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KINGSOLVER: In defense of President Mitch Daniels

June 30, 2012
He has demonstrated over the past eight years that he does not accept second place.

KINGSOLVER: Students need more power over IU tuition

May 5, 2012
Students are mad, and they have good reason to be.

KINGSOLVER: Lugar, Mourdock degrade the race, themselves

March 31, 2012
I do not feel so confident in casting my vote in the Republican senate primary.

KINGSOLVER: College students need tax holiday for books

January 7, 2012
A clear disparity exists between Indiana’s brick-and-mortar textbook retailers and their online counterparts.

KINGSOLVER: Toss a legal lifeline to Hoosier students

December 10, 2011
By calling authorities, you as a legal adult could face automatic felony charges of providing alcohol to minors.

KINGSOLVER: Graduating from college, with trepidation

October 8, 2011
Those entering the job market increasingly fill temporary, unpaid job openings.

KINGSOLVER: Do something about spiraling college costs

September 10, 2011
For leaders across our state to contribute to putting a college diploma out of reach for those who need it most is a social injustice.

KINGSOLVER: Ballard is a mayor for the next generation

August 6, 2011
As a young person jaded by countless politicians’ broken promises to “ensure a better future for our children and grandchildren,” it is refreshing to see a political leader actually enact policies and programs that deliver on those promises.
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  1. OK Larry, let's sign Lance, shore up the PG and let's get to the finals.

  2. A couple of issues need some clarification especially since my name was on the list. I am not sure how this information was obtained and from where. For me, the amount was incorrect to begin with and the money does not come to me personally. I am guessing that the names listed are the Principal Investigators (individual responsible for the conduct of the trail) for the different pharmaceutical trials and not the entity which receives the checks. In my case, I participate in Phase II and Phase III trials which are required for new drug development. Your article should differentiate the amount of money received for consulting, for speaking fees, and for conduct of a clinical trial for new drug development. The lumping of all of these categories may give the reader a false impression of physicians just trying to get rich. The Sunshine Law may help to differentiate these categories in the future. The public should be aware that the Clinical Trial Industry could be a real economic driver for Indiana since these revenues supports jobs and new job creation. Nationally, this account for 10-20 billion which our State is missing out on to a large degree. Yes, new drug and technology development has gotten most of the attention (e.g. CTSI, BioCrossroads, etc.) However, serious money is being left on the table by not participating in the clinical trials to get those new drugs and medical devices on the market!!!! I guess that this is not sexy enough for academia.

  3. The address given for the Goldfish Swim Club is the Ace Hardware, is it closing?

  4. Out of state management and ownership. If Kite controlled it, everything would be leased. Of course, due to the roundabout, there is limited access to the south side of 116th now also. Just have to go down to the light.

  5. Hey smudge, You're opposed to arresting people for minor crimes? Sounds great! We should only focus on murders and such, right? Let's stand around and wait until someone shoots someone before we act. Whatever we do, we should never question anyone, frisk anyone, or arrest anyone unless they are actively engaged in shooting or stabbing. Very sound!