Around town retail round-up

November 11, 2008
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compass roseSeveral retail nuggets to peruse today:
  • Reis-Nichols plans to add 2,000 square feet to its Greenwood store by taking over the former Steve's Flowers & Gifts space. The $500,000 project is slated to begin in January. The store is in the Greendale Centre at US 31 and Fry Road.

  • Blimpie is slated to open a new sub shop next door to King David Dogs along Pennsylvania Street downtown.

  • Curves is taking 1,667 square feet in the Willow Lake Shopping Center at 86th Street and Township Line Road.

  • Pairings, a gourmet food and wine shop, plans to move into 1,600 square feet in River's Edge at 82nd Street and Dean Road in Castleton.

  • Vitamin Shoppe is taking 3,600 square feet in Shoppes at Raceway at 10959 E. U.S. 36 in Avon.

  • Aspen Dental is leasing 3,200 square feet in Shoppes at Raceway.

  • Also check out this week's Real Estate Weekly for a story looking at the fate of soon-to-be-empty big boxes around town.
    • not a big fan of blimpie, but I'm sure they will do fine considering how busy JJ and subway are for lunch. Mostly it's good to see the spot get filled.
    • This may be a bit off subject, but the strip centers surrounding Castleton Square mall are in some serious need of redevelopment. Now is probably not the time to undertake this kind of project, but the mall, which is flurishing and has had some recent additions is surrounded by acres of empty stip malls. It gives the impression that the area is junky, and it's not.
    • And Brothers up here in the Ripple is just about done. They were putting light bulbs in the outdoor lamps today. Looks nice.
    • Come on up to Carmel. While construction is down, there still quit a bit of activity. They are just begining demolition on properties to prepare for Keystone's 52 million mixed use project at Main and the Monon. I know that is not as exciting as reporting on the newest Blimpie in Indy
    • MainStreet -- that's certainly a worthy project to report on, but you do realize that Blimpie is going in only a half block from the IBJ offices, right? Let's not sarcastically rag on people for reporting things they can see out their window.
    • So where exactly is the Blimpie going? Not that it's groundbreaking news, but it is nice to see ground level retail being filled in! :)
    • Time to take another look at Glendale. Pretty stagnant with the leasing of all the new small spots around macys. Couple observations:

      1. WTF did they put the IU Med place up on the 2nd floor? I mean, plenty o space on the ground floor, now its upstairs, with an unprotected walkway the only obvious way in.

      2. The South Parking Lot?! Can one of you genius planner/architect types take a look at it an esplain it to me? Try going from rural to Target. :eek:

      3. EMPTY. Macys is packed, Target is packed, Lowes is packed, but the other stores are empty. As in there is nothing there. Is it just the economy or is there something wrong with the design?

      4. 62nd street trail. Was told this is in the works and was an arrangement that Kite made with the city. Trail meaning that a large 4 foot wide pavement path would be built along the south side of the VERY narrow and unsafe 62nd Street corridor from Allisonville to Gelendale.

      {/blog out}

    • So glad to hear that Blimpies is going in downtown! I used to be a proud sandwich artist at Blimpie in Speedway waaaay back in highschool. I have a feeling it will win over a few JJ and Subway loyals. Blimpie slices all of their meat fresh infront of the customer...Subway however, has pre-sliced meat sitting room temp in a metal tub....Just sayin. Blog on boys and girls.
    • Da Hooey, I'm with you. The parking lot arrangement at Glendale was messed up in the 80's, screwed up further when Kite started peeling off outlots in the 90's, and just when you thought it couldn't get worse...ta daaa.

      Putting IU Med on the second floor is making lemonade out of lemons. (Why build that much square footage?) Medical offices are places you have to go, so convenient parking by the front door isn't part of the deal. It gives the lifestyle center a regular draw, and then creates the possibility of ground-floor tenants in medical-related retail businesses such as eyeglasses, bedding, orthotics, etc.
    • I saw where Flat Top Grill is moving into is wonderful! I've been to a few in the Chicago area..........The new smoothie place at Glendale is awful, but the people that own it and run it are very nice...I just wish the product was better.
    • I heard the Flat Top Grill deal is now dead.
    • TMutt, thanks - that parking lot is a mess. And now I unnerstand on the IU Med position. Makes sense.

      Flat Top Grill - yes, the sign is gone, just looked there a few minutes ago. Probably a dead deal.

      Brothers! IS NON SMOKING YEAAAAHHH!!!!!! The sign just went up this morning, saw it 20 minutes ago and the Grand Opening per NUVO is tomorrow, Thursday. Rest of BR better get no smoky soon.

