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Company delivers hyper-targeted messages

March 30, 2009
Radius Connection, a new national marketing service, wants to offer innovative products within five years to help small-to-midsize businesses grow their revenue and expand their market share.

UPDATE: Castleton Cosmetic and Family Dentistry

January 26, 2009
Bill Tellman is reaching out to other cosmetic professionals, plastic surgeons and salons to work together in expanding a new client base: the 95 percent of his customers who are relatively unaffected by the recession.

Plainfield salon a family enterprise

December 29, 2008
Beth Metzger has talked about opening a salon and day spa with her daughter, Jill Dennis, for years.

Tougher standards give Appel Heating and Air Conditioning a boost

December 29, 2008
Business at Carmel-based Appel Heating and Air Conditioning isn't cooling off, despite the nation's economic woes. Revenue continues to increase as the industry becomes more environmentally friendly.

Aiming to save, Children's Museum goes it alone: In-house construction crew builds exhibits from scratch

August 27, 2007
A sign on the basement wall reads "Construction Zone." Nearby on the router table, window frames are taking shape along with decorative pieces that will adorn the façade of a World War IIera brownstone. Behind a red plywood wall a few floors up, hammers knock and saws shrill as workers erect a 13,500-square-foot homage to three children who changed the world. It's just another day at the office for the production crew at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis. For months,...

DogDayz Playhouse & Retreat LLC: It's a dog's life Canine day camp offers hotel-like comfort

August 20, 2007
When Gabi comes to work, she enters a room with food and toys before walking down a winding hallway to greet her guests. The friendly welcome she receives could be due to her soft, black hair or her mellow charisma, but her happy tail wag is probably a factor, too. Gabi is "head dog" at Noblesville-based DogDayz Playhouse and Retreat. Her human companion, Brian Cottrell, launched DogDayz in 2003 to offer other pet lovers the kind of services he wanted...

Working in Dinosphere lab painstaking, but rewarding

August 6, 2007
Working three years on one project can be tedious, but Mark Sims enjoys every minute he spends preparing dinosaur fossils for display at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis. Sims, 44, works in the Paleo Prep Lab at the museum's Dinosphere exhibit, picking away at the dirt left on 65-million-year-old fossils.

Entrepreneurs getting younger: Corporate downsizing gives rise to 'e-generation'

July 30, 2007
From selling shark tooth necklaces to his neighbors during summer vacations in Florida to running an online auction site that benefits charities, he's no stranger to the hard work that comes with starting a business. "I'm interested in new things and looking into new things," said Gough, who is among a burgeoning group of young entrepreneurs not content to work for others. They'd rather strike out on their own. In fact, nearly 71 percent of the 1,474 youth who participated...

Brugge Brasserie gastro-pub to produce line of 10 beers

July 23, 2007
Since mid-2005, Brugge Brasserie's beer tanks have been operating at full capacity--pouring out 400 barrels of its signature Belgian brew each year. Now the Broad Ripple gastro-pub is aiming higher. Brugge owner Ted Miller is set to start producing a line of 10 bottled beers--plus seasonal specialties.

Museum reopens with changes: Community support needed as funding ends

July 9, 2007
Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art reopens July 13 with a new look and a new plan for growth. The changes come as its primary funder is scaling back support-and backing a competing contemporary art museum planned for Carmel. That does not deter Executive Director Kathy Nagler from her efforts to develop IMOCA. Nagler, 51, was hired last summer to replace local arts enthusiast Jeremy Efroymson, whose family foundation also was its main funder. The Indianapolis-based Efroymson Fund helped get the...

Experience keeps fireworks biz in demand

July 2, 2007
Phil Ramsey, 65, knows what he's doing in the fireworks business--he's been working fireworks shows as a volunteer since 1968 and founded Frankfort-based Ramsey Pyrotechnics Inc. in 1982. When he's not battling Mother Nature, Ramsey is a grain farmer.

STARTUP THE SLEEPY HOLLOW STORE LLC: Irvington book store starting small

June 25, 2007
STARTUP THE SLEEPY HOLLOW STORE LLC Irvington book store starting small Type of business: books, music, art supplies and gifts Location: 5535 E. Washington St. Phone: 354-8000 E-mail: Web site: www.sleepyhollowstore.comor Founded: April 2007 Owner: Bobbie and Joanna Zaphiriou Owners' backgrounds: Bobbie Zaphiriou, 25, has worked in bookshops since she was 16. Sister-in-law Joanna Zaphiriou, 31, graduated from IUPUI with a degree in anthropology, and managed Hollywood Bar and Filmworks, where she learned about running a business. Why...

Ice-sculpting experts carve lucrative niche in growing business

June 25, 2007
Once reserved for upper-crust weddings, ice sculptures-and their creators-have gone mainstream, finding their way to business meetings, personal parties and hotel receptions nationwide. Of the 500 U.S. professional sculptors who design the icy artwork, 10 practice their craft in Indiana.

Transportation museum rolls out expansion plan

June 18, 2007
After 47 years of relative anonymity, the Indiana Transportation Museum is steaming ahead with an effort to increase its visibility, attract new riders and eventually grow the organization.
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  1. These liberals are out of control. They want to drive our economy into the ground and double and triple our electric bills. Sierra Club, stay out of Indy!

  2. These activist liberal judges have gotten out of control. Thankfully we have a sensible supreme court that overturns their absurd rulings!

  3. Maybe they shouldn't be throwing money at the IRL or whatever they call it now. Probably should save that money for actual operations.

  4. For you central Indiana folks that don't know what a good pizza is, Aurelio's will take care of that. There are some good pizza places in central Indiana but nothing like this!!!

  5. I am troubled with this whole string of comments as I am not sure anyone pointed out that many of the "high paying" positions have been eliminated identified by asterisks as of fiscal year 2012. That indicates to me that the hospitals are making responsible yet difficult decisions and eliminating heavy paying positions. To make this more problematic, we have created a society of "entitlement" where individuals believe they should receive free services at no cost to them. I have yet to get a house repair done at no cost nor have I taken my car that is out of warranty for repair for free repair expecting the government to pay for it even though it is the second largest investment one makes in their life besides purchasing a home. Yet, we continue to hear verbal and aggressive abuse from the consumer who expects free services and have to reward them as a result of HCAHPS surveys which we have no influence over as it is 3rd party required by CMS. Peel the onion and get to the root of the will find that society has created the problem and our current political landscape and not the people who were fortunate to lead healthcare in the right direction before becoming distorted. As a side note, I had a friend sit in an ED in Canada for nearly two days prior to being evaluated and then finally...3 months later got a CT of the head. You pay for what you get...