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STYRING: Considering a weapon of last resort against the feds

June 14, 2014
Chances are you’d never heard of something called the “Mount Vernon Assembly” before reading this column.

STYRING: Utopian transit dreamers could railroad taxpayers

April 19, 2014
After years of trying, mass transit advocates have finally steered a central Indiana transit bill through the General Assembly. It authorizes county councils and, in some cases, township boards to approve ballot referenda imposing up to a 0.25-percent transit income tax.

STYRING: Stereotypes aside, business taxes really do matter

February 15, 2014
Gov. Mike Pence has proposed eliminating property taxes on business machinery and equipment. How exactly that is to be done, and over what time frame, he has left to the wisdom of the General Assembly.

STYRING: Obamacare rests on numbers concoction

November 30, 2013
Everybody’s talking about Obamacare. Website crashes. People booted off their health insurance. Sticker shock. No doubt we’ll be talking about it through the 2014 election. And the 2016 election. And most likely well beyond that.

STYRING: The teachers association lost its way

October 5, 2013
Nothing in politics is so constant as change. Consider the Indiana State Teachers Association.

STYRING: Conservatives, retake the 'liberal' flag!

August 3, 2013
When Gov. Mike Pence was Indiana Policy Review Foundation president in the 1990s, editors of the foundation’s flagship publication, Indiana Policy Review, constantly harped at their writers to use precise English. The masthead even sported a Lord Acton quote: “When words lose their meaning, men lose their liberty.”

STYRING: Bowen held line on property taxes

June 1, 2013
Indiana has said farewell to former Gov. Otis Bowen. Much has been written in tribute to “Doc,” and all of it deserved. He surely was the most popular governor in anyone’s memory. Even his political enemies respected him as a thoroughly decent human being.

STYRING: Workers will flood health exchanges

March 30, 2013
The local business guys and gals I talk to watch the coming full implementation of Obamacare with a sense of angst.

STYRING: This carrot might leave a bitter taste

February 2, 2013
Some time before April 15, the Legislature must decide whether to accept a deal from the federal government to expand Medicaid coverage. It’s shaping up as one of two or three major calls our lawmakers must make.

STYRING: Forecasting the next General Assembly

December 15, 2012
Battle lines for the next General Assembly are evident already.

STYRING: A Thanksgiving lesson in communism

November 17, 2012
The Pilgrims were small “c” communists. Lands were farmed in common and everything went into a common storehouse from which everyone drew sustenance.

STYRING: Hoping it isn't too late to rethink Rockport

October 13, 2012
A $2.8 billion coal-to-natural-gas plant in Rockport has been in the works for several years, but the economics of the project seem dodgier by the day.

STYRING: Carmel no longer can afford Brainard

September 15, 2012
Four-term Carmel Mayor James Brainard has to be on a publicity-induced high. Keystone Parkway recently got a design award from a national transit engineering firm. Better still, Money named Carmel first on its list of America’s best small cities.

STYRING: Daniels could turn the tide at Purdue

August 18, 2012
Nearly everyone claims to have a strategic window into Mitch Daniels’ head. In truth, no one, including me, knows his plans for Purdue University when he assumes the presidency. Perhaps he, himself, isn’t entirely certain at this point.

STYRING: Return the Indy 500 to its glorious roots

July 14, 2012
For the better part of the century, we got lots of innovation at the Speedway.

STYRING: A new amendment would rein in the feds

June 16, 2012
States didn’t die; they’ve allowed themselves to be murdered.

STYRING: Tripping over decrees on the way to recovery

May 19, 2012
Some businesses will just say, "We’re big enough. We don’t need that hassle."

STYRING: State's voucher law on rock-solid legal ground

April 14, 2012
The primary effect of a voucher is not to benefit the religious school. It’s to educate the child.

STYRING: Why health insurance has gotten out of hand

March 17, 2012
Today’s health insurance isn’t even insurance in any sense of the word.

STYRING: Raise retirement age, or face collapse

February 18, 2012
Those 76 million baby boomers born between 1946 and 1964 are flooding onto the rolls at a rate of 10,000 each day.

STYRING: Beware of mass transit boondoggles

January 21, 2012
Getting people out of their cars to use something more time-consuming and less convenient is a tall order.

STYRING: Right-to-work is rooted in basic fairness

December 24, 2011
Don’t be surprised if our Statehouse is routinely on the nightly news.

STYRING: Flat tax would ripple all the way to Indiana

November 26, 2011
Those of you who are not Republican primary voters shouldn't dial out of this conversation.

STYRING: Government schools are textbook cartels

October 22, 2011
Try competing with someone who is giving away a product that the law requires you to buy.

STYRING: An Iron reason why Obama will lose in 2012

September 24, 2011
Mike Pence shouldn't pop any champagne corks, though. Indiana gubernatorial elections have a nasty habit of running counter to national trends.

STYRING: Abort the foolish new-terrain path for I-69

August 20, 2011
Even with the money already sunk in new terrain, I-70/U.S. 41 is the superior option.
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