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TENBARGE: School takeovers will do students a favor

June 11, 2011
When schools have well over half of their students not even passing end-of-course assessments for core subjects, how can they prepare students for life in the real world?

TENBARGE: Don't overlook Lugar's history of service

May 7, 2011
Though I have enormous admiration and respect for Mourdock, I stand firmly behind Lugar for the good of this nation and this state.

TENBARGE: Please, cut Indiana University's budget

March 12, 2011
Of all the areas for potential cuts, higher education makes the most sense. Not only are there great opportunities for cuts, but our higher education institutions are well-prepared to handle them.

TENBARGE: Politicians wanting 'magis,' step forward

February 12, 2011
The next governor must continue on the path toward more reform, and at the center of this reform should be my generation.

TENBARGE: Act now to build a better Indiana

December 11, 2010
Indiana cannot endure without serious reform, and this session must be approached with the urgency it deserves.
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  1. Liberals do not understand that marriage is not about a law or a right ... it is a rite of religous faith. Liberals want "legal" recognition of their homosexual relationship ... which is OK by me ... but it will never be classified as a marriage because marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman. You can gain / obtain legal recognition / status ... but most people will not acknowledge that 2 people of the same sex are married. It's not really possible as long as marriage is defined as one man and one woman.

  2. That second phrase, "...nor make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunitites of citizens..." is the one. If you can't understand that you lack a fundamental understanding of the Constitution and I can't help you. You're blind with prejudice.

  3. Why do you conservatives always go to the marrying father/daughter, man/animal thing? And why should I keep my sexuality to myself? I see straights kissy facing in public all the time.

  4. I just read the XIV Amendment ... I read where no State shall deprive any person of life, liberty, or property ... nor make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunitites of citizens ... I didn't see anything in it regarding the re-definition of marriage.

  5. I worked for Community Health Network and the reason that senior leadership left is because they were not in agreement with the way the hospital was being ran, how employees were being treated, and most of all how the focus on patient care was nothing more than a poster to stand behind. Hiring these analyst to come out and tell people who have done the job for years that it is all being done wrong now...hint, hint, get rid of employees by calling it "restructuring" is a cheap and easy way out of taking ownership. Indiana is an "at-will" state, so there doesn't have to be a "reason" for dismissal of employment. I have seen former employees that went through this process lose their homes, cars, is very disturbing. The patient's as well have seen less than disireable care. It all comes full circle.