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WOUDENBERG: Sober about immigration, the American Dream

May 5, 2012
The appeal of the U.S. is precisely why we need to so scrupulously protect it.

WOUDENBERG: No one is entitled to specialty license plates

March 31, 2012
As much we don’t like to admit it, our Legislature is allowed to pick sides.

WOUDENBERG: Taking one's chances with vaccinations

March 3, 2012
While certainly not fun, a case of the measles rarely causes death.

WOUDENBERG: Put more effort into crime prevention

January 7, 2012
Instead of solely finding a way to build more cellblocks, the focus should be on how to not need more.

WOUDENBERG: Right-to-work would level the playing field

December 10, 2011
No one is entitled to a job they love at their ideal salary.

WOUDENBERG: Protests undermine the American Dream

November 12, 2011
There is integrity and gratification in working hard and receiving my paycheck.

WOUDENBERG: Keeping a damage cap is common sense

October 8, 2011
That the government exploits damages caps to justify harming its people through some sort of cost-benefit analysis is doubtful.

WOUDENBERG: Hands off my health savings account

September 10, 2011
Unfortunately, Obama’s solution for uninsured young people, rather than to educate and promote this great option, is to use that fact to justify imposing federal health insurance on everyone and to penalize those who don’t buy into the federal program.

WOUDENBERG: Troubling reflections from the White case

August 6, 2011
For the voter, Republican or otherwise, it suggests an irresolute moral character that makes at least this conservative think twice about why she’s involved in a party that apparently can’t be bothered to look after its own.

WOUDENBERG: Feds don't call all shots on Medicaid

July 9, 2011
The states are free to exclude a provider from its Medicaid program for any reason provided under state law.

WOUDENBERG: Indiana Supremes blew it with police case

June 11, 2011
Rather than limit the decision to its facts, the court instead sweepingly discarded the reasonable resistance right in its entirety.
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  4. Elected officials, like Mourdock, get vested in 8 years. It takes 10 years for all other public employees, most of whom make a lot less money. So much for the promise to finish out his term.

  5. Great state treasurer and a good man!! Just curious if the folks who didn't quite understand his quote would like to tell my daughter-in-law that God didn't intend her! Mourdock's comment was correct but twisted and the article didn't mention that his opponent and the press let the impression stand that Mourdock meant that the rape was intended. Stupid people!!