State GOP leaders to drop Common Core standards

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The Republican leaders of the General Assembly want Indiana to scrap the Common Core education standards and have the state adopt its own guidelines to prepare students for college and careers, a report Sunday said.

House Speaker Brian Bosma of Indianapolis and Senate President David Long of Fort Wayne have said they will direct the Republican-controlled Legislature to require the state to create its own set of reading and math standards separate from Common Core, The Times of Munster reported.

"This phrase 'Common Core' has now become such a distraction," Bosma said. "It is the only thing that approaches the phrase 'Obamacare' with concern and violent reaction around the state."

The Common Core standards were established by governors and state school chiefs to create a shared understanding of what students should know and be able to demonstrate at each grade level. Indiana was among the first states in the country to adopt them in 2010 on the recommendation of former schools Superintendent Tony Bennett and former Gov. Mitch Daniels, both Republicans. Forty-five states have adopted them, but several are looking at dropping them.

Indiana "paused" its implementation of Common Core this year while a legislative study committee examined them. The six Republicans and six Democrats on the panel weren't able to decide whether to recommend keeping, changing or dropping Common Core.

"To solve the argument about it we need to move forward independently, but incorporate and be compatible with the ACT and the SAT (standardized tests), and I think we can make that happen," Bosma said.

Prompted in part by tea party activists, Republicans in 2012 began to question Common Core after the standards were endorsed by Democratic President Barack Obama.

House Democratic Leader Scott Pelath, D-Michigan City, said most Democrats support Common Core because similar standards enable states to see what's working best in education and ensures children who move from state to state aren't way ahead or way behind at their new schools.

"There's so much anger about the federal government right now that we can tell ourselves that just because the federal government mouthed the words, that the words themselves are wrong," Pelath said. "That's a mindset that we need to get past."

Since Republican Gov. Mike Pence signed the Common Core "pause" in May, teachers across the state have continued to use school-chosen curricula based on Common Core standards, but also have had to teach to former state standards.


