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LADWIG: The last ordinary American: a eulogy

February 18, 2012
If socialism wasn’t good, we argued lamely, then wealth at least was bad—or not as fair or as kind as government could make it.

LADWIG: When government answers look good ...

January 21, 2012
It completed the tunnels but didn’t have the money for the trains.

LADWIG: Indiana run 'like a business'? Not quite

December 24, 2011
Every time this man applied that advice to his particular corner of government, “All hell broke loose.”

LADWIG: Lying is another narrative in reality politics

November 26, 2011
I'm looking hard at the public record if not the heavens, trying not to be cynical.

LADWIG: Court puts property rights in the dock

October 22, 2011
For the members of this majority, property interests may rise to the level of "rights" but never absolutes.

LADWIG: Chamber scores questionably on economy

September 24, 2011
We are left with the sobering realization that there is no lobby for free-market economics at the Statehouse.

LADWIG: Bring the spirit of Lincoln back to Indiana

August 20, 2011
Is that our position? Stand there confident that the inscrutable workings of a free market will restore our failing towns? Pretty much.

LAGWIG: Here's a pol who hires honestly and pays taxes

July 23, 2011
The firefighter and police unions set up pickets outside his home. He was re-elected in no small part as a result of his training as a Marine artillery officer.

LADWIG: Chambers of commerce have lost their way

June 25, 2011
At best, many Indiana chambers see themselves as middlemen smoothing the government licensing and regulatory processes.

LADWIG: Democracy, complex government don't mix

May 21, 2011
It is reasonable to believe ... that Custer thought he was running to ground a relatively small party of warriors when in fact he was about to be surrounded by what may have been three times as many.

LADWIG: The last thing newspapers need is a subsidy

April 23, 2011
You should know that publishers of the smaller community newspapers, specialty papers and media systems throughout the nation were outperforming the big shots until the recession, their closeness to their readerships saving them from the hubris of advocacy.

LADWIG: Republican 'change' disappoints in Indiana

March 26, 2011
Establishment Republicans are in danger of becoming as addicted to government aid as countless other individuals and interest groups.

LADWIG: It's time to talk about the clocks—again

February 26, 2011
Most troubling, though, considering the depressed economy, is Gaski’s discrediting of the state chamber, which claimed that the time change would serve the ‘convenience of commerce.'

LADWIG: Local property rights, Zimbabwe style

January 22, 2011
Is it hyperbolic to relate anti-colonialism in the African Corn Belt to the machinations of the Capital Improvement Board, the Metropolitan Development Commission or the Indianapolis mayor’s office?

LADWIG: Public-sector unions burden taxpayers

December 25, 2010
Our ruin absent heroic stances at the Statehouse and the Governor’s Office, is not only politically likely but mathematically certain.
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