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Longtime executives unleash big donations:

January 1, 2007
Two Indianapolis business legends cemented their reputations for generosity in 2006 with charitable donations of $50 million and $15 million, respectively. The Indiana University School of Medicine announced in November that retail developer Melvin Simon and his wife, Bren, had committed $50 million to the school's cancer center to recruit and retain researchers and to help with an expansion. Apartment developer Gene Glick and his wife, Marilyn, earlier in the fall announced a $15 million contribution to the Indianapolis Cultural...

For Cornelius '06 was full of challenges:

January 1, 2007
Long-time Indianapolis business leader Jim Cornelius jumped from one daunting challenge to another in 2006. He started the year as chairman and CEO of Guidant Corp., as it weighed a possible sale to either New Jer sey-based Johnson & Johnson or Massachusetts-based Boston Scientific Corp. After Boston Scientific won, Cornelius became acting CEO of New York-based Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. in September. Cornelius stayed with Guidant from start to finish. He left his position as chief financial officer at Eli Lilly...

Boston Scientific swallows Guidant:

January 1, 2007
Massachusetts-based Boston Scientific Corp. finally sealed its purchase of Indianapolis medical device maker Guidant Corp. in April. But it was still paying a price for the $27-billion deal as 2006 wound to a close. Boston Scientific shares have tumbled since the deal closed, partly because of concern that its signature product, drugcoated stents that prop open obstructed heart vessels, can sometimes cause fatal blood clots. But many of the company's difficulties relate to product-liability problems at Guidant, one of the...

From blankets to burials, trustee work never ends:

November 20, 2006
You can turn to a township trustee for help if a fire leaves you homeless or a hospital stay leaves you penniless. You also look to the office if a dog devours your livestock or you need a fence dispute resolved. Indiana's 1,008 trustees make up the state's largest single group of elected officials, and their lengthy list of duties ranges from the conventional to the odd. Some are charged with destroying "noxious weeds" and "rank vegetation," according to the...

Guidant deal rides roller coaster:

December 26, 2005
Indianapolis-based medicaldevice maker Guidant Corp. spent most of 2005 shifting from one crisis to the next, as it endured national publicity over product defects, scores of shareholder and patient lawsuits, and marathon negotiations with potential buyers over its future. By the end of the year, it still had no clear vision for what that future holds. New Jersey-based Johnson & Johnson agreed in December 2004 to buy Guidant for $25.4 billion in cash and stock. That deal quietly moved through...

Success of Guidant lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson depends on definition of murky legal term:

November 14, 2005
The fate of Guidant Corp.'s lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson depends on how a judge or jury defines a legal term that escapes easy definition. The suit, filed Nov. 7 in federal court in New York, challenges J&J's contention that it doesn't have to complete its $25.4 billion Guidant purchase because the Indianapolis company has suffered a "material adverse effect" from product defects and recalls, among other troubles. The term "material adverse effect" is a bit of a head-scratcher among...

Winona's trustee seeking money, answers:

September 19, 2005
Winona Memorial Hospital hasn't treated a patient in more than a year, but it continues to care for the leftover medical records of roughly 60,000 people. The fate of those records is one of many loose ends waiting to be tied up by lawyers and others shepherding the defunct hospital through liquidation. Indianapolis attorney Paul Gresk, the hospital's Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustee, also wants to find cash to give hospital employees their last paycheck. And he wants to learn more...
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  1. Yes sir keep cashing those 300K a year checks direct to IMS, while millions disappear from the teams like Rahal's. Guess there wasn't enough ka- ching going around to keep Sarah Fisher in business without their "merger". LOL._____.Meanwhile back in Realville the series with the "best racing in the world" drew what appeared to be about 5000 live spectators ( and probably 1500 of those Target "freebies", and was beaten in the ratings by a series that reportedly consists of "parades" and aired while most people are still sleeping. That will generate those big ka-chings for sure. :-). But, hey, as long as the Speedway gets the cash who gives a damn about the teams?

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  3. If I could actually get the prices...I would do this on my own. We need laws that force provides to publish the costs they will charge. Everyone else gives you the price in advance...except hospitals.

  4. I was under the impression that fencing is not allowed on a front yard and that on a corner, both sides are considered "front" yards, therefore can't be fenced without a variance. Also impedes the visibility for drivers at the intersection. Am I understanding this correctly? Might be why a fence was not included in the plans and a request for a variance will have to be made?.

  5. I was a big fan of Cowards and Carrots, which I got a chance to see at the show. It's currently on Kickstarter, but the designer also put out What's He Building in There last year, which got a fair amount of buzz.