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PROFILE FIRST JURY INC.: Practice makes perfect Local trial consultants aim to help lawyers prepare for litigation

August 28, 2006
PROFILE FIRST JURY INC. Practice makes perfect Local trial consultants aim to help lawyers prepare for litigation Blame the name. Attorneys could be forgiven if they thought hiring Indianapolis-based First Jury Inc. would get them advice on choosing a jury sympathetic to their clients' cause. But its staff won't tell them to avoid the woman with her arms crossed or the man who won't make eye contact. Instead, they'll assemble a jury of their own and stage a mock trial,...

Quality Roofing Services: Success helps roofers sleep through the night After surviving a rough first year, company shows signs of progress

June 19, 2006
After surviving a rough first year, company shows signs of progress Sleepless nights, upset stomachs and paranoia were common woes for the owners of Quality Roofing Services throughout their first year in business. "We worried about finances and thunderstorms," said co-owner Paul Crafton, 50, recalling the professional and personal strain. "We wondered if we would make our payroll or go under and lose our investment." But they persevered, starting their days early-often at 5:30 a.m.-and working late. Eventually, their efforts...

Goulding & Wood Inc.: Bigger is not always better Organ maker emphasizes quality over quantity

May 8, 2006
Goulding set about learning every aspect of the business and when his father and partner Thomas Wood retired in 2003, he was ready to take over. He and longtime employee Brandon Woods bought the company. The transition was slow, though, because the founders had a backlog of clients still waiting for their instruments. The amicable changeover was a combination of the company being handed down and bought out, with capital taken out to reimburse the original owners, Mark Goulding said....

'Lighting' the way for women in the trades: Pair overcomes obstacles with tenacity, hard work and attention to the smallest detail

February 13, 2006
If women have a tough time breaking into the construction trades, then Melanie Goldman, president of Goldman Electrical Contracting Inc., and Carla Partin, a union journeyman electrician, have managed to beat the odds. Both women have encountered obstacles in this mostly male field, but both were determined to succeed. Goldman, 32, runs the electrical company she owns with her husband, Bill. She has heard men say many times "Just have your husband call me," but she doesn't let that pass....

Stilwell Architectural Design & Custom Remodeling: Second time the charm for remodeling company Owner polished business skills after his first firm folded

February 13, 2006
Joe Stilwell knows how stressful homeimprovement projects can be. So when his remodeling and design firm is on the job, he can find himself tackling more than his supervisory duties-sometime acting as marriage counselor, pastor and even dog walker. "We become part of this family for four to 10 months," he said. "We need to know if we should let the pets out." Client Paula Ruppert can attest to his expertise. She and husband Michael hired Stilwell Architectural Design &...

Telepoint Voice and Data Systems: Phone-tech firm aims to answer all clients' calls Company rebounding after Y2K-related downturn 379 587 474 599366 605 475 616Address: 3912 Pendleton Way Phone: 545-6900 Web site: www.telepoint.comE-mail: bboyd@telepoint.

December 5, 2005
Address: 3912 Pendleton Way Phone: 545-6900 Web site: www.telepoint.comE-mail: bboyd@telepoint.comFounded: 1987 Founder: Bruce Boyd Owner: Bruce Boyd and Larry Shinn Service/product: business telephone systems and computer networks, sales and service Employees: eight Revenue (2004): $1.2 million One-year goal: increase customer base 20 percent Industry outlook: Looks good, with the deployment of voice-over-Internet-protocol technology and voice-data conversions. one-room office in Castleton and three employees. The business plan called for two of them to make 50 cold calls a day, while the...

Computer Renditions: Technology firm building from plateau Computer Renditions on target to grow revenue in 2005

September 5, 2005
Being robbed in broad daylight on your first day as a small-business owner is not exactly a good omen, but it didn't stop Computer Renditions Inc. founder Christopher Stater. Stater was headed to a meeting with IT consulting client Anheuser-Busch one morning 11 years ago when he was accosted in a Columbus, Ohio, hotel parking lot. A robber sprayed his face with a chemical fire extinguisher and stole his briefcase. "They made me go to a hospital," Stater remembered, "but...

