!