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MAHERN: Has Legislature lost its 'do the right thing' members?

June 14, 2014
Forgive my nostalgia. I had a fairly serious health scare a little over a month ago and find myself quite involuntarily looking back.

MAHERN: Ozdemir's Indy Eleven projections don't add up

April 19, 2014
The North American Soccer League will have 10 members when Indy Eleven joins this year. Teams in the NASL play 12 games in the early season and after a four-week break in July play another 14 games. Fourteen are played at home.

MAHERN: The substantial life of a Democratic pillar

February 15, 2014
I first met Mary Berry in the fall of 1960, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

MAHERN: A marriage game plan for Republicans

November 30, 2013
Although they don’t all have a natural sense of rhythm, and a few of them are always laughing and carrying on, some of my best friends are Republicans.

MAHERN: At least Indianapolis is ahead of Detroit

October 5, 2013
Weather permitting, I walk our Irish setter, Finn McCool, nearly every day in Garfield Park. The 126-acre park on the near-south side has been a Mahern recreation site for over 100 years, after my great-grandfather moved his family to the area of Raymond and Shelby streets.

MAHERN? Why so much secrecy at Develop Indy?

August 3, 2013
Shortly after his 2008 inauguration, Mayor Ballard approached the Indianapolis economic development folks with a plan for international strategy—meaning foreign trips for him, his wife, staff members and security.

MAHERN: Ballard, Lewis should disclose conflicts

June 1, 2013
A typical $110,000 Colts suite comes with 20 tickets for 10 games—a per-ticket cost of $550. Mayor Ballard’s suite comes with at least 30 tickets.

MAHERN: Be my waiter but not my neighbor

March 30, 2013
City-county councilors have a nasty tradition of agreeing with one another to blackball developments within their individual districts.

MAHERN: Might freebies have greased this deal?

February 2, 2013
Some call it flimflam or a thimblerig. It is probably most recognized as the old shell game. Regardless of its moniker, our city leaders are about to pull it on local taxpayers.

MAHERN: Ballard turning competition on its head

December 15, 2012
While the Republican brand in some quarters may be a bit tarnished these days, there is no doubting what it represents—the idea that we should have smaller government at all levels, and that government should stay out of our personal lives at least so far as taxation and guns are concerned.

MAHERN: Now that you've been elected a legislator...

November 17, 2012
So, you have been elected to the Legislature. Robert Redford once starred in a movie called “The Candidate.” At the end of the film and after an improbable win for the U.S. Senate, the Redford character asks his consultant, “What do we do now?"

MAHERN: School boards should stop butting out

October 13, 2012
After reams of newsprint and a bazillion 1’s and 0’s on the Internet bemoaning the state of public education in general and Indianapolis Public Schools in particular, you finally get your chance to weigh in.

MAHERN: Cut unnecessary hassle of college loans

September 15, 2012
Earlier this year, U.S. student loan debt achieved a milestone. It surpassed outstanding credit card debt. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, student debt is rising when other debt is flat or even falling. Fifteen percent of all Americans with a credit score are carrying student debt.

MAHERN: Ballard's lieutenants serve him poorly

August 18, 2012

Dear Mayor Ballard: You need to talk to your guys. They are not giving you the best advice.


MAHERN: City robs services to subsidize developers

July 14, 2012
There is no outcry. Why?

MAHERN: A better way to handle primary elections

June 16, 2012
The Top Two Vote Getter primary is open to all voters and they are not required to declare a party.

MAHERN: What Ballard means when he says 'private'

May 19, 2012
The only real difference is that in private clubs smoking will be allowed and in public clubs smoking will not be allowed.

MAHERN: Pining for an era when senators were senatorial

April 14, 2012
Lugar decided sound public policy trumped standing by and watching his colleagues pass a bad bill.

MAHERN: Ballard's silly intransigence on a smoking ban

March 17, 2012
If the mayor doesn’t believe the science, he should say so.

MAHERN: Questionable ROI from the Super Bowl

February 18, 2012
Local money spent downtown is not new money. It is merely money not spent somewhere else in the local economy.

MAHERN: Insecurity on parade along Georgia Street

January 21, 2012
Why not recognize real local contribution rather than celebrity?

MAHERN: Politics, art collide on the Cultural Trail

December 24, 2011
If an artist says that it is art, who are we to gainsay it?

MAHERN: Proposals to better the execution process

November 26, 2011
There will be additional expense but none I believe that could not be covered by the sale of TV, Internet and DVD rights.

MAHERN: The senseless blabbering of 'bless you'

October 22, 2011
"Have a blessed day" suggests that the caller had it within his power to cause a blessing to be bestowed upon himself.

MAHERN: Let teachers operate like professionals

September 24, 2011
The factory system is no longer acceptable. We now demand professionalism from our teachers and a system that adapts to each child's particular needs.

MAHERN: Look how far our society has progressed

August 20, 2011
In these 30-some pages of advertising, there are photographs of 30 different individuals. Not one is African-American.
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  1. So as I read this the one question that continues to come to me to ask is. Didn't Indiana only have a couple of exchanges for people to opt into which were very high because we really didn't want to expect the plan. So was this study done during that time and if so then I can understand these numbers. I also understand that we have now opened up for more options for hoosiers to choose from. Please correct if I'm wrong and if I'm not why was this not part of the story so that true overview could be taken away and not just parts of it to continue this negative tone against the ACA. I look forward to the clarity.

  2. It's really very simple. All forms of transportation are subsidized. All of them. Your tax money already goes toward every single form of transportation in the state. It is not a bad thing to put tax money toward mass transit. The state spends over 1,000,000,000 (yes billion) on roadway expansions and maintenance every single year. If you want to cry foul over anything cry foul over the overbuilding of highways which only serve people who can afford their own automobile.

  3. So instead of subsidizing a project with a market-driven scope, you suggest we subsidize a project that is way out of line with anything that can be economically sustainable just so we can have a better-looking skyline?

  4. Downtowner, if Cummins isn't getting expedited permitting and tax breaks to "do what they do", then I'd be happy with letting the market decide. But that isn't the case, is it?

  5. Patty, this commuter line provides a way for workers (willing to work lower wages) to get from Marion county to Hamilton county. These people are running your restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and retail stores. I don't see a lot of residents of Carmel working these jobs.