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SLAUGHTER: The prudently fast are winning the race

December 24, 2011
As we wrap up the final quarter of 2011, it’s clear the struggling economy is not a deterrent to many entrepreneurs.

SLAUGHTER: Networking is more important than ever

September 24, 2011
Your personal network ... is what will grant you the most direct access to the people you need to know.

SLAUGHTER: The lowdown on why you can't find a job

July 16, 2011
The greatest challenge in landing a new gig is making a tremendous shift in perspective.

SLAUGHTER: We need a remote-work revolution

May 14, 2011
It turns out that, although we think of glass towers, cubicles and filing cabinets as the places where we go to accomplish something, the office is a terrible place to get anything done.

SLAUGHTER: When bosses behave like bullies

February 26, 2011
Many supervisors seem to have the same demeaning, demoralizing attitudes we encountered as children at recess. What do you do when your boss is a bully?

SLAUGHTER: Give employees chance to break your trust

December 4, 2010
If you want the best team with the strongest commitment to ethical behavior, you must ensure they have every opportunity to lie, steal and cheat.

SLAUGHTER: Don't fall victim to 'imposter syndrome'

September 11, 2010
We might think entrepreneurs, managers and highly paid professionals would be awash in self-confidence. Yet in a 1978 paper, Pauline Rose Clance and Suzanne Imes of Georgia State University wrote that, “Despite outstanding academic and professional accomplishments [many] persist in believing that they are really not bright and have fooled anyone who thinks otherwise.”

SLAUGHTER: Do you let the telephone control you?

June 26, 2010
The telephone has incredible value. It’s also among the most effective ways to destroy productivity.

SLAUGHTER: Does your work flow bring satisfaction?

February 19, 2010
The satisfaction derived from work is more than just momentary bliss. Satisfaction is an essential component of productivity.

SLAUGHTER: Imagine a world without deadlines

December 26, 2009
The reason we have deadlines is that they act as inflection points in the hierarchy of work. Each phase of work has a deadline: an opportunity for failure and rejection.

SLAUGHTER: Learn how to say 'no' at work

September 19, 2009
Whether we do so out of fear, greed or a sense of duty, relentlessly volunteering for more work is one of the worst choices we can make at the office.
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