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  1. I have been to Michigan, Bristol, Darlington and Indy.......went to every one since 1994. The year they started throwing the yellow flag every 10 laps for competition and crappy tires.....never again. In addition, the cars are all identical. NASCAR is a big joke (and I am in a NASCAR Pool every week) We just don't follow it that much. All of the tracks are half empty. And the price is no longer reasonable. Price the tickets at 20 bucks each and I will take my family out to the track....but 80 bucks each to sit in turn 4....forget it.

  2. John Smith ... the definition of marriage has been defined as one man and one woman since the beginning of time ... when did it change? who changed it? who had the authority to change it?

  3. The courts exist to interpret gray areas of the law. More importantly they exist to protect the citizenry from the government. It's true those other issues exist - and frankly that's a lot of the reason why this country is in such bad shape. There has been way too much compromise . Our two points of view are diametrically opposed. There can be no compromise that sufficiently mitigates this. I'll repeat what I said - sometimes it is the majority that should be the protected class.

  4. Ok, Getty warrant and take the blood. If the suspect fails then they have to pay a fine to cover it(hint: increase the fine). If he passes, the police, prosecutor, and judge must each hand write an apology.

  5. Daniel, the judges are not deciding names of things, they are deciding if the ban is constitutional or not. If you want the government to change the name for marriage, you can contact your US and state representatives and senators. they are the ones that can do that. On August 13, judges are going to decide if we continue discriminating against people who choose to marry someone of the same sex or not. I hope we stop the discrimination.