Indiana University-Kokomo in good hands

May 4, 2013

Charges flew after IU-Kokomo chancellor’s sudden exit” [April 22] contradicts the reality of our experience.

Upon Michael Harris’ departure, Interim Chancellor Sciame-Giesecke prioritized immediate essentials, continued to improve our campus and built a culture of transparency this campus has not experienced in decades. She has given faculty a voice. She participates in faculty senate discussions and is viewed as a valued member. She is committed to being involved at the faculty level and regularly attends our meetings, activities and celebrations. She is an accomplished administrator.

What I value most is Sciame-Giesecke’s strong commitment to diversity, particularly at the administrative level. Her administrative team exemplifies integrity, inclusiveness and brilliant execution. I have never been more hopeful of our future and foresee continued growth and success.

In addition, the response from our region has been overwhelmingly positive—enrollment has reached historic levels.

Lastly, Sciame-Giesecke respected Harris’ decision to resign, has not disparaged him and generously gives him credit for his accomplishments. We value Harris’ contributions and wish him success.

Mary P. Bourke
assistant dean, graduate programs,
Indiana University School of Nursing Kokomo

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