      No smoking: The new Smoking. :D
    • Blimpies closed the two stores closest to me over the past few years. I'm glad the chain isn't dead. So much better than Subway.
    • So good to hear that Brothers is non smoking!!!!! All the other bars in BR will be losing my business!
    • I'd love to post a photo of Brothers... Anyone nearby have a minute to shoot one?
    • My beer retainer is past due Cory. :) Lemme see what i can do. If not tonight, in the AM fer sure.
    • Mainstreet-

      please tell us about the wonders of carmel, in!! i'm so bored here in the city!
    • They had a private grand opening at Brothers last night. My understanding is it was for F&B types, BRVA folks and whoever gave them the variance to open there. :D

      Lotsa light, NO SMOKING and it is CLEAN.

      I'm in tonight, but will stop in there Friday afternoon on my normal tour of the village.
    • Harolds at Keystone Crossing is also closing. Stopped by last night and they are having a inventory reduction sale 30-60% off right now.
      The whole chain is closing.
      sorry for the all-caps, I'm just really jazzed about the possibility!
    • benjamin

      I am not sure if your sarcastic but a lot is going on in Carmel. If Indy is to continue to grow and prosper in the new world economy edge cities like Carmel are a necessity and shouldnt be looked on as competion. They offer a different product obviously. As the Urbanophile has stressed we all need to bring our A games to the table and do what we do best. I am watching Speedway's redevelopment very closely and think their success will be a postive for everyone in Central Indiana just as Carmel contributes its fair share to growth and direction.
    • Erin,
      I don't remeber there being any place to watch football in Broad Ripple with a kid before the smoking ban, but I could be wrong... maybe Buffalo Wild Wings, but I thought the BR location was always 21 and over, and it was the other locations in the city that were kid-friendly.

      But, if you want a kid-friendly sports grill/pub to watch football... more than likely you're going to have to venture out of BR. Not far though, like I said before all the other Buffalo Wild Wings are kid-friendly (you just can't bring them into the bar section of the place, like any other restaurant), Champs is a great place (same thing, they can't go to the bar area... but there is one just right up Keystone not far from BR) and there are some independent ones too that are kid-friendly (you just have to look for them, I can't think of any close to BR right now... the only ones that come to mind right now are in the 'burbs outside of Marion County).
    • Speaking of chains coming downtown, is the Panera Bread deal dead? I believe you said back in the spring that it was opening up next to the Weber Grill, but I haven’t heard anything more about it.
    • Cory, what happened to that restaurant going in at the SW corner of 38th & I-465 on the westside? Was it called Canyon Creek? They were busy working on it and it now has a For Sale sign on it. Also, the For Sale sign on the closed Don Pablo's right next to it is down. Did someone purchase it?
    • Yats in Greenwood is dead after the first of the year if sales do not pick up.
    • They have closed the Starbucks on S Keystone and I-65 as advertised. That location was open a little more than a year. Perhaps Dunkin Donuts will swoop in to take these vacant locations?
    • I'm surprised the Starbucks at Fall Creek and College hasn't closed yet........they said it was going to, but I still see that it is open.
    • Anyone know what they are doing with the old abandoned building at the Northeast corner of 21st and Illinois. They have really improved that corner by updating the building(house) and the house next to it. It looks like it could be commercial but it has the same style and color tones as a lot of the Fall Creek Homes. It's intriguing me!
    • I think that was a mistake on the Star's part. That location is one of Majic Johnson's franchised Starbucks. I think it was later announced that none of his would close.

      They said the 38th Street and Meridian one is still open which I am glad about. I love going there on the weekends, reading the paper, having a chai tea and playing chess. I hope they don't close it, it seems to have gotten busier since the announcement.

      Kids allowed until 8pm, which is fine by me. And - again - no smoking. Place looks nice. Sorry no fotos Cory, but you should stop by tomorrow for a cold 1. :lol:
    • MikeW, I heard from a local RE type that house at 21st & Illinois is going to be...a house. I just drove by today and it is looking mighty fine.

      Shane, Starbux on Fall Creek is one of the Magic Johnson shops and there were a number of his Starbucks slated for closing when the announcement was made. The next day his spokesperson said, in so many words, not so fast. I would imagine there is a lot going on that we aren't seeing.
    • Great just what Broad Ripple needs, another bar!
    • Maria: I stuck my head in there this PM, and its not your typical bar. I would not be so quick to judge, and wtf is wrong with booze anyway? Non smoking, family friendly, and they have buncha sports screens running, biggie windows, its clean, etc. Not typical smokey hole bar.
    • Re Glendale Town Center: As I've said before, it's a pedestrian nightmare which didn't merit the City giving up TIF money to help fund it. Not without at least requiring perimeter sidewalks, at a minimum. It won an achievement award in both the categories of Engineering and Community Development (which I found laughable) at tonight's Monumental Awards ceremony.

