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Kim: Investors--watch out for penny-stock 'wolves'

August 16, 2014
Accurate information about low-priced stocks issued by the smallest of companies can be difficult to find. This makes it easy for fraudsters to spread false information. It’s truly the Wild West of speculation.

Kim: Navy SEAL's training provides life lessons

August 2, 2014
Admiral William H. McRaven, a Navy SEAL and commander of U.S. Special Operations Command, spoke this May to the graduating class of his alma mater, the University of Texas at Austin, with advice on “if you want to change the world.”

Kim: Midterm election years challenging for stocks

July 19, 2014
A persistent seasonal anomaly for stocks is the “presidential cycle,” a pattern of performance coinciding with various years of a presidency.

Kim: Investors fleeing market as stocks hit record highs

July 5, 2014
It’s amazing how the 24/7 media bombardment of random noise and sound bites on the economy and markets has investors continually on tenterhooks. It seems Armageddon is always lurking around the corner.

Kim: Envy can be dangerous to your financial health

June 21, 2014
If your employer offered to double your salary, would you jump at the chance? In a rational world, you’d take that deal 100 times out of 100. However, you’ll probably be surprised to learn how we make a “no brainer” decision like this depends on whether someone else is involved.

Kim: What is insider trading? It's time for clear answer

June 7, 2014

Kim: Target-date funds simple, but one size doesn't fit all

May 24, 2014
The popularity of target-date funds has attracted a bevy of providers fighting for market share, many trying to differentiate themselves by using unconventional strategies. This has led to wildly different performance for funds with the same target date.

Kim: Graduating from college entitles you to nothing

May 10, 2014
Despite your newly obtained degree, you don’t know anything. You have no skills. If you are really lucky, you will soon land your first job. You are not entitled to that job. If you get it, you should be grateful for your good fortune and make the most of it.

Kim: Analysis of 2012 NFL draft offers investment lessons

April 26, 2014
Slow and steady wins the race” is a value-investing mind-set that’s also applicable to building an NFL roster. Choose overlooked or undervalued prospects, not the Heisman Trophy winner or Twitter.

Kim: Human nature stands in way of earning robust returns

April 12, 2014
'Behavior gap' is the difference between what an average investment returns and what the average investor actually earns, because he or she can't leave investments alone long enough for them to prosper.

Kim: How Amazon bullied its way into retail domination

March 29, 2014
In a 2013 cover story, Fortune magazine described Amazon as a “brass-knuckled battler for every penny of competitive advantage.” As state treasurers can attest, that portrayal is both well-deserved and important to understanding the rise of Amazon.

Kim: Investors must play to win to reach long-term goals

March 15, 2014
Whether an athletic contest or the “game” of investing, many factors determining whether we win or lose are beyond our control. However, we can control how we approach the game and respond as events unfold, which can be just as important.

Kim: Buffett's farmland buy illustrates valued lessons

March 1, 2014
Warren Buffett's annual letter to shareholders in Berkshire Hathaway’s annual report always contains timeless advice, useful in good times and bad. He told of two non-stock investments he made decades ago. Though relatively small and insignificant to his net worth, they illustrate important concepts.

Kim: Sports wagers illustrate concepts of investing

February 15, 2014
Sports betting wouldn’t be what it is today without an innovation by Charles K. McNeil. McNeil’s strong analytical ability enabled him to earn a living as a professional gambler, or “sharp.” His innovation was the “point spread.”

Kim: Lessons from global crisis painful but also valuable

February 1, 2014
Value investing can look foolish short term, but usually pays off long term.

Kim: Investors need not accept mediocrity of index funds

January 18, 2014
We’re old school investment managers and think having the objective of underperforming the market by a little bit is the very definition of mediocrity. We reject the notion it’s foolish to even try to outperform.

Kim: ‘David and Goliath’ offers lessons for business, life          

January 4, 2014
At some point, you’re likely to face a competitor with vastly superior size, strength and resources. You’re the underdog, but if you’re willing to wage an unconventional battle, outwork your opponent and don’t fear social disapproval, victory can be yours.

KIM: New financial bet involves tickets to Super Bowl

December 21, 2013
Do you think the Indianapolis Colts will play in Super Bowl XLVIII on Feb. 2? Would you love to join them, but don’t want to shell out thousands of dollars and multiples of face value on StubHub? You can purchase an option granting you the right to purchase a ticket to the Super Bowl at face value, if the Colts qualify.

