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BONIFIELD: Campus entrepreneurs need more love

June 1, 2013
Having graduated from college this past month, I have now joined the ranks of the college-educated work force.

BONIFIELD: A greenhorn governor flubs his launch

March 30, 2013
As the first governor since the Civil War to win election with less than 50 percent of the vote, Mike Pence has a political capital problem. And it’s starting to show.

BONIFIELD: Social media is changing government

February 2, 2013
Social media is a relatively new, inexorable term for many business and government leaders. Social media, they are told, is a game-changer and the conventional wisdom suggests that if you do not have a presence on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn (and Google+, to be hipster-ironic), you are missing the boat.

BONIFIELD: Protect Ritz's heartening voter mandate

December 15, 2012
By all accounts, Glenda Ritz has a daunting challenge as the next superintendent of public instruction. Across a state that has been at the forefront of the so-called education reform movement, recent legislation has incensed and motivated teachers in profound ways.

BONIFIELD: Blowout holds lessons for Democrats

November 17, 2012
As the dust settles on the 2012 elections, new oaths of office will be accompanied by post-mortems by partisans on both sides of the aisle.

BONIFIELD: Mourdock's bent is too hot for Senate

October 13, 2012
I miss Richard Mourdock. His goofy smile, his bizarre antics, his brand of angry patriotism—all have been notably absent over the past month.

BONIFIELD: Toward sober laws on alcohol sales

September 15, 2012
Football season is here, bringing with it swelled TV audiences, increased tax revenue for Indianapolis, filled seats in Lucas Oil Stadium, and frustrated fans across the state. For many, their frustration will likely catch them by surprise and have nothing to do with Andrew Luck’s accuracy or holes in the Indianapolis Colts defense.

BONIFIELD: Government needs best, brightest, too

August 18, 2012
Government, perhaps even more than most private-sector industries and business models, is reliant upon human capital to thrive. Even as the tenor of most modern discourse on government has to do with its size, the people behind it are the single most important element in successful public policy.

BONIFIELD: More essays, fewer grades, for teachers

July 14, 2012
You cannot improve public education by vilifying public educators.

BONIFIELD: The power of backpacks left at the door

June 16, 2012
College students, with the right strategy and intentions, can make a difference in state policy.

BONIFIELD: Lugar astutely pegged Mourdock, too late

May 19, 2012
Lugar was ousted by a man whose most dangerous quality is his unabashed embrace of previously unthinkable positions.

BONIFIELD: An economic-development reality check

April 14, 2012
It was not until the city was asked to act that latent objections emerged.

BONIFIELD: Lugar loses a partisan Democrat admirer

March 17, 2012
I will not be voting for Lugar in November.

BONIFIELD: What are our politicians so afraid of?

January 21, 2012
Observers should have the right to record what goes on in open debates.

BONIFIELD: An easy way to help college students

December 24, 2011
This year represents the best chance that it will, and the current economic climate remains the best argument that it should.

BONIFIELD: The Kennedy campaign left an impact

November 26, 2011
Ryan Vaughn's comments in recent days suggest the momentum may be enough to see a smoking ban passed before the new year.

BONIFIELD: Mayors' races could herald better news

October 22, 2011
Kennedy, if elected, would be a fresh, progressive face for Indianapolis.

BONIFIELD: Hitch library needs to government reform

September 24, 2011
Libraries, like roads, are government where nearly everyone wants it.

BONIFIELD: Ballard and Kennedy's striking contrasts

August 20, 2011
A few months out from Election Day, voters have what amounts to their first chance to reflect upon Ballard’s accomplishments and credentials. They will find each wanting.

BONIFIELD: Bad laws now costing taxpayers in court

July 23, 2011
The focus of this session should have been on improving the economy and creating jobs. Instead, money, time and energy were wasted on red herrings.

BONIFIELD: Lee Hamilton, free of bumper stickers

April 23, 2011
The realization was startling. How could someone with such a high profile—a major political figure by any standard—be so nonchalant in weaving across the center line?

BONIFIELD: Young voters could decide the next election

March 26, 2011
If they expect to win back the House and the governor’s mansion, Democrats need to invest in an infrastructure that will begin to engage young Hoosiers.

BONIFIELD: Balanced appeal will resuscitate Democrats

February 26, 2011
Democrats need to forge a coherent pact with their constituents, detailing how they will reform education without undermining educators; shepherd sensible, pro-taxpayer policies through the General Assembly without becoming distracted by fringe issues; and provide private citizens and municipalities with the tools and revenue they need to evolve Indiana into an economic leader.

BONIFIELD: Finding Mr. Watson amid education reform

February 12, 2011
If House and Senate Republicans truly believe they can identify which teachers should go and which deserve rewards, let them write legislation that does it.
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