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Judge finds ‘rational’ reasons for restricting cold-beer sales

June 17, 2014
Judge Richard L. Young ruled the state has legitimately drawn a line by only allowing liquor stores to sell cold beer.

Area home-construction permit filings flatten out

June 17, 2014
Homebuilders filed 530 single-family building permits in the metro area in May. That’s exactly the same number of permits that were filed in May 2013. Local construction numbers were better than national figures.

Local law firm seeks class action over state adoption subsidies

June 3, 2014
Indianapolis law firm Cohen & Malad LLP filed suit Monday against the Indiana Department of Child Services that claims the state failed to pay millions of dollars in promised subsidies to families who adopted children from the state foster-care system.

Indiana adds jobs, sees April unemployment rate slip

May 16, 2014
Non-farm employment in the state increased 0.1 percent, or by 4,200 jobs, from March. The jobless rate fell to 5.7 percent from 5.9 percent, its ninth straight monthly decline.

Historical Society bags $3.2M from auction of Audubon works

April 1, 2014
The Indiana Historical Society paid $4,000 for "The Birds of America" in 1933 and $900 for "Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America" in 1951.

Fewer than 5,000 utility customers still without power

January 8, 2014
The combined outages were down from more than 40,000 power outages Monday after temperatures plunged into the negative teens.

Former deputy prosecutor escapes jail time in sentencing

November 25, 2013
David Wyser pleaded guilty in July to charges of accepting a $2,500 bribe in 2009 from a prisoner's father to reduce her 70-year sentence on murder charges.

Food company delays plans for $28M Indiana plant

November 21, 2013
Sugar Creek Packing Co. officials say the delay is needed because of changes in construction plans for a sewage-treatment plant at the former Really Cool Foods plant near Cambridge City.

Northwest Indiana restaurants part of El Rodeo raids

November 20, 2013
The raids at La Carreta restaurants in Merrillville and Schererville were part of a larger investigation that targeted El Rodeo restaurants in the Indianapolis area, Lafayette, West Lafayette and Richmond.

Indy committee advances new panhandling proposal

November 20, 2013
An Indianapolis City-County Council committee has approved a proposal that would ban panhandling and other forms of begging near bank entrances, ATMs and other specified areas.

Record number of foreign students hit U.S., Indiana

November 11, 2013
Purdue finished second in international enrollment among public universities, with 9,509 students in the 2012-13 academic year. IU finished 13th, with 6,547.
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  1. Maybe if we treated the parents of juvie offenders who have 5 babies from 4 different daddies like stray cats and dogs who go around creating a bigger animal control problem, we wouldn't have so much of a "parenting" problem flooding both the social services and (later) correctional systems. The breakdown of morals and parental responsibilities from horndogs who can't keep it in their pants and keep their families together has caused this. If a pit bull attacks someone, it's destroyed. Everyone encourages that pets are spayed and neutered to control the pet population and prevent further issues. Maybe it's time to control the welfare population...

  2. Blocking two blocks of a street along Broadripple Ave. is not going to stop "pedestrians" from walking around. The article stated that seven people were injured as a result of a skirmish between two gun-toting "pedestrians"...not drive-bys. Most of the crimes that are committed in BR area are done by "pedestrians" that are walking in the area...not driving by. This may alleviate traffic going through the area and may steer some folks away from coming to the area because of the extra inconvenience but it will not stop a pedestrian, on foot from toting a gun while walking in that area....period.

  3. Please run for mayor Joe. We need someone to come in and clean house. They past two mayors have run administrations rampant with corruption. We need to clean house before corruption is accepted as normal like Chicago.

  4. Marriage is a religious sacrement ... civil / legal unions pertain to the various desires expressed by many in this debate. There is big difference between your civil right and my religious rite. Both are addressed in the constitution.

  5. This is a terrible idea. I have an enormous amount of respect and appreciation for all the men and women who wear a uniform and serve the Indy Metro area. They don't get paid enough for all the crap they have to take. Low Pay and Benefits. Every thug and crazy taking pot shots at them. The statistics, demographics, and data that we have accumulated for umpteen years DO NOT LIE. Let's focus on making sure that the politicians that are "mandating" this crap are living where THEY are supposed to be living. Let's make sure that the politicians are not corrupt and wasting resources before we start digging into the folks on the front lines trying to do a difficult job. Since we are "hip" to "great ideas" Let's round up all the thugs in the Indy Metro area who are on parole violation as well as those in Marion County Jail that are never going to be rehabilitated and ship them down to Central America or better yet...China. Let's see how they fare in that part of the world.