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Hetrick is that rare writer who successfully straddles journalism, advertising, public relations and social media. A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Indiana University, he has been running his own ad/PR/interactive agency, Hetrick Communications, since 1994. He’s been writing IBJ’s “Notions” column since 2000. Before launching his own shop, Hetrick worked as a mayoral press secretary in Fort Wayne, as a principal and associate creative director of a $50 million New England ad/PR agency, and as head of advertising and PR for Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis. He’s also a tireless public servant, a passionate advocate for a variety of causes, and has won many awards in journalism, advertising, PR and public health (including IBJ’s Health Care Heroes Award). Hetrick is the father of twin sons (one writer, one photographer), loves reading and hiking, and lives downtown with his wife, Cheri O’Neill.



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Recent Articles

HETRICK: A final notion for friends and readers of this column

February 22, 2014
I've tried to simplify the complicated and deliver the truth persuasively. Thanks for reading.

HETRICK: If you rely on air and water, you’ll want to read this

February 8, 2014
At the Statehouse, the crime in progress is voluntary bondage—not in the sexual sense, but what calls “the state of being bound by or subjected to some external power or control.”

HETRICK: You say you want a reputation? Don’t do it this way

January 25, 2014
We can now measure the dollar value of a good reputation. Unfortunately, Indiana is doing a lot to hurt its.

HETRICK: After storm, plowing through a pseudo-libertarian snow job

January 11, 2014
"I am capable of deciding for myself what and where and when I can come and go," said a Facebook friend. But when does liberty get in the way of public safety?

HETRICK: After 50 years of silence, a wish list for St. Nicholas

December 21, 2013
You might not remember me. Last time I wrote, I probably requested a Johnny Seven O.M.A., a “Man from U.N.C.L.E.” gun set or a Monkees album.

HETRICK: You can’t achieve velocity with one foot on the brake

December 7, 2013
People want not only to visit downtown, but also to live there. But if we are not regarded for livability, how can Indianapolis thrive?

HETRICK: Don’t just be thankful; this year thank and think of others

November 23, 2013
In a world overdosing on skepticism, cynicism, pessimism, and criticism...there are worse thigns than a month of thankful thinking.

HETRICK: Will Hoosier honchos buy Chicken Little’s hokum?

November 9, 2013
Will the sky fall if Indiana accepts marriage equality? Ask Henny penny and Ducky Lucky.

HETRICK: A small-town ode to what seems like a carefree autumn

October 26, 2013
The leaves are falling fast in Pendleton. But the news is very different than what's reported in bigger cities.

HETRICK: Eight easy-to-adopt employee communication lessons

October 12, 2013
My students have been studying employee communications. Naturally, they remember and report bad examples far more than good ones.

HETRICK: There she is, Miss America, an ideal answer to racism

September 21, 2013
For a few ugly Americans emboldened by social media, it was an opportunity to judge Miss Davuluri. But not by the content of her character.

HETRICK: If you want to save Syrians, produce a viral video

September 7, 2013
Alas, there’s no viral video personalizing the problem. The call to act is coming from the top down.

HETRICK: Here’s my answer to the governor’s fundraising letter

August 24, 2013
“With your support,” he said, “we can make Indiana an example for other states.” My B.S. detector blared.

HETRICK: Throwing the book at civic illiteracy

August 10, 2013
If assigned comparison-and-contrast lessons between Zinn's history and other texts, students might enter college better able to question, discern, reason, shape opinions, defend those opinions and compromise.

HETRICK: It's time to put money behind our crime-prevention push

July 20, 2013
New Haven should have everything going for it. Yet, in 2010, FBI data showed it to be the fourth most dangerous city in the United States
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Recent Blog Posts

Good news for the arts?

January 30, 2009
Last night, on my way to the Phoenix Theatre to see "Love Person," I called and discovered that the play was sold out. And I hadn't made a reservation. On the one hand, I'm frustated that I didn't get to the show...

Pinball passion resparked

January 29, 2009
At the tail end of an IBJ piece I wrote last week on Xscape, the amusement center at Lafayette Square Mall, I lamented the absence of pinball machines at the facility. Growing up in the boardwalk town of Wildwood, NJ,...

Free tickets...with a catch

January 28, 2009
Free tickets are being offered for theaters throughout the city. But the catch is one you don't have much control over...your age. It's the tenth year for Free Ticket February, presented by The League of Indianapolis Theatres (which, given its name,...

13 noms for IBJ Movie Night films

January 27, 2009
Films that were screened as part of our IBJ Night at the Movies previews scored 13 Oscar nominations. Ten of those noms were for "Slumdog Millionaire." Two others were for "The Duchess" while the final one was a well-deserved Best Original...

You-review-it Monday

January 25, 2009
Greetings from New York. My weekend included catching three Broadway shows (I'll be reviewing them in the print IBJ this week) and reading a chunk of Dennis Lahane's novel "The Given Day" while on the trains back and forth to New...
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