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WAGNER: The long and winding road to recruit candidates

February 15, 2014
A few weeks ago, I received an email from a conservative special-interest group. It opened with four paragraphs about a Statehouse issue along with a list of House members the group wanted its supporters to call and email. But that’s not what caught my eye.

WAGNER: It's a brave new world in the suburbs

November 30, 2013
Earlier this year, I wrote for this publication about the rise of a new Hoosier swing voter, women my age who live in the doughnut counties around Indianapolis.

WAGNER: Indiana Dems need branding makeover

October 5, 2013
I spent a large chunk of the last eight years as the spokeswoman for the Indiana Democratic Party. It was the best of times (big wins in 2006, 2008 and 2012), it was the worst of times (it sure would be nice to forget about 2010 and some stinging losses at the local level).

WAGNER: Take the opportunity to live elsewhere

August 3, 2013
I never imagined I’d be writing this column, and I want to preface it with a blanket statement that will never change: I’m a proud Hoosier, and I love my hometown of Indianapolis.

WAGNER: Age has little to do with moral virtues

June 1, 2013
Reggie Walton and Mark Zuckerberg have one thing in common.

WAGNER: The rise of a new Hoosier swing voter

March 30, 2013
Quick, describe a Hoosier swing voter. White, married, middle-class male from southern Indiana, somewhere between 35 and 55 years old, right?

WAGNER: Shake up higher education, thoughtfully

February 2, 2013
Last November, I received an e-mail from Indiana University asking me for input on a branding campaign for prospective students. Intentionally or not, the survey focused on creative elements for the School of Journalism.

WAGNER: Pence could learn from Daniels' style

December 15, 2012
Here are six words I never imagined stringing together: I’m going to miss Mitch Daniels.

WAGNER: Political ads filtered by a 4-year-old

November 17, 2012
We don’t watch a lot of television in our house, but when it’s on, it’s almost always tuned to a news station or show.

WAGNER: Why the undecideds seem indecisive

October 13, 2012
I’ll bet you’re not an undecided voter. How do I know? Because you’re reading this opinion piece in this political publication that resides within a larger publication that’s focused on a narrow set of issues. In other words, you’re engaged.

WAGNER: Local politics transcend partisanship

August 18, 2012
Everyone loves to say that all politics is local, and it’s largely true that people get the most riled up about things they see or that affect them on a daily basis.

WAGNER: More than ever, what was he thinking?

July 14, 2012
Which makes you wonder why they continue to do, say and write such dumb stuff.

WAGNER: Merit in helping others tug on bootstraps

June 16, 2012
The safety net works, but it requires a bit more compassion alongside today’s version of conservatism.

WAGNER: More of a woman's touch needed in politics

May 19, 2012
It would be nice to see a little more thoughtfulness and a little less brute force.

WAGNER: Lugar's 'broken brand' began with negative ad

April 14, 2012
Think Crystal Pepsi and New Coke. Or in the case of exploding products, consider the Ford Pinto.

WAGNER: Hoosiers need a high court like them

March 17, 2012
That there is no woman in the room means our state is missing out on a very important perspective.

WAGNER: Bringing Venn diagrams to bear on politics

January 21, 2012
Feats of Strength are optional, but an Airing of Grievances is mandatory.

WAGNER: In praise of Parker, leader of Democrats

December 24, 2011
Elected officials and candidates asked him that same week to remain on the job, a testament to his track record.

WAGNER: Getting the mass-transit basics right

November 26, 2011
Truths about our current bus system: It is underfunded. It has a reputation for lousy customer service.

WAGNER: Intruders who make democracy work

October 22, 2011
They are dedicated. They are passionate. And most importantly, they are involved.

WAGNER: Coming soon, the Indiana Gridiron Dinner

September 24, 2011
Civility in politics isn't dead. You just have to find the middle ground of funny.

WAGNER: Move ahead on a new public safety facility

August 20, 2011
If you’ve ever dealt with the local courts, you know that nothing is particularly easy to find or logically laid out.

