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Outside law firms find fertile ground in Indianapolis

June 4, 2014
Quarles & Brady is the latest large law firm to expand to Indianapolis, and it plans to make a splash with a platoon of attorneys in high-profile office space.

State courts to switch to e-filing system in 2015

May 22, 2014
Officials soon will seek competitive bids for a single statewide e-filing manager. Paper records likely will be phased out so clerks won't be burdened with overseeing two filing methods.

Lawyers fret over enforcement of advertising rules

May 21, 2014
Indiana attorneys stay up at night worrying that their ads will run afoul of state rules that they consider unclear and unevenly enforced. But there's a solution in the works.

Law firms fight 'onerous' tax shift for service businesses

April 10, 2014
The proposed switch in accounting methods could create cash-flow nightmares for medical-service providers, accounting, engineering, consulting and other professional-services companies with revenue over $10 million.

Attorney sues hundreds over use of Indy skyline photo

April 9, 2014
Attorney Richard Bell says he has found about 300 people using a photo on their websites that he took back in 2000. His aggressive litigation against them raises vital questions about fair use and theft in the Internet age.

Former Junior Achievement boss loses defamation appeal

April 3, 2014
Jeffrey Miller wanted claims reinstated against Federal Express Corp. and 500 Festival Inc., which owned computers used to post online comments alleging his misuse of funds and possible criminal acts.

After 30 years, Judge Barker to dial back caseload

March 31, 2014
Sarah Evans Barker was the first woman appointed to the federal court in Indiana. After 30 years on the federal bench, she will transition to semi-retired status effective June 30.

Judge to Ballard rep: We decide where courts go

March 21, 2014
Marion Superior judges on Friday gave a grudging endorsement to the former General Motors stamping plant site as the location for a proposed criminal justice complex, but not before sending a message to Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard that the courts are their call.

Judge: Case not made for airport justice center site

March 12, 2014
The judge with authority over Marion County court facilities isn’t convinced that a 35-acre site by Indianapolis International Airport is the best pick for the proposed criminal justice complex.

Institute analyzing proposed sites for criminal justice complex

March 10, 2014
The Indiana University Public Policy Institute is analyzing proposed sites for a Marion County Criminal Justice Complex and may reveal its findings by the end of this week.
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  3. Current law states income taxes are paid to the county of residence not county of income source. The most likely scenario would be some alteration of the income tax distribution formula so money earned in Marion co. would go to Marion Co by residents of other counties would partially be distributed to Marion co. as opposed to now where the entirety is held by the resident's county.

  4. This is more same-old, same-old from a new generation of non-progressive 'progressives and fear mongers. One only needs to look at the economic havoc being experienced in California to understand the effect of drought on economies and people's lives. The same mindset in California turned a blind eye to the growth of population and water needs in California, defeating proposal after proposal to build reservoirs, improve water storage and delivery infrastructure...and the price now being paid for putting the demands of a raucous minority ahead of the needs of many. Some people never, never learn..

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