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FAENZI: Proposed Mass Ave structure stirs design passions

November 8, 2012
I am all for creating a thriving community, but imposing on everyone a large, flashing electronic screen does not come across as an invitation, but a distracting in-your-face visual shout that is at odds with the environment.

FAENZI: Why are we still fighting about gay rights?

May 12, 2012
Despite fierce opposition, some politicians are finally speaking out to say they are in favor of marriage and equal rights for gay citizens.

FAENZI: Big career changes shouldn't be so hard

February 18, 2012
If one’s identity has been based on being a manager, CEO or president of something, what happens when he chooses an unconventional path?

FAENZI: Let's reclaim City Market's legacy

February 12, 2011
I want City Market to feed both our stomachs and our souls.

FAENZI: Look for simple solution to complex immigration problem

December 11, 2010
Today’s sorry state of affairs around immigration seems to have no resolution. Cries of “it’s not fair” to any proposed idea come from all sides.

FAENZI: We're more connected, but less engaged

September 25, 2010
I am appalled at the number of businesspeople who have their heads down, texting and checking their messages or the latest stock quotes while in meetings, attending a lecture, making a call on a customer, or interviewing a potential employee.

FAENZI: Can Kindle and books co-exist?

September 26, 2009
While on a long flight recently, I noticed that the woman sitting next to me was using a “Kindle,” the e-book device that allows one to download books and click through pages. I mourn the fading away of the tangible, the sensual—books, newspapers, letters.

Consumers too connected to TV, telephone noise

May 25, 2009
Why are we so addicted to being "connected?" The cell phone, the BlackBerry, the television, all have "power off" buttons, but maybe that's itâ??when we turn the power off, does the sense of being disconnected makes us feel less powerful?

A love letter (and plea) about supporting local arts

March 23, 2009
When was the last time you took your child or teen-ager to hear classical music, or see a contemporary dance performance a la Dance Kaleidoscope? When was the last time you went to see a play?

Indianapolis needs more to-your-door delivery services

November 24, 2008
There is an essential component missing that I believe service businesses have to pay attention to and offer if they truly consider themselves "taking care of the city [of Indianapolis] dwellers." One of them is to-your-door delivery, especially for food, including groceries.

VIEWPOINT: What is that buzzing in my ears?

May 19, 2008
Have we lost the desire for genuine conversation? Or maybe it's more that our opportunities are being robbed. I ponder that statement whenever I find myself meeting a colleague or friend in a restaurant these days. What lengths proprietors go to to create the right first impression with furniture, lighting and finishes. (I work for a design firm, so I notice these things.) In the best situations, these elements create a sense of welcome. They can make you feel cozy...

VIEWPOINT: Make the most of your sabbatical

October 15, 2007
I took a career sabbatical and bought a one-way ticket to Italy. Sabbaticals are mostly once-in-alifetime events with fixed expiration dates. My head, programmed to the world of deadlines, argued, "Pick a return date. Let's stick to a plan!" My heart, weary of that world, and yearning for the blurred edges of Mediterranean time, pleaded, "Looks like there might be some wiggle room. Let's just get on the plane." Tuscany is my ancestral homeland, but I had never spent more...
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