Pottery by You: Firing up the entrepreneurial spirit Pottery shop owner puts love for art to work

August 8, 2005
Pottery shop owner puts love for art to work "Don't sell this place without telling me first," Katie Laux implored Pottery by You founder Liz Welter as they wielded brushes together late one night last fall. As they discussed the fun of owning a small business, Laux shared her enthusiasm for the paint-your-own pottery shop where she'd worked off and on since 2002. She loved the friendly atmosphere and the pleasant surprise when customers discovered their own creativity, and she...

Phone-system expert answers entrepreneurial call: Via savvy marketing, she turned her knowledge of telecommunications into a thriving consulting business

June 13, 2005
When Barb Grothe said goodbye to her paycheck and job security 19 years ago, she was just a little scared and wondered, "Now what do I do?" She had office space for her new telecommunications consulting company, Telecom Resources, and 15 years of experience, but no clients. So she went about making herself known: she wrote articles for magazines, newspapers and journals (including IBJ) and scheduled speaking engagements. Almost each venture produced new clients, and Grothe was on her way....

Feed store offers unique product mix: Retailer remains a Wanamaker institution, despite having numerous competitors

June 13, 2005
Wanamaker Feed and Seed Feed store offers unique product mix Retailer remains a Wanamaker institution, despite having numerous competitors Pig noses, pig ears, cow hooves, wind chimes, jackknives, horse feed, bottled water, Indiana-dipped candles, carousel bird feeders-the inventory at Wanamaker Feed and Seed runs an interesting gamut. And owner Jim Trimble knows what to add, because he takes the time to know every customer and find out exactly what is wanted. (The first three items are for dogs to chew...

WIP Downtown: Salon combines talented stylist, savvy tech guy 40 percent of appointments are made online

April 18, 2005
You won't find People magazine in the waiting room at the WIP Downtown hair salon. "That magazine just encourages gossip," explained co-owner Jeff Demaree. Contrary to the stereotype of hairdresser as therapist, Demaree wants his staff "to avoid discussing personal problems with customers because it makes the atmosphere more stressful." Instead, Jeff and his wife, co-owner Kimberly Demaree, suggest discussing current events, politics-if they know they agree with the customer-TV, or recent WIP accomplishments such as photo shoots. "We want...

Tyler Mason Salon/Spa: Salon pampers its customers Owner has extremely high standards for her staff

March 21, 2005
"It's all about the client," Tammie Baker tells her staff at the Tyler Mason Salon/Spa. That's probably one reason her business has been listed among the top 200 salons in the country by industry magazine Modern Salon. Assembling the right staff to fit her vision was the biggest challenge Baker faced when she started her business in 1992. But once she hired someone-after a lengthy interview process requiring several visits-she made sure that employee continued his or her education and...
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  1. If I were a developer I would be looking at the Fountain Square and Fletcher Place neighborhoods instead of Broad Ripple. I would avoid the dysfunctional BRVA with all of their headaches. It's like deciding between a Blackberry or an iPhone 5s smartphone. BR is greatly in need of updates. It has become stale and outdated. Whereas Fountain Square, Fletcher Place and Mass Ave have become the "new" Broad Ripples. Every time I see people on the strip in BR on the weekend I want to ask them, "How is it you are not familiar with Fountain Square or Mass Ave? You have choices and you choose BR?" Long vacant storefronts like the old Scholar's Inn Bake House and ZA, both on prominent corners, hurt the village's image. Many business on the strip could use updated facades. Cigarette butt covered sidewalks and graffiti covered walls don't help either. The whole strip just looks like it needs to be power washed. I know there is more to the BRV than the 700-1100 blocks of Broad Ripple Ave, but that is what people see when they think of BR. It will always be a nice place live, but is quickly becoming a not-so-nice place to visit.

  2. I sure hope so and would gladly join a law suit against them. They flat out rob people and their little punk scam artist telephone losers actually enjoy it. I would love to run into one of them some day!!

  3. Biggest scam ever!! Took 307 out of my bank ac count. Never received a single call! They prey on new small business and flat out rob them! Do not sign up with these thieves. I filed a complaint with the ftc. I suggest doing the same ic they robbed you too.

  4. Woohoo! We're #200!!! Absolutely disgusting. Bring on the congestion. Indianapolis NEEDS it.

  5. So Westfield invested about $30M in developing Grand Park and attendance to date is good enough that local hotel can't meet the demand. Carmel invested $180M in the Palladium - which generates zero hotel demand for its casino acts. Which Mayor made the better decision?