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LOU'S VIEWS: Heartland fest's bests ... and the rest

October 10, 2009
We review this year's Heartland Film Festival offerings. Check back often as we add entries throughout the event, which starts Oct. 15.

Pets, often overlooked in wills, are getting more attention

June 29, 2009
While most people consider their family members and funeral costs in estate planning, many overlook their babies who happen to have four legs, a tail, feathers or even scales. A pet trust is a good solution.

Lawsuit shouldn't spook artists, attorneys say

March 16, 2009
The legal tussle between artist, Associated Press raises doubts about artists' drawing inspiration from the work of their peers.

Clearing up cloudy cases: Growing list of insurers, attorneys turn to television reporter Nicholson to shed light on weather events

October 13, 2008
If someone slips and falls in a parking lot, was it the fault of the property owner because he didn't plow, or was the snow not deep enough in that area to prove a duty to plow? If a child darts in front of a car at dusk, were the conditions at that moment in the day enough for the driver to be able to see the child? Should the driver legally have had his or her headlights on, and...

Planned giving: Here's what to consider: Many charitable techniques can help donors maximize their gifts, tax savings

September 29, 2008
If you have continuously donated money and time to specific organizations, or if you want to save some money on taxes, or maybe a little of both, planned giving might be a way to continue both of those aims. However, there are a few things to consider, such as how to set up the planned giving, what the money can or can't be used for, who can speak for your interests after you die, and obviously how much money will...

PROFILE CAROLYN CLAY: Attorney 'escapes' from the infamous Rock Challenging open-water Alcatraz race gives a whole new meaning to 'swimming with the sharks' Editor's Note: The original version of this story appeared in the July 11 issue of the Indiana Law

October 8, 2007
PROFILE CAROLYN CLAY Attorney 'escapes' from the infamous Rock Challenging open-water Alcatraz race gives a whole new meaning to 'swimming with the sharks' Editor's Note: The original version of this story appeared in the July 11 issue of the Indiana Lawyer, a statewide newspaper for lawyers published by IBJ Media. Women in Business editor Della Pacheco added to the original story. Carolyn Clay has been swimming for as long as she can remember. The 29-year-old attorney at Indianapolis law firm...

UPDATE: Carmel met targets for annexation, court rules

June 27, 2007

Are women equal in law firms?: Local firms examine ways to retain female employees

November 13, 2006
A new survey shows that women are still scarce at the top levels of the legal profession, a phenomenon that local firms are working hard to change. Most of the nation's 200 largest firms participated in the survey by the National Association of Women Lawyers. The survey was designed to collect information not only about how many women are employed by law firms, but also how many women are in the higher ranks of firms, such as governing groups and...
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  1. A Tilted Kilt at a water park themed hotel? Who planned that one? I guess the Dad's need something to do while the kids are on the water slides.

  2. Don't come down on the fair for offering drinks. This is a craft and certainly one that belongs in agriculture due to ingredients. And for those worrying about how much you can drink. I'm sure it's more to do with liability than anything else. They don't want people suing for being over served. If you want a buzz, do a little pre-drinking before you go.

  3. I don't drink but go into this "controlled area" so my friend can drink. They have their 3 drink limit and then I give my friend my 3 drink limit. How is the fair going to control this very likely situation????

  4. I feel the conditions of the alcohol sales are a bit heavy handed, but you need to realize this is the first year in quite some time that beer & wine will be sold at the fair. They're starting off slowly to get a gauge on how it will perform this year - I would assume if everything goes fine that they relax some of the limits in the next year or couple of years. That said, I think requiring the consumption of alcohol to only occur in the beer tent is a bit much. That is going to be an awkward situation for those with minors - "Honey, I'm getting a beer... Ok, sure go ahead... Alright see you in just a min- half an hour."

  5. This might be an effort on the part of the State Fair Board to manage the risk until they get a better feel for it. However, the blanket notion that alcohol should not be served at "family oriented" events is perhaps an oversimplification. and not too realistic. For 15 years, I was a volunteer at the Indianapolis Air Show, which was as family oriented an event as it gets. We sold beer donated by Monarch Beverage Company and served by licensed and trained employees of United Package Liquors who were unpaid volunteers. And where did that money go? To central Indiana children's charities, including Riley Hospital for Children! It's all about managing the risk.