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SWAYZE: Beyond symptoms to root causes

August 3, 2013
It hurts to watch crime escalate in Indianapolis, especially among African-American boys and girls.

SWAYZE: Scrutinize abortion like the industry it is

June 1, 2013
The details of the Kermit Gosnell trial in Pennsylvania are gruesome, yet they signal a warning to all states. Abortion is an industry, not just a political or religious issue.

SWAYZE: Obamacare is more mess than cure

March 30, 2013
One-sixth of our economy has a big question mark around it. It’s OK to call “it” Obamacare now, but we still don’t know what it is.

SWAYZE: Full speed ahead on social issues

February 2, 2013
Beware the social issue? Hardly.

SWAYZE: Turbo government here for business

November 17, 2012
Now that Indiana is right-to-work, voters have given Gov.-elect Mike Pence a legislative escort through his Roadmap for Indiana. Super-majorities in the House and Senate will help him build on Gov. Daniels’ success to make Indiana a state that works.

SWAYZE: The real 'war' is now about abortion

October 13, 2012
The slogan “war on women” has gained traction in the election, but it is an old notion and a war that’s already been won.

SWAYZE: Where the real war on women rages

September 15, 2012
War on women? The only one I see is the plight of the single mother suffering from broken commitments, her own poor choices, and an overwhelmed system poorly designed to serve her and her children.

SWAYZE: Coats is key figure in federalism battle

August 18, 2012
As pressure mounts from states pushing back on federal decisions and mandates, representation by their congressional delegations becomes increasingly important.

SWAYZE: Voters ready to retrieve turf from the left

July 14, 2012
Most in the political industry are continuing old-school tactics.

SWAYZE: Compromise has come at costly price

June 16, 2012
That is exactly what’s brought us debt, corruption and moral failure.

SWAYZE: Conservatism has become mainstream

May 19, 2012
Voters want to turn back to this country’s founding principles of fiscal constraint and family values.

SWAYZE: The high costs of excessive tolerance

January 21, 2012
Don’t tell me that not having a job is an excuse for hitting someone.

SWAYZE: Conservative resolutions for the New Year

December 24, 2011
No one should have to join a union if they don’t wish to and unions should respect that.

SWAYZE: Stay the good course on conservatism

November 26, 2011
Run, Mitch, run across the finish line of your final session!

SWAYZE: Stats avalanche shows marriage is key

October 22, 2011
This will be the new policy battle extraordinaire: how to look objectively at the growing stack of research that marriage does, in face, matter.

SWAYZE: Unholy liberal axis is cracking up, finally

September 24, 2011
Change is hard, for sure. But the stirring of citizens' souls in this country is exciting. "Take it back!" I shout.

SWAYZE: Fix the chaos Murphy Brown unleashed

August 20, 2011
It is time we start to look at these issues as a whole: Broken families are costing us dearly in both dollars and struggling lives.

SWAYZE: Indiana needs a stronger chief executive

July 23, 2011
People are looking for accountability from elected officials these days—not just in Indiana but across the country.

SWAYZE: Behind the Planned Parenthood debate

June 25, 2011
This certainly isn’t about health care. Approximately 97 percent of abortions are done on healthy women with healthy babies.

SWAYZE: Lugar has strayed; it's time to replace him

May 21, 2011
I never dreamed I’d compare Lugar with moderate Democrats, but his record speaks for itself.
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  1. By Mr. Lee's own admission, he basically ran pro-bono ads on the billboard. Paying advertisers didn't want ads on a controversial, ugly billboard that turned off customers. At least one of Mr. Lee's free advertisers dropped out early because they found that Mr. Lee's advertising was having negative impact. So Mr. Lee is disingenous to say the city now owes him for lost revenue. Mr. Lee quickly realized his monstrosity had a dim future and is trying to get the city to bail him out. And that's why the billboard came down so quickly.

  2. Merchants Square is back. The small strip center to the south of 116th is 100% leased, McAlister’s is doing well in the outlot building. The former O’Charleys is leased but is going through permitting with the State and the town of Carmel. Mac Grill is closing all of their Indy locations (not just Merchants) and this will allow for a new restaurant concept to backfill both of their locations. As for the north side of 116th a new dinner movie theater and brewery is under construction to fill most of the vacancy left by Hobby Lobby and Old Navy.

  3. Yes it does have an ethics commission which enforce the law which prohibits 12 specific items. google it

  4. Thanks for reading and replying. If you want to see the differentiation for research, speaking and consulting, check out the spreadsheet I linked to at the bottom of the post; it is broken out exactly that way. I can only include so much detail in a blog post before it becomes something other than a blog post.

  5. 1. There is no allegation of corruption, Marty, to imply otherwise if false. 2. Is the "State Rule" a law? I suspect not. 3. Is Mr. Woodruff obligated via an employment agreement (contractual obligation) to not work with the engineering firm? 4. In many states a right to earn a living will trump non-competes and other contractual obligations, does Mr. Woodruff's personal right to earn a living trump any contractual obligations that might or might not be out there. 5. Lawyers in state government routinely go work for law firms they were formally working with in their regulatory actions. You can see a steady stream to firms like B&D from state government. It would be interesting for IBJ to do a review of current lawyers and find out how their past decisions affected the law firms clients. Since there is a buffer between regulated company and the regulator working for a law firm technically is not in violation of ethics but you have to wonder if decisions were made in favor of certain firms and quid pro quo jobs resulted. Start with the DOI in this review. Very interesting.