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RIVERA: Hoosiers' common-sense triumphs

November 17, 2012
My generation of Hoosiers has elevated expectations for government. It must be environmentally friendly, embrace technology, help our neediest, treat everyone equally, and manage finances responsibly.

RIVERA: Others should follow Hoosier leadership

October 13, 2012
When good men and women fail to lead, problems get worse. This has happened for too long, and now we need concrete proposals from our candidates for state and federal offices that address the crises that threaten our republic.

RIVERA: Critical to send Mourdock to the Senate

September 15, 2012
I find it awkwardly self-serving when a candidate for public office tells me the next election—when he or she is on the ballot—is the most important election of my lifetime. This happens at least once every election cycle.

RIVERA: On to the next huge sporting event

August 18, 2012
According to @IUBloomington, the Twitter account of my alma mater Indiana University, our alumni have won 50 gold medals throughout Olympic history.

RIVERA: How Purdue might change under Daniels

July 14, 2012
I hope and expect Daniels will find ways to cut tuition costs.

RIVERA: Vaughn is right pick to help navigate the times

May 19, 2012
He knew what worried me and he showed how my vote helped solve that problem.

RIVERA: Dreaming up charter school possibilities

April 14, 2012
Imagine high school graduates from the Eli Lilly or the Cook Pharma Charter School of Chemistry.

RIVERA: Indianapolis can become an education mecca

March 17, 2012
The critical element missing is an unparalleled market of educational opportunities. We can fix this.

RIVERA: Optimism and caution over mass transit

February 18, 2012
It concerns me that we may be building outdated technology.

RIVERA: A fiscal reality check is upon Indianapolis

January 21, 2012
Now is not the time to talk about Republicans or Democrats.

RIVERA: Martindale-Brightwood revamp can set strong example

April 9, 2011
A walk through the streets there showed a pattern of crumbling infrastructure, missing chunks of sidewalks, and boarded-up homes. When I asked a city official for the number of abandoned houses in this neighborhood, he answered, “between 300 and 450."

RIVERA: Lackluster schools rob kids of future

December 25, 2010
I applaud the signs of progress that have been reported recently, but we are a long way from success.
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  1. The Walgreens did not get a lot of traffic. It was not located on the corner of the intersection, and not really visible from Emerson. Meanwhile the CVS there is huge and right on the corner. I am guessing a lot of people drove by a million times and never knew the Walgreens was there. Although, with the new Walmart market going in, that area could really see a lot of increase in traffic soon.

  2. You folks don't have a clue. There is a legal way to enter this country and to get aid. This left unchecked could run us to ruin quickly. I also heard that 'supporters' were getting major $$ to take them in? Who's monitoring this and guess who pays the bill? I support charitable organizations... but this is NOT the way to do it!

  3. Apparently at some time before alcohol has been served at the fair. The problem is that beer or wine used to be a common drink for people before soft drinks and was not thought to be that unusual. Since many folks now only drink to see how much they can drink or what kind of condition they can end up in it becomes more problematic. Go to Europe and its no big deal just as if you had sodas of milk to drink everyday. Its using common sense that is lacking now days.

  4. To address the epic failure of attracting race fans to both the Indy 500 and Brickyard 400 would take too much of my time to write. Bottom line Boles is clueless and obviously totally out of touch with the real paying fan base. I see nothing but death spin coming for the Brickyard, just like Indy. Get somebody in a place of power that understands what race fans want.

  5. I am a race fan through & through. It doesn't matter if it's Indy cars or Nascar. I love a great race. I go to several other tracks each year and you can see the entire track. I know Indy has tradition, but fans want to see the entire race. I sit in the Penthouse, am almost 60 years old, and would like to see a better TV screen in turn 1 so you can see the entire race. Then I think Indy needs to install an escalator so us old folks can make it up to the Penthouse and down again if we want more options to purchase food and drinks. Just a race fans opinion. Lights won't make the race any better, but you might be able to see the TV better at night. Turn 1's screen needs replaced with a better and bigger screen.