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BOEHM: Another credible voice for helping voters choose

May 17, 2014
Justice John Paul Stevens retired in 2011 after 35 years of distinguished service on the U.S. Supreme Court. He has now published a book advocating adoption of six amendments to the Constitution.

BOEHM: Airport is shortsighted location for justice center

March 15, 2014
Like almost everyone familiar with the Marion County courts, I applaud Mayor Ballard’s proposal to address the long-recognized need for a judicial center. The proposal would leave the civil courts in the City-County Building but consolidate the criminal courts and their associated agencies in one complex.

BOEHM: Solid reasons to build justice center now

January 18, 2014
Mayor Ballard proposes to create a judicial center that would bring the dispersed offices of the criminal courts, prosecutor, public defender and perhaps other agencies together with the county jail in one facility at a location to be determined, and free up the jail site for development.

BOEHM: Attack gerrymandering through the courts

November 2, 2013
Legislatures in Iowa and California have seen the wisdom of eliminating partisan gerrymandering and the polarized bodies it generates. The call for redistricting reform is growing now that the federal government has been shut down and the nation’s credit and the world’s economy threatened.

BOEHM: More to do to continue Indy's ascent

August 31, 2013
Those of us who have seen the progress Indianapolis has made over the last several decades are justifiably proud of what has been accomplished. At the same time, most thoughtful observers agree on the need to address a range of problems—notably crime, fiscal pressures, education, transportation and neighborhood development.

BOEHM: Battle over council is unnecessary

June 29, 2013
A two-front war is waging over control of the City-County Council. The General Assembly recently changed the Unigov statute to eliminate the four at-large council seats. Meanwhile, a special five-judge panel is considering a challenge to the city-county ordinance drawing the council’s 25 single-member districts.

BOEHM: Tax cuts at the expense of investment

May 4, 2013
The debate over cutting the state income tax was settled for this year, but the subject isn’t put to rest.

BOEHM: This conflict could have been avoided

March 2, 2013
After each decennial census, the law requires redrawing the City-County Council districts. A decade ago, after a Democratic mayor vetoed a redistricting ordinance adopted by the Republican majority following the 2000 census, the Indiana Supreme Court rejected the partisan maps proposed by the two parties and adopted a neutral map that established the districts through the 2011 election.

BOEHM: Now is the time to invest in the future

January 5, 2013
Gov.-elect Mike Pence proposes a 10-percent reduction in Indiana’s income tax. Some question whether we can afford it. But if we can, should we?

BOEHM: Judicial elections need lawmaker action

December 1, 2012
Marion County’s trial judges are selected by a process used nowhere else in the state, and, as far as I know, nowhere on this planet. In the May primary elections, the two major parties each nominate only half the number of judges that will be elected in the general election.

BOEHM: Good reasons not to toss out judges

November 3, 2012
The ballot this year will ask you whether two judges of the Indiana Supreme Court and four on the Court of Appeals will be retained in office. Don’t forget to vote yes on all six retention questions.

BOEHM: Tread cautiously through this study

September 29, 2012
You may have seen recent news reports discussing a Ball State University study of how the total tax burden in this state varies for different industries and forms of organization. The takeaway is that there are multiple “inequities” in Indiana’s tax structure.

BOEHM: Inside the 1987 Pan American Games

September 1, 2012
Pardon me for reminiscing on this 25th anniversary of the 1987 Pan American Games. Others have told how the Indianapolis “sports strategy” helped regenerate downtown, grow IUPUI, and establish Indianapolis as a major league city and a convention destination.

BOEHM: Put justice facility back on the agenda

August 4, 2012
The mayor announced that the preferred site of a proposed transportation center will be the city-owned block of Washington Street between the City-County Building and the jail.

BOEHM: You actually think your court vote matters?

June 30, 2012
Making a farce of the general election in November is no laughing matter.

BOEHM: Marion County small-claims courts fail us

June 2, 2012
A rule change by the Indiana Supreme Court can prevent plaintiffs from choosing their courts.

BOEHM: Once-damaged Pacers deserve more support

May 5, 2012
Larry Bird and Frank Vogel have done a marvelous job.

BOEHM: Courts free to 'call 'em like they see 'em'

March 31, 2012
Indiana’s appellate courts are the envy of most of our surrounding states.

BOEHM: Feeble home rule is a drag on progress

March 3, 2012
Action by the Legislature is often required to permit local initiatives to proceed.

BOEHM: Questions about who's minding the store

February 4, 2012
The names of the married couple who sold the home to us in 1991 remained on the voter lists at our address.

BOEHM: Nipping entry-level corruption in the bud

January 7, 2012
There is no serious vetting of candidates for lower office.

BOEHM: Council redistricting fight is wasteful

December 10, 2011
We’ve been here before.

BOEHM: It's time to talk about expanding Unigov

November 12, 2011
Our government structure has not kept pace with our economic and cultural growth.

BOEHM: Court got it right on warrantless entry case

October 8, 2011
The consequences of permitting a violent response are unacceptable.

BOEHM: Criminal sentencing laws due for reform

September 10, 2011
We do have the benefit of thoughtful study, if not completely reliable data, to support some basic reform that will save the state money and produce a fairer and more productive criminal justice system.

BOEHM: New districts further polarize Legislature

August 6, 2011
New maps are as severely gerrymandered as their predecessors, and adherence to some stated goals of neutral districting does not come close to achieving a fair plan.
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  4. As a resident of one of these new Carmel Apartments the issue the local governments need to discuss is build quality & price. First none of these places is worth $1100 for a one bedroom. Downtown Carmel or Keystone at the Crossing in Indy. It doesn't matter. All require you to get in your car to get just about anywhere you need to go. I'm in one of the Carmel apartments now where after just 2.5 short years one of the kitchen cabinet doors is crooked and lawn and property maintenance seems to be lacking my old Indianapolis apartment which cost $300 less. This is one of the new star apartments. As they keep building throughout the area "deals" will start popping up creating shoppers. If your property is falling apart after year 3 what will it look like after year 5 or 10??? Why would one stay here if they could move to a new Broad Ripple in 2 to 3 years or another part of the Far Northside?? The complexes aren't going to let the "poor" move in without local permission so that's not that problem, but it the occupancy rate drops suddenly because the "Young" people moved back to Indy then look out.

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