WAGNER: Sick and tired of worn Hoosier stereotypes

July 23, 2011
Let’s trumpet our rich sports history, our top-tier university system, and our manufacturing and logistics infrastructure.

WAGNER: The unappealing options for life after Mitch

June 25, 2011
With a presidential bid off the table, those moderate Republicans who’ve loyally worked for Daniels over the years must now choose between life beyond politics or holding their noses on some issues just to stay in the game.

WAGNER: The complete dynamo who is Pete Buttigieg

May 21, 2011
Unless something goes horribly awry in November, he’s going to be the next mayor of South Bend.

WAGNER: Pointers for those moments in the trenches

April 23, 2011
If you’re extremely lucky, your political adversary will have hired young, inexperienced staffers who telegraph their boss’s next moves on Twitter and Facebook.
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  1. A couple of issues need some clarification especially since my name was on the list. I am not sure how this information was obtained and from where. For me, the amount was incorrect to begin with and the money does not come to me personally. I am guessing that the names listed are the Principal Investigators (individual responsible for the conduct of the trail) for the different pharmaceutical trials and not the entity which receives the checks. In my case, I participate in Phase II and Phase III trials which are required for new drug development. Your article should differentiate the amount of money received for consulting, for speaking fees, and for conduct of a clinical trial for new drug development. The lumping of all of these categories may give the reader a false impression of physicians just trying to get rich. The Sunshine Law may help to differentiate these categories in the future. The public should be aware that the Clinical Trial Industry could be a real economic driver for Indiana since these revenues supports jobs and new job creation. Nationally, this account for 10-20 billion which our State is missing out on to a large degree. Yes, new drug and technology development has gotten most of the attention (e.g. CTSI, BioCrossroads, etc.) However, serious money is being left on the table by not participating in the clinical trials to get those new drugs and medical devices on the market!!!! I guess that this is not sexy enough for academia.

  2. The address given for the Goldfish Swim Club is the Ace Hardware, is it closing?

  3. Out of state management and ownership. If Kite controlled it, everything would be leased. Of course, due to the roundabout, there is limited access to the south side of 116th now also. Just have to go down to the light.

  4. Hey smudge, You're opposed to arresting people for minor crimes? Sounds great! We should only focus on murders and such, right? Let's stand around and wait until someone shoots someone before we act. Whatever we do, we should never question anyone, frisk anyone, or arrest anyone unless they are actively engaged in shooting or stabbing. Very sound!

  5. You guys are being really rude to gays in the comments. (Not all of you, I presume). You need to stop it. Gays have just as much of a right to marry as straight people do. It's not fair how you guys are denying them equal rights. They're acting more human than you'll ever be. We obviously haven't matured since the bible was last updated. Hate the sin, not the sinner. You've all committed a sin at least once in your life. You've lied, you've stolen, etc. (Those are just possibilities). We should have a planet for people that support gay rights and a planet for people that don't. Then, gay people could get married without you bigots interfering with their love life. How would you feel if straights couldn't get married? How would you feel if teenagers were afraid to come out to their parents as straight? If straight people got hate everywhere they went? If straight people were afraid to go out in public, because they feared being judged? It's never going to happen at the rate society is going. You haven't seen the side of me where I act obscene. You're glad my inner demon hasn't been released. I would, but oh no, my comment would be removed because of my very strong emotions about this subject. I love gays, and love how they show their affection for each other. I just ADORE how a state is going to give same-sex couples a marriage license, then changes their mind. (I was obviously being sarcastic there). I just LOVE how society thinks gays are an abomination to our society. You're caring about marriage between two men or two women. That's a small thing. Just grow up, and let them marry. Let them live their lives. You can't make them change their sexuality. You can't make them change their lifestyle. In my opinion, gays are more than welcome to marry. Please, grow up and realize that people should be allowed to marry, even if it's same-sex marriage. You guys are saying that "the bible said gay marriage is wrong." Well, guess what else is wrong? Read Matthew:7 and you'll find out. (I am in no way breaking that. I am saying a fact). I'm stating that gays have just as much of a right to marry as straights do. (: