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KINGSOLVER: In defense of President Mitch Daniels

June 30, 2012
He has demonstrated over the past eight years that he does not accept second place.

KINGSOLVER: Students need more power over IU tuition

May 5, 2012
Students are mad, and they have good reason to be.

KINGSOLVER: Lugar, Mourdock degrade the race, themselves

March 31, 2012
I do not feel so confident in casting my vote in the Republican senate primary.

KINGSOLVER: College students need tax holiday for books

January 7, 2012
A clear disparity exists between Indiana’s brick-and-mortar textbook retailers and their online counterparts.

KINGSOLVER: Toss a legal lifeline to Hoosier students

December 10, 2011
By calling authorities, you as a legal adult could face automatic felony charges of providing alcohol to minors.

KINGSOLVER: Graduating from college, with trepidation

October 8, 2011
Those entering the job market increasingly fill temporary, unpaid job openings.

KINGSOLVER: Do something about spiraling college costs

September 10, 2011
For leaders across our state to contribute to putting a college diploma out of reach for those who need it most is a social injustice.

KINGSOLVER: Ballard is a mayor for the next generation

August 6, 2011
As a young person jaded by countless politicians’ broken promises to “ensure a better future for our children and grandchildren,” it is refreshing to see a political leader actually enact policies and programs that deliver on those promises.
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  1. Really, taking someone managing the regulation of Alcohol and making himthe President of an IVY Tech regional campus. Does he have an education background?

  2. Jan, great rant. Now how about you review the report and offer rebuttal of the memo. This might be more conducive to civil discourse than a wild rant with no supporting facts. Perhaps some links to support your assertions would be helpful

  3. I've lived in Indianapolis my whole and been to the track 3 times. Once for a Brickyard, once last year on a practice day for Indy 500, and once when I was a high school student to pick up trash for community service. In the past 11 years, I would say while the IMS is a great venue, there are some upgrades that would show that it's changing with the times, just like the city is. First, take out the bleachers and put in individual seats. Kentucky Motor Speedway has individual seats and they look cool. Fix up the restrooms. Add wi-fi. Like others have suggested, look at bringing in concerts leading up to events. Don't just stick with the country music genre. Pop music would work well too I believe. This will attract more young celebrities to the Indy 500 like the kind that go to the Kentucky Derby. Work with Indy Go to increase the frequency of the bus route to the track during high end events. That way people have other options than worrying about where to park and paying for parking. Then after all of this, look at getting night lights. I think the aforementioned strategies are more necessary than night racing at this point in time.

  4. Talking about congestion ANYWHERE in Indianapolis is absolutely laughable. Sure you may have to wait in 5 minutes of traffic to travel down BR avenue during *peak* times. But that is absolutely nothing compared to actual big cities. Indy is way too suburban to have actual congestion problems. So please, never bring up "congestion" as an excuse to avoid development in Indianapolis. If anything, we could use a little more.

  5. Oh wait. Never mind.