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MOURDOCK: Bring solid Hoosier values to bear on the process

September 1, 2012
There’s a lot of sincere talk these days about compromise. Most Hoosiers honestly struggle with the question of whether we need to get tough on Washington and firmly stand our ground against business as usual or “compromise” and strike the middle ground. It’s a fair and natural dilemma.

MOURDOCK: Walker victory adds momentum for decisive leadership

June 30, 2012
Here in Indiana, the Wisconsin win will energize those who struggle for freedom.

MOURDOCK: Congress should use the same rules as everyone else

February 4, 2012
We have seen the federal government use “crony capitalism” to save businesses that should have otherwise failed.

MOURDOCK: Return conservatism to its constitutional roots of equality

May 21, 2011
Conservatism: Activities in defense of the U.S. Constitution so that the federal government is limited in power, individual liberty is enhanced, and American prosperity is assured.

MOURDOCK: Higher education is everyone's job

November 20, 2010
Soon, and for the first time in history, American retirees will be better educated than the American work force. Never before has a country “dumbed down” across generations like this.
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  1. These liberals are out of control. They want to drive our economy into the ground and double and triple our electric bills. Sierra Club, stay out of Indy!

  2. These activist liberal judges have gotten out of control. Thankfully we have a sensible supreme court that overturns their absurd rulings!

  3. Maybe they shouldn't be throwing money at the IRL or whatever they call it now. Probably should save that money for actual operations.

  4. For you central Indiana folks that don't know what a good pizza is, Aurelio's will take care of that. There are some good pizza places in central Indiana but nothing like this!!!

  5. I am troubled with this whole string of comments as I am not sure anyone pointed out that many of the "high paying" positions have been eliminated identified by asterisks as of fiscal year 2012. That indicates to me that the hospitals are making responsible yet difficult decisions and eliminating heavy paying positions. To make this more problematic, we have created a society of "entitlement" where individuals believe they should receive free services at no cost to them. I have yet to get a house repair done at no cost nor have I taken my car that is out of warranty for repair for free repair expecting the government to pay for it even though it is the second largest investment one makes in their life besides purchasing a home. Yet, we continue to hear verbal and aggressive abuse from the consumer who expects free services and have to reward them as a result of HCAHPS surveys which we have no influence over as it is 3rd party required by CMS. Peel the onion and get to the root of the will find that society has created the problem and our current political landscape and not the people who were fortunate to lead healthcare in the right direction before becoming distorted. As a side note, I had a friend sit in an ED in Canada for nearly two days prior to being evaluated and then finally...3 months later got a CT of the head. You pay for what you get...