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Indiana Supreme Court will hear IBM case

January 9, 2012
The Indiana Supreme Court will decide whether Gov. Mitch Daniels must appear for a deposition and testify in an ongoing lawsuit challenging the cancelled IBM contract to modernize the state’s welfare system.

Judge removes Bosma from case over legislative walkout fines

December 6, 2011
A Marion Superior judge has ruled that state courts don’t have the ability to interfere with the Indiana General Assembly’s constitutional authority to pass laws or its own internal rules, including how it compels attendance or imposes fines.

Commission slaps judge over fundraising solicitation

November 30, 2011
Judge Rebekah Pierson-Treacy received the admonishment after an August fundraising solicitation sparked controversy.

Simon widow loses another battle in estate fight

November 17, 2011
The Indiana Court of Appeals ruled Bren Simon doesn't have legal standing to challenge a judge's decision not to recuse himself from overseeing the court fight over her late husband Melvin's $2 billion estate.

U.S. high court takes Indianapolis sewer case

November 15, 2011
The Supreme Court of the United States agreed Monday to review a case that questions whether the city of Indianapolis violated the U.S. Constitution in how it handled refunds for residents who paid assessments on local sewer projects.

Bankruptcies decline in Indiana, nation

November 11, 2011
Indiana saw fewer bankruptcies for the fiscal year ending Sept. 30 than it did the year before, with the state improving its national ranking based on case filings.

Woman sentenced for illegal immigration service

July 29, 2011
M. Esther Barber, who is not an attorney, advertised herself to the Spanish-speaking community as a “notario” who can assist with immigration legal issues.

Judge: Governor doesn't have to testify in IBM case

April 26, 2011
Marion Superior Judge David Dreyer has ruled that Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels doesn’t have to testify about his involvement in the cancelled multimillion dollar IBM contract to modernize the state’s welfare system.

President nominates Hogsett for U.S. Attorney

July 14, 2010
The White House has chosen an Indianapolis labor and employment attorney to be the next U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Indiana.

Challenging job market trips up new attorneys

July 10, 2010
It’s a tough time to be starting in the profession when established lawyers struggle to keep up their practices and client lists.

U.S. Senate confirms Indiana's Pratt as federal judge

June 15, 2010
Tanya Walton Pratt is set to become Indiana's first African-American federal judge and one of four female jurists on Indiana's federal bench.
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  1. The deductible is entirely paid by the POWER account. No one ever has to contribute more than $25/month into the POWER account and it is often less. The only cost not paid out of the POWER account is the ER copay ($8-25) for non-emergent use of the ER. And under HIP 2.0, if a member calls the toll-free, 24 hour nurse line, and the nurse tells them to go to the ER, the copay is waived. It's also waived if the member is admitted to the hospital. Honestly, although it is certainly not "free" - I think Indiana has created a decent plan for the currently uninsured. Also consider that if a member obtains preventive care, she can lower her monthly contribution for the next year. Non-profits may pay up to 75% of the contribution on behalf of the member, and the member's employer may pay up to 50% of the contribution.

  2. I wonder if the governor could multi-task and talk to CMS about helping Indiana get our state based exchange going so Hoosiers don't lose subsidy if the court decision holds. One option I've seen is for states to contract with healthcare.gov. Or maybe Indiana isn't really interested in healthcare insurance coverage for Hoosiers.

  3. So, how much did either of YOU contribute? HGH Thank you Mr. Ozdemir for your investments in this city and your contribution to the arts.

  4. So heres brilliant planning for you...build a $30 M sports complex with tax dollars, yet send all the hotel tax revenue to Carmel and Fishers. Westfield will unlikely never see a payback but the hotel "centers" of Carmel and Fishers will get rich. Lousy strategy Andy Cook!

  5. AlanB, this is how it works...A corporate welfare queen makes a tiny contribution to the arts and gets tons of positive media from outlets like the IBJ. In turn, they are more easily to get their 10s of millions of dollars of corporate welfare (ironically from the same people who are against welfare for humans).