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SHEPARD: Voting centers might not be a great idea, after all

June 14, 2014
Voter turnout in Indiana’s recent primary election was the lowest in 20 years, 35 percent below average. It’s time for a serious conversation about whether the growing use of voting centers is bad for turnout.

SHEPARD: Protect working class with better panhandling ordinance

April 19, 2014
A recent settlement between the city of Indianapolis and the Indiana ACLU over enforcement of the present ordinance about panhandling has put the question of writing a new ordinance back on the table.

SHEPARD: Side with local government oversight when possible

February 15, 2014
Recent debates in the General Assembly about inspecting apartments for safety and sanitation purposes has highlighted the need for more energetic collaboration between state government and the people who lead cities and towns.

SHEPARD: Conrad's intensity still felt downtown

November 30, 2013
Surely Larry Conrad is smiling over the recent report about the phenomenal strength of the housing market in downtown Indianapolis.

SHEPARD: Great places draw the young, innovative

October 5, 2013
Our public dialogue about competing with other states often focuses on development tools, tax policy, infrastructure and the like. These are surely some of the hard-edge elements of any sensible approach to building Indiana’s economic future.

SHEPARD: Praise for local Zimmerman response

August 3, 2013
We hope society’s leaders will do well for us in times of turmoil. In the days following the verdict in the Florida trial of George Zimmerman, this state’s public figures responded to a difficult moment in ways that showed humanity and skill.

SHEPARD: Session gave training huge shot in arm

June 1, 2013
Though issues like Medicaid expansion and reducing the income tax were most visible during the recent legislative session, the General Assembly may have also set the stage for substantial future shifts in how Indiana goes about producing a work force prepared for the 21st century economy.

SHEPARD: Speedway promotion is a smart move

March 30, 2013
Fresh analysis released last month on the economic impact of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the satellite industries attracted by its location in Indiana make it clear the General Assembly is on the right track in moving legislation to bolster the track and the jobs it helps create.

SHEPARD: 'Cost of justice' matters to the economy

February 2, 2013
National headlines recently reminded us of the benefits Indiana reaps for its economy by thoughtful attention to our system of justice.

SHEPARD: The Indiana way of picking appellate judges

May 7, 2011
We should not want judges who put their fingers in the air to see which way the political wind is blowing.
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