      Re Brother's: The ones I've visited in other cities, I would not consider to be family friendly, and I would expect it to fit right in with the bars to the west. It sounds like we'll have a lot of company there checking it out tomorrow.
    • Glendale Town Center is not only a pedestrian nightmare, its an automobile nightmare. Has anyone tried getting into the Panera? What crackhead designed that entrance?
    • I just hope all the people who freaked out over the BWW facade are OK with Blimpie's designs. Stay tuned for expert opinion and analysis.
    • Are you warning us that they stink (the Blimpie's downtown facade designs)?
    • FYI - it looks like the flat top grill has backed out of their lease. It used to say Flat Top Grill all over it - and now it says it's back up for lease.

    • eFan is just being sarcastic. They are connected to BWW somehow and still butt-sore abouth the public backlash when they blatanly skirted the rules with that hideous design they tried to shove down our throats.
    • Before the smoking ban you could watch football with kids at BWW, parts of Moe & Johnny's AND Chumley's. We went to Brother's on Saturday and were pretty disappointed. Only 2 tv's in the family area and neither one had a location that would make it condusive to actually watching a game. They need a couple big screen projections in lieu of the open kitchen. There were a few families in there which was nice.
      Go Colts: I cannot STAND champps! TOO many screaming kids with NOT ENOUGH parents paying attention to them. Service is terrible, food is overpriced and mediocre. We found ourselves driving to the BWW in Carmel on Sunday despite Brothers being open. Bummer.
    • ehhhh, huh?

      I stopped in BWW downtown yesterday, and I'm pretty sure it was non-smoking. I was also impressed that you could see into the establishment both through the door and one of the windows. I remember many people saying it needed to be as dark as possible without the slightest flicker of natural light, yet somehow I had no trouble seeing any of the screens.
    • Erin,
      You do realize there are BWW locations closer to Broad Ripple than Carmel? One at 86th and Township and the other in Castleton. And sorry that you feel that way about Champps... I was just trying to offer up some alternatives.
    • Oh, and I never knew that children were allowed in Moe & Johnny's or Chumley's... especially Chumley's considering there's not even a seperate section from the bar in Chumley's, the bar pretty much is open to the whole place. You may be right about Moe & Johnny's since there is a seperate section from the bar... but I'm not buying that Chumley's ever allowed kids.
    • Children were allowed in Chumleys before the smoking ban. Their bar is separated from the rest of the dining room by a 4 foot wall, which is all that is needed legally. Under 21 were allowed in the dining room, but were not allowed inside the bar area defined by that wall. When the smoking ban was introduced, the two choice were either allow smoking and lose any customers under 18, or go non-smoking and allow minors in the dining room. Broadripple BWW had the same problem, even after building their non-smoking family room.
    • Does anyone have any information on Pairings? I looked on the internet and can't find any information on the store. Is this a new store of one just moving into a bigger building?

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    1. You are correct that Obamacare requires health insurance policies to include richer benefits and protects patients who get sick. That's what I was getting at when I wrote above, "That’s because Obamacare required insurers to take all customers, regardless of their health status, and also established a floor on how skimpy the benefits paid for by health plans could be." I think it's vital to know exactly how much the essential health benefits are costing over previous policies. Unless we know the cost of the law, we can't do a cost-benefit analysis. Taxes were raised in order to offset a 31% rise in health insurance premiums, an increase that paid for richer benefits. Are those richer benefits worth that much or not? That's the question we need to answer. This study at least gets us started on doing so.

    2. *5 employees per floor. Either way its ridiculous.

    3. Jim, thanks for always ready my stuff and providing thoughtful comments. I am sure that someone more familiar with research design and methods could take issue with Kowalski's study. I thought it was of considerable value, however, because so far we have been crediting Obamacare for all the gains in coverage and all price increases, neither of which is entirely fair. This is at least a rigorous attempt to sort things out. Maybe a quixotic attempt, but it's one of the first ones I've seen try to do it in a sophisticated way.

    4. In addition to rewriting history, the paper (or at least your summary of it) ignores that Obamacare policies now must provide "essential health benefits". Maybe Mr Wall has always been insured in a group plan but even group plans had holes you could drive a truck through, like the Colts defensive line last night. Individual plans were even worse. So, when you come up with a study that factors that in, let me know, otherwise the numbers are garbage.

    5. You guys are absolutely right: Cummins should build a massive 80-story high rise, and give each employee 5 floors. Or, I suppose they could always rent out the top floors if they wanted, since downtown office space is bursting at the seams (