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FERGUSON: Gregg, Pence diverge on running mates

June 16, 2012
Marriage equality will be the issue that really matters.

FERGUSON: Mourdock win signals danger for deliberation

May 19, 2012
A slavish devotion to purity in ideology leads to an inability to get anything done.

FERGUSON: Hoosiers won't benefit from anti-Lugar fervor

April 14, 2012
Being a long-serving member of the Congress representing a state used to be a huge net plus.

FERGUSON: Solid higher education reforms, with caveats

March 17, 2012
It is imperative for the integrity of higher education that the faculty control the curriculum.

FERGUSON: Big issues playing out right here in Indiana

February 18, 2012
Maybe leaders of the Republican National Committee see Indiana as a model.

FERGUSON: Odd contradictions in Daniels' final agenda

January 21, 2012
Daniels is now wading deep into the so-called right-to-work debate.

FERGUSON: Even Louisiana has a limited smoking ban

December 24, 2011
Most observers will agree that Louisiana isn’t exactly famous for leading the way in progressive public policy

FERGUSON: Right-to-work could backfire on Republicans

November 26, 2011
Ohio and Wisconsin illustrate the danger of an emboldened majority's over-reaching in pursuit of its policy goals.

FERGUSON: Tea Party, Occupy invigorate the process

October 22, 2011
I find myself (supporter of the two-party system that I am) a bit encouraged by the take-to-the streets mentality of these movements.

FERGUSON: Reform overlooks special-needs children

September 24, 2011
In a telling exchange, an education expert at a local advocacy group with whom I spoke reported that she home-schooled her children with special needs. This is not at all uncommon.

FERGUSON: Indiana governors are not underpowered

August 20, 2011
Indeed, an astute governor who wants to push the boundaries of executive power can simply do so when legislators are looking the other way. While they are literally out of town.

FERGUSON: States'-rights crowd hurts small people

July 23, 2011
The debate over Medicaid funding and Planned Parenthood is about the access of poor people to health care. And about the right of the state of Indiana to assert the power to say where poor people can receive such health care services.

FERGUSON: Defunding sends states on dangerous path

June 25, 2011
Much more worrying to me is the fact that many of the poorest women (and men) in the state will be denied basic health services at least temporarily.

FERGUSON: Take redistricting away from the politicians

May 21, 2011
Safe districts essentially decide elections and take the power out of the hands of voters today and for the next 10 years.

FERGUSON: Protest walkouts are worthy of protection

April 23, 2011
Removing this possibility from future minority parties (whoever they may be) would unfairly hamstring the minority and give them no voice in the face of an unyielding majority.
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