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Indiana firms lash out against patent proposal

March 16, 2009
Four Indiana businesses have joined more than 100 major companies in an open letter to President Barack Obama, outlining what they believe are weaknesses of patent reform legislation now before Congress and voicing concern about its potential economic impact.

Insurer settles state lawsuit for $16.5M

October 13, 2008

Fishers company loses Marilyn Monroe suit

September 4, 2008

Fillenwarth Dennerline appeals jury verdict

August 21, 2008

Appeals court sides with Lauth in casino suit

July 15, 2008

Supreme Court decision unlikely to end voter-ID fight: More cases arise to challenge strict state statute

June 30, 2008
Two months have passed since the Supreme Court of the United States upheld Indiana's voter identification law requiring photo ID for anyone casting a ballot in-person. Potential sequels are already in the litigation works, though it's debatable whether they are actually considered "sequels." While plaintiffs separately contend that the Supreme Court case, William Crawford, et al. v. Marion County Election Board, either doesn't apply or endanger their claims, the pair of suits signify the first Indiana cases to come since...

Indy firm loses Marilyn Monroe rights case

March 19, 2008

Presidential campaigns hitting a sour note?: Candidates using pop songs face IP issues

March 17, 2008
Presidential campaigns hitting a sour note? Candidates using pop songs face IP issues While this may be "Our Country" and you may have been "Born in the U.S.A.," that doesn't mean you can use those tunes in political campaigns without venturing "Into The Great Wide Open" of intellectual property law. Political candidates have been discovering this truth for decades as they've used musical hits at political rallies and campaign events, including the 2008 presidential election season. Wherever people gather to...

Late action complicates tax planning: AMT legislative fix may mean delays

January 7, 2008
Expect the early tax-filing season to be a little muddy in 2008-and a tax package already received by mail from the Internal Revenue Service doesn't mean you're off the hook. While many Indiana taxpayers are now protected from additional federal taxes for another year thanks to late action by federal lawmakers in mid-December, millions will have to wait until February to get tax refunds in the mail because of that congressional delay. On Dec. 19, Congress gave final approval to...

Carmel claims victory in latest annexation court case:

October 22, 2007
Carmel has another appellate victory on the issue of annexation after an Indiana Court of Appeals ruling on Oct. 17. The state's second-highest appellate court decided that the city adequately proved it could afford to annex part of a nearby community into its municipal borders, and that a Hamilton County judge erred in auditing a financial plan and ruling in favor of the remonstrators. The unanimous decision in City of Carmel v. Certain Home Place Annexation Territory Landowners, No. 29A04-0510-CV-578,...

Court sides with locals in Guidant suit

September 21, 2007

Daniels orders reassessment, launches commission

July 18, 2007

Duke lacrosse publicity a concern to all prosecutors: The 'Nifong effect' likely to have an impact on public perception, courtroom strategy, Indiana attorneys say

June 25, 2007
Indiana prosecutors worry about heightened suspicion of any charging decision they make as a result of the recent highprofile disbarment of a North Carolina prosecutor. Talk started months ago, but banter took a new surge following Michael Nifong's nationally televised disciplinary proceeding June 16. He was disbarred for violating professional conduct rules in his prosecution of three Duke University lacrosse players falsely accused of rape. "Around the country and here, prosecutors are talking about the Nifong effect," said Stephen Johnson,...

State begins modernizing case-management systems: Moving from paper to electronic records a big task

June 25, 2007
Beside a marble counter in the Appellate Clerk of the Courts office at the Indiana Statehouse, a one-room storage area known as "the vault" is the storehouse for paper case files. Each is bound by string and has case numbers written on an attached tag, and they only move to be carted between floors and buildings when a court needs to review a file. While the clerk creates an electronic docket at the appellate level, that system remains largely unconnected...

State Supreme Court rules in favor of utility insurers

May 1, 2007

Second Barnes & Thornburg lobbyist resigns

April 17, 2007

Courts grapple with issues arising from Internet, blogs: Educators explore policies for off-campus activity

March 12, 2007
The World Wide Web and blogging explosion have created new hurdles for attorneys, especially those consulting on issues that arise from school districts trying to balance off-campus activities and school safety. As officials recognize that off-campus activity can spill into school hallways and classrooms, many are looking to policies that can prevent those actions outside school from impacting student safety or the overall educational process. "Internet blogging is one of the more publicized activities that pose both harm and benefit,...

Estate planning lawyers can become specialists: New exam lets Indiana attorneys become certified

September 25, 2006
Attorney Jeff Hawkins has focused his law practice on estate planning and administration law for 14 years. He considers himself experienced but is not yet ready to declare himself a "specialist" or "certified" estate-planning attorney. That happens in November, and the designation depends on results of an exam. The Indiana State Bar Association has recently adopted a plan to make estate planning and administration a specialty status of law in Indiana, joining four other focuses that have donned the stature...
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  1. I took Bruce's comments to highlight a glaring issue when it comes to a state's image, and therefore its overall branding. An example is Michigan vs. Indiana. Michigan has done an excellent job of following through on its branding strategy around "Pure Michigan", even down to the detail of the rest stops. Since a state's branding is often targeted to visitors, it makes sense that rest stops, being that point of first impression, should be significant. It is clear that Indiana doesn't care as much about the impression it gives visitors even though our branding as the Crossroads of America does place importance on travel. Bruce's point is quite logical and accurate.

  2. I appreciated the article. I guess I have become so accustomed to making my "pit stops" at places where I can ALSO get gasoline and something hot to eat, that I hardly even notice public rest stops anymore. That said, I do concur with the rationale that our rest stops (if we are to have them at all) can and should be both fiscally-responsible AND designed to make a positive impression about our state.

  3. I don't know about the rest of you but I only stop at these places for one reason, and it's not to picnic. I move trucks for dealers and have been to rest areas in most all 48 lower states. Some of ours need upgrading no doubt. Many states rest areas are much worse than ours. In the rest area on I-70 just past Richmond truckers have to hike about a quarter of a mile. When I stop I;m generally in a bit of a hurry. Convenience,not beauty, is a primary concern.

  4. Community Hospital is the only system to not have layoffs? That is not true. Because I was one of the people who was laid off from East. And all of the LPN's have been laid off. Just because their layoffs were not announced or done all together does not mean people did not lose their jobs. They cherry-picked people from departments one by one. But you add them all up and it's several hundred. And East has had a dramatic drop I in patient beds from 800 to around 125. I know because I worked there for 30 years.

  5. I have obtained my 6 gallon badge for my donation of A Positive blood. I'm sorry to hear that my donation was nothing but a profit center for the Indiana Blood Center.