A lifelong resident of Indianapolis, Williams has been an active member of the business community since starting his career in public service as an aide to two-term governor and current U.S. Sen. Evan Bayh.

As an entrepreneur, Williams helped organize several private-equity firms with top-notch investment performance and aided in the formation and growth of multiple businesses. Williams’ leadership in health care supply-chain companies has resulted in service on committees of the Healthcare Distribution Management Association.

Williams has been and is active in charitable organizations, including the Venture Club of Indiana, 500 Festival Associates, the American Pianists Association, the Stanley K. Lacy Executive Leadership Series, Indy Reads, the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Indiana, the Sycamore Institute, the Indianapolis Cultural Trail Development Committee, the St. Thomas Aquinas School Commission, the Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra, LaPlaza Inc., the Archdiocese of Indianapolis and the Indiana Humanities Council.



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WILLIAMS: Anchor MSA redevelopment with City Hall

September 22, 2012
Any successful revitalization of the Market Square Arena site demands restoring the former City Hall as the public’s house. City Hall’s decaying grandeur casts a long shadow over the neighboring parking lots created by the implosion of MSA 11 years ago and is probably overwhelming the facile designs associated with redevelopment proposals.

WILLIAMS: Biodiesel makes sense for Indy

July 14, 2012
The rebirth of downtown and its continued viability are the result of clustered assets—hotels, the convention center, sporting facilities, familiar restaurants—and a strong convention business.

WILLIAMS: It really is the right to work for less

March 24, 2012
In which category do the 23 right-to-work states lead the nation? In poverty.

WILLIAMS: Expand IPS to Marion County borders

December 31, 2011
Absent a focus on county-wide educational reform, these efforts may address underachievement within IPS but fail to address needs of top academic performers, the large academic middle, and underperformers in all Marion County schools.

WILLIAMS: What is the IU name worth to us?

March 19, 2011
Who has the right to give away a state asset, as the IU name is, for what reasons and under what terms?

WILLIAMS: Light rail to airport is key for downtown

January 29, 2011
If Union Station was linked to an urban transportation system extending from downtown to the Hendricks County border, workers in the gargantuan warehouses west of Indianapolis would have access to a reliable transit system.

WILLIAMS: Indiana must overcome wage gap

January 8, 2011
Unfortunately, despite the governor’s pledge, the dollars spent by public-private entities and the recession, Indiana’s per-capita income has not risen.

WILLIAMS: Rebuilding a sustainable Indianapolis

October 9, 2010
Rather than simply building and repairing streets, sidewalks, bridges and parks, ratepayers and taxpayers should demand that these projects set standards for construction in Indianapolis by reusing or recycling materials, using environmentally friendly products, and designing public spaces to encourage physical activity.

WILLIAMS: IPS needs leadership overhaul

July 13, 2009
The challenges facing Indianapolis Public Schools are daunting. The socioeconomic level of its students and their families, fiscal constraints, and a necessary heightened focus on security issues are just a few, but all contribute to high dropout rates, low academic achievement, achievement gaps between middle-class and low-income children and declining enrollment.

Here is a sustainable plan for the CIB

May 11, 2009
A vibrant Indianapolis powers a dynamic Indiana and the governor, the mayor and the members of the General Assembly should all recognize that.

Here's a sustainable plan for the CIB

May 11, 2009
A reasonable and workable solution to the financial challenges confronting Marion County its Capital Improvement Board should include the following:

State offices could use some fixing, too

March 9, 2009
Although the Kernan-Shepard report focused on local government efficiencies, it is also clear that the management of Indiana's public resources and assets at the regional and state level has not kept pace with the technological and socioeconomic advances of the last century.

Sharing a vision for a better Indianapolis

January 12, 2009
Here are six recommendations to help Mayor Greg Ballard clarify his vision for Indianapolis as the city begins its second year under his leadership.

Is 2012 Super Bowl wisest investment?

December 8, 2008
The economic impact of a Super Bowl on the host city is subject to vigorous debate.
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  1. Really, taking someone managing the regulation of Alcohol and making himthe President of an IVY Tech regional campus. Does he have an education background?

  2. Jan, great rant. Now how about you review the report and offer rebuttal of the memo. This might be more conducive to civil discourse than a wild rant with no supporting facts. Perhaps some links to support your assertions would be helpful

  3. I've lived in Indianapolis my whole and been to the track 3 times. Once for a Brickyard, once last year on a practice day for Indy 500, and once when I was a high school student to pick up trash for community service. In the past 11 years, I would say while the IMS is a great venue, there are some upgrades that would show that it's changing with the times, just like the city is. First, take out the bleachers and put in individual seats. Kentucky Motor Speedway has individual seats and they look cool. Fix up the restrooms. Add wi-fi. Like others have suggested, look at bringing in concerts leading up to events. Don't just stick with the country music genre. Pop music would work well too I believe. This will attract more young celebrities to the Indy 500 like the kind that go to the Kentucky Derby. Work with Indy Go to increase the frequency of the bus route to the track during high end events. That way people have other options than worrying about where to park and paying for parking. Then after all of this, look at getting night lights. I think the aforementioned strategies are more necessary than night racing at this point in time.

  4. Talking about congestion ANYWHERE in Indianapolis is absolutely laughable. Sure you may have to wait in 5 minutes of traffic to travel down BR avenue during *peak* times. But that is absolutely nothing compared to actual big cities. Indy is way too suburban to have actual congestion problems. So please, never bring up "congestion" as an excuse to avoid development in Indianapolis. If anything, we could use a little more.

  5. Oh wait. Never mind.