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WINSTON: Why rural voters should support Obama

November 3, 2012
Politics is an amazing, yet perplexing, profession. I have often wondered why President Obama trails Mitt Romney by a large margin in rural areas.

WINSTON: Indiana will contribute to Obama victory

September 29, 2012
On Nov. 6, all eyes will be on several battleground states. Unfortunately, the pundits will miss one of the most important states that will contribute to an Obama victory—Indiana. While some will debate whether the president will win Indiana (I still contend that he can), keep in mind that several Indiana-related items will play a role in the fall campaign and will have an impact in other parts of the country.

WINSTON: Invest in young African-American males

September 1, 2012
I am the parent of a seventh-grader who looks forward to this school year with excitement, hope and a sense of optimism. Unfortunately, many of her peers do not share those thoughts. I am particularly concerned about African-American males.

WINSTON: A plan to make mass transit a reality

August 4, 2012
Here in central Indiana, we have the perfect opportunity to make improvements to our mass transit system.

WINSTON: Don't discount unions in this year's elections

June 30, 2012
Labor learned valuable lessons from Wisconsin.

WINSTON: Black voters will put Indiana in play for Obama

June 2, 2012
African-American voters are proud of this president.

WINSTON: Latino, Hispanic voters will matter in 2012

May 5, 2012
Thirty percent of Hispanics proclaim to be liberal. Only 21 percent of the general population self identify as liberal.

WINSTON: Why women will swing hard to Democrats

March 31, 2012
Would your business consistently do things to alienate 54 percent of its customers?

WINSTON: Mays personifies the best of black history

March 3, 2012
Mays’ efforts at community involvement saved The Indianapolis Recorder.

WINSTON: Ballard won the social media skirmish

February 4, 2012
If you are going to go after an incumbent who already has online traction, then the order of the day is “Tweet early, tweet often.”

WINSTON: Marion County is key to state Dems in '12

January 7, 2012
In 2011, we witnessed what happens when Republicans cut into the Democratic margin in Marion County.

WINSTON: Goodnight's city is where we wanna go

December 10, 2011
Goodnight combines the attributes of Obama and Vice President Biden.

WINSTON: Reagan believed in taxing millionaires

November 12, 2011
When President Obama proposes the same type of legislation, his detractors claim that he is a socialist and a practitioner of class warfare.

WINSTON: Do religion and politics make a cross?

October 8, 2011
Religion has a role in politics. It can provide the civility that is missing from today’s campaigns.

WINSTON: Put Madam Walker on the Cultural Trail

September 10, 2011
We don’t need a statue of a slave to remind us of our history.

WINSTON: Focus on kitchen and boardroom tables

January 8, 2011
Many voters I talked with wanted to send a wakeup call to politicians of both parties that they should heed the words of Jim Carville to then-candidate Bill Clinton in 1992: “It’s the economy, stupid.”
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