  • Laughing
    Oh, True Patriot, I bet you got your head sympathetically patted a lot on Thanksgiving. You're the Crazy Uncle we all told stories about at work Monday morning.
  • Common Core must go!
    How disappointing to see such ignorant comments from uninformed and low information people. Common Core is the Federal Takeover of our educational system (like Obamacare is of our health system). Indiana educators will not have any control of education, parents will not have any say, the teachers will be teaching to the many tests from the Federal Government's standards, not Indiana State Standards (which are among the highest in the country). There will be a Federal database on every child and his/her parents - jobs, salaries, religion, health, behavior problems, etc. - an invasion of privacy (and what will this information be used for and by whom? Are you willing to sell our children for $24 million dollars? Obama wants complete control over everyone in this country. You had better wake up and support legislators who are trying to save our state.
  • Sad...
    Just saw this headline this morning, "US students lag behind Vietnam, many other nations in education rankings."......Thanks Tea Party and all the other ignorant fools fighting higher educational standards.
  • HS before and after CC
    I went back to College before the CC was implemented, and although being out of the school for many years I had to struggle a bit in my Calculus I class, I was simply amazed how badly the other students were doing. These were people who were accepted to the program straight from HS! Now having our oldest as Senior in HS, and seeing her homework based on CC, I can say with certainty that she will be well prepared to take a college level Calculus I course, even though she did not take Pre-calculus in HS.
  • David and Duncan Are on Target
    Lets see-the Governor and legislators have little or no education experience but they want to make decisions about education standards and they somehow equate references to Common Core to Obamacare. I think Duncan and David got it right in their comments. Does anyone else have a sinking feeling as we watch Pence and the legislature continue to move the state backwards when it comes to education and social issues?
  • Bill Ayers?
    First of all, Ayers has repeatedly called CC a "disaster." Second of all, who cares? I don't even care about CC particularly, I just know that leaving education standards to the likes of our state legislature will be an actual disaster for Indiana. When I went to college (well before CC), I was amazed by how far behind I was compared to my peers. Why would anyone choose to continue crippling Indiana's students like that?
  • common core bill ayers
    Any one who may think common core is good needs to do some research on it START with a google search on (common core bill ayers) If you still think it's great. we know where your head is!
  • But..Maria
    Patty says we have the "best education system in the world." If, I suppose, you ignore all those inconvenient statistics that say exactly the opposite. By the way, Minnesota decided not to adopt Common Core in math (and just math) because they felt like their existing math programs were more rigorous. Having had the misfortune of being educated in rural Indiana public schools, I guarantee you nothing here is "more rigorous."
  • Sigh
    Our schools are falling further and further behind the rest of the world and all the under-educated can do is yell, "Federal!!" "Obama!!" ....Sigh...
  • Question
    When did the United States of America become the Evil Empire? I understand that everybody at some time or another is going to be unhappy about something done in Washington, but I am still proud of this great country and feel that we ought to support it and not try and tear it down every chanse we get. Calling a federal grant a "bribe" and shouting "FEDERAL" in capital letters as proof something is wrong doesn't make sense. If Common Core has problems why not fix them? Instead it's tear down everything you don't like and start again.
  • $$$$
    Yes, about that $24 million. It was part of the federal bribe, er, grant money given to states that agreed to adopt the Common Core. It will indeed stink to lose that money, but our previous administration should never have signed off on educational standards that hadn't even been finished. If it makes you feel any better, which it probably won't, numerous states have similar bills in the works to drop CC. The math standards were bad that Minnesota (a very liberal state) refused to adopt them at all.
  • Oh dear
    Pence and Bosma setting education standards...? Pass the popcorn, guys, this will be hilarious. Sorry, future graduating classes of Indiana, I hope your Intelligent Design courses don't get you laughed out of TOO many job interviews.
  • Disturbing Assignments?
    Patti -- for those of us who are not experts with respect to the Common Core curriculum, could you please give us some examples of the "disturbing assignments" to which you refer? And can you also tell us exactly how these "disturbing assignments" arose under Common Core -- as opposed to some other individual choice or set of standards?
  • And another thing...
    This snuck into our schools. Parents are just realizing this!
  • Indiana is getting smarter!
    Research Common Core! Read the CC standards! Designed by private companies who will (and are) profitting (billions of $$$) from this FEDERAL implementation. States know best. We are teaching to take standardized tests. Our country already has the best education system in the world. Even better, read the books and homework your child brings home. Since Common Core is already in the system, you'll see some disturbing assignments, reading and statements. Rock on Indiana!
    • 24 Million Dollars
      According to the original article in the Times: "Completely withdrawing from Common Core would cost Indiana at least $24 million, according to Pence's Office of Management and Budget." In 2010 Long, Bosma, Daniels and Bennett thought Common Core this was a great idea, and now that a vocal minority is upset, we are going to waste 24 million dollars of our money to keep them happy. Who is going to pay for this? I am sick of my tax dollars getting wasted on pandering to special interest groups that feel that they "know" what is right and therefore anyone who doesn't agree with them is wrong. Bosma and Long are supposed to represent saving tax dollars, not wasting them on this nonsense. Both the Republicans and the Democrats need to start working on fixing the larger problems we have (hint jobs)instead we are wasting endless time and money dealing with "Marriage Amendment" "Commonm Core" and other ultra conservative hot button issues that have no real impact on the vast majority of Hoosier's lives. Stop the insanity and start governing the State for everyone's benefit. I for one am ready to vote out of office anyone from either party who thinks that "playing to the base" is more important than doing the job they were elected to do. What ever happened to basic common sense?
    • Projection
      Amusing to see unquestioning Obama loyalists label anyone who disagrees with him as "sheep." LOL at the Obama cult of personality.
    • Legislators not educators
      MEMO to Rep. Bosma - you and your colleagues are once again posing as educators. The Common Core standards (and yes, I am familiar with the standards...) are the standards in 45 states including Indiana. If you look long enough or you have an agenda, ANY standard will come up short, but it doesn't mean it's bad. We have an elected superintendent of public instruction who is not being given any level of trust to set policy and if you look at the legislature, there are almost NO genuine educators in the House or Senate. This is politics at its worst and has nothing to do with Obamacare or the Tea Party. A Core 40 diploma is worth far more in terms of its educational value than a HS diploma had in the past, but leave it to our elected officials to screw it up.
    • "Violent"?!
      ". . . 'violent' reaction around the state"?! Seriously -- Brian Bosma -- where have you seen that? If anyone has in-fact resorted to violence over Obamacare or Common Core, it seems to me that violence would be tantamount to criminal activity. Rather than bending to it, or perhaps even encouraging it with this sort of dramatic rhetoric, the General Assembly should be standing up against it.
    • ???
      Have any of you commenters actually looked at these Common Core "standards?" Have any of you bothered to notice how many standardized tests the CC requires, as if kids aren't subject to enough of them already? Have you compared its English and math proficiency standards with what already exists and noted little to no improvement? Did you notice that first and second graders are being asked to perform tasks that are completely age inappropriate? If you had, you might spend more time being outraged at this latest half-baked government program and less time bashing anyone who dares to question it.
    • Pence Was a Mistake
      All the republicans have to do is say "It's the Obamacare of _____" and the sheep line up in droves.
    • Ridiculous
      If the President came out in support of breathing air, the tea party would march to end breathing...hopefully by holding their own breath. So what now? The State is going to waste money maintaining its own standards, and trying to prove to schools around the nation that our are just as good as theirs. This kneejerk opposition is just insane.
      • Yahoo!
        This is not a right-wing, tea party rebellion. Both Democrats and Republicans have become very wary of CC, though often for different reasons. If you don't believe me, do a search of all the articles and websites of parents, teachers and principals around the country who are furious about CC, including in New York and Massachusetts, which are hardly right-wing strongholds. I'm the first to agree that our country's academic standards need to be higher, but the CC is hardly the way to do it. It's developmentally inappropriate in the younger grades, dumbed down at higher grades, and essentially nothing but No Child Left Behind on steroids.
      • Tea Party
        The Tea Party is destroying America. It doesn't matter, what the issue, if President Obama is in favor of it, they are against it. Pathetic.
      • No logic whatsoever
        Let me get this straight: Republicans develop Common Core, but because the President agrees with it, the Tea Party rebels? This just in, the President also supports breathing and saying the pledge of allegiance...
      • Adjourned
        Shorter Scott Pelath: We don't want our kids to excel and be ahead of students in other states, we just want them sort of in the middle.

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