Kim: Investors must sidestep unnecessary fund taxes

December 7, 2013
Mutual funds must conform to U.S. tax law to maintain their status, making this a tricky time of year for fund investors holding their shares in taxable accounts (i.e., not in 401(k) or IRA accounts).

Kim: Save your riskiest bets for play-money portfolio

November 23, 2013
Having a small “play money” portfolio can help fulfill your fantasy of making a quick killing without endangering your retirement funds.

Kim: Give gifts toward college rather than an Xbox One

November 9, 2013
An Indiana CollegeChoice 529 plan account is a gift that will last a lifetime, and, if you’re an Indiana resident, the state will pick up 20 percent of the cost.

Kim: Our failures pave way for a lifetime of success

October 26, 2013
Successful people's paths are often littered with failures. It isn't that they are immune to failure; it is how they react to and apply the lessons learned from their failures that ultimately leads to their success.

Kim: Rising confidence should lift stocks and economy

October 12, 2013
The primary impact of confidence on the economy is simple. If people think the economic future will be good, they’ll spend and invest. Thus, things will be good.

Kim: Twitter using JOBS Act to alter IPO playbook

September 28, 2013

KIM: Fraudsters want to steal from your self-directed IRA

September 14, 2013
Custodians of self-directed IRAs will permit a broader universe of investments, such as real estate and unregistered securities. Because it is unlikely the custodian will investigate whether the unregistered security or promoter are legitimate, you can see why fraud promoters love self-directed IRAs.

Kim: Steer clear of leveraged exchange-traded funds

August 31, 2013
If you are confident the S&P 500 will be 20 percent higher a year from now, you might think an exchange-traded fund (ETF) whose objective is to provide two times or even three times the return of the S&P 500 would be just the ticket to earn 40 percent (two times) or 60 percent (three times). You couldn’t be more wrong.

Kim: 'Golf as a Metaphor for Investing ... and Life'

August 17, 2013
As summer and the golf season fade, this is a good opportunity to reflect and see if there are lessons from the game applicable to other areas of life, like investing.
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  1. I am not by any means judging whether this is a good or bad project. It's pretty simple, the developers are not showing a hardship or need for this economic incentive. It is a vacant field, the easiest for development, and the developer already has the money to invest $26 million for construction. If they can afford that, they can afford to pay property taxes just like the rest of the residents do. As well, an average of $15/hour is an absolute joke in terms of economic development. Get in high paying jobs and maybe there's a different story. But that's the problem with this ask, it is speculative and users are just not known.

  2. Shouldn't this be a museum

  3. I don't have a problem with higher taxes, since it is obvious that our city is not adequately funded. And Ballard doesn't want to admit it, but he has increased taxes indirectly by 1) selling assets and spending the money, 2) letting now private entities increase user fees which were previously capped, 3) by spending reserves, and 4) by heavy dependence on TIFs. At the end, these are all indirect tax increases since someone will eventually have to pay for them. It's mathematics. You put property tax caps ("tax cut"), but you don't cut expenditures (justifiably so), so you increase taxes indirectly.

  4. Marijuana is the safest natural drug grown. Addiction is never physical. Marijuana health benefits are far more reaching then synthesized drugs. Abbott, Lilly, and the thousands of others create poisons and label them as medication. There is no current manufactured drug on the market that does not pose immediate and long term threat to the human anatomy. Certainly the potency of marijuana has increased by hybrids and growing techniques. However, Alcohol has been proven to destroy more families, relationships, cause more deaths and injuries in addition to the damage done to the body. Many confrontations such as domestic violence and other crimes can be attributed to alcohol. The criminal activities and injustices that surround marijuana exists because it is illegal in much of the world. If legalized throughout the world you would see a dramatic decrease in such activities and a savings to many countries for legal prosecutions, incarceration etc in regards to marijuana. It indeed can create wealth for the government by collecting taxes, creating jobs, etc.... I personally do not partake. I do hope it is legalized throughout the world.

  5. Build the resevoir. If built this will provide jobs and a reason to visit Anderson. The city needs to do something to differentiate itself from other cities in the area. Kudos to people with vision that are backing this project.