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KRULL: Teachers are only part of 'education reform' equation

April 19, 2014
Some things are just hard to measure.That’s the real message of the teacher evaluations the Indiana Department of Education released this month. Twenty-five percent of Hoosier teachers were rated highly effective and another 61 percent as effective. Less than half a percent were deemed “ineffective.”

KRULL: Marriage message boxes Pence into contradiction

February 15, 2014
So much for being governor of all the people of Indiana. Earlier this month, not long after the House of Representatives voted to strip the controversial second sentence out of House Joint Resolution 3—the proposed state constitutional amendment banning gay marriage—Gov. Mike Pence told WISH-TV Channel 8 that he supported the HJR 3 in its original form.

KRULL: Misguided judges reaping whirlwind

November 30, 2013
Former Indiana Chief Justice Randall Shepard and other veterans of the highest state courts in the country issued a warning a few days ago about the dangers of large-scale campaign spending in judicial campaigns.

KRULL: Right to work and promises to be kept

October 5, 2013
When Indiana Republicans started their push to ram so-called right-to-work legislation through the General Assembly nearly three years ago, they said the measure would rain blessings down on the Hoosier state.

KRULL: We're beginning to see the real Pence

June 1, 2013
Now that the 2013 General Assembly has wrapped up, a few things about the state’s new governor, Republican Mike Pence, have become clear.

KRULL: We're all responsible for our government

February 2, 2013
It’s hard to tell when the notion began to sink in that too many Americans have forgotten the point of the American Revolution.

KRULL: The war against marijuana isn't working

December 15, 2012
Indiana seems to be experiencing a fresh outbreak of reefer madness.

KRULL: Voters spoke, but is the GOP listening?

November 17, 2012
Oh, what strange things partisanship and ideology can be. The day after the votes had been counted in the 2012 election, Republican leaders new and old in state government declared that nothing—not even a pesky upset—was going to stop them from implementing their education agenda.

KRULL: New GOP strategy won't help Mourdock

October 13, 2012
For the past few days, Indiana Republicans have pounded away at a new message in their fight to hold onto the U.S. Senate seat that’s up for grabs this fall.

KRULL: Daniels, Pence may watch wistfully

September 15, 2012
Now that the national political conventions have come and gone and the presidential campaign season is about to reach top gear, at least two Hoosiers have to be watching with mixed emotions.

KRULL: Health care law now a reality for pols

August 18, 2012
Mitch Daniels’ letter inviting the candidates who want to succeed him as governor to weigh in on how Indiana should implement parts of President Obama’s health care reform law demonstrates at least two things.

KRULL: Something for everyone in the health care ruling

July 14, 2012
The Supreme Court will have to revisit this issue again—and perhaps more decisively.

KRULL: Gregg attacks Pence on the wrong issues

June 16, 2012
It shows, early in the campaign, just how desperate Gregg is.

KRULL: Voucher boosters need to prove they work

May 19, 2012
The voucher advocates got their way and now have no else to blame for any failures.

KRULL: Questioning presidential legitimacy is new trend

April 14, 2012
It’s hard to know what produced the change.

KRULL: Mourdock rolls over for big NRA endorsement

March 17, 2012
So much for a U.S. senator’s deliberative function.

KRULL: Rubbing the abrasive edges off lawmakers

February 18, 2012
If lunch together is good, living together would be even better.

KRULL: Right-to-work and days of division

January 21, 2012
The protestors in the building shouted that the governor was a liar.

KRULL: Calling Holcomb to a higher standard

December 24, 2011
Somehow we think behaving churlishly is acceptable.

KRULL: Pragmatism put Ballard over the top

November 26, 2011
He won because he did things—things that mattered. There’s a lesson in that for Democrats.

KRULL: Gender a (non)factor in the mayor's race

October 22, 2011
Kennedy shrugged her shoulders and said she didn't think about it that much.

KRULL: Conservatism has its own costs to society

September 24, 2011
Is it right to allow kids to suffer because of their parents's choices?

KRULL: Republicans no longer the tough-parent party

August 20, 2011
The reality is that we now have two political parties determined to go to Disneyland for the weekend. They just want to take different groups and pay for the trip with different kinds of credit cards.

KRULL: An ode to journalists felled by tech, economy

July 23, 2011
For many of the journalists whose jobs have fled or who are just barely hanging on, it is as if they are pilgrims whose church has abandoned them.

KRULL: Left, right wings keep abortion battle raging

June 25, 2011
Both sides, of course, claim the public supports their position.

KRULL: Another governor and a different decision

June 11, 2011
There are politicians out there who see the ability to strip away one’s feelings as demonstrating toughness. To me, it sounds soul-deadening.
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