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VANE: Ballard counters anemic national economy with growth

June 14, 2014
It is always disheartening to read about the national economy’s not growing, but rather contracting, in the last quarter and that hundreds of thousands of people simply have quit looking for work.

VANE: Pining for more pols like congressman Andy Jacobs

April 19, 2014
My mother was a diehard Democrat. She’s been gone for more than five years now, but I can still hear her telling me to be quiet when Ann DeLaney started to speak on “Indiana Week in Review.”

VANE: Unsung Ballard seeding city with string of talent

February 15, 2014
Perhaps the most intriguing question in what is shaping up to be a remarkable political year is the following: Will Greg Ballard seek a third term as mayor in 2015?

VANE: Rubio's hardscrabble life story would resonate well

August 3, 2013
Let’s assume for now, with appropriate disappointment, that there are no Hoosiers on the ballot.

VANE: Had more than enough hope, change

June 1, 2013
It should come as no surprise to anyone who’s read what I’ve written in Forefront that I didn’t buy a ticket to ride the “Hope and Change” express. Just because I wasn’t a passenger, however, doesn’t mean I didn’t want the train to reach its station.

VANE: Evans bravely went with his principles

March 30, 2013
Unquestionably, the biggest political news of this young year was the decision by City-County Councilor Jose Evans to join the Republican Party.

VANE: Pence will meet huge expectations

February 2, 2013
While I freely admit that my political memory and experience do not equal that of many of the folks on these pages, I am quite sure the following statement rings true: No governor in modern Indiana history is laboring under more expectations than Mike Pence.

VANE: Ballard quietly restored City Market

December 15, 2012
Legacy can be a tricky word. Most leaders are interested in the legacy they will leave when their term ends or they step down from running an organization or entity; others, you could say, probably border on obsessed. Politicians, my reading of history has educated me, fall mostly into the obsessed category.

VANE: All in all, state Republicans won big

November 17, 2012
I simply can’t imagine that there’s been a more interesting era of politics in the Hoosier State than the one in which we are living.

VANE: Pence is the substance candidate

October 13, 2012
If there is a word to describe the 2012 gubernatorial race, I would have to choose “curious.”

VANE: A grand time at the GOP convention

September 15, 2012
Going to a convention really is a “bucket list” item for those of us who find politics so compelling. I can only imagine what the conventions were like a hundred years ago—much less scripted and scrutinized I’m sure—but there was such tremendous optimism and energy in Tampa last month.

VANE: Help more veterans start businesses

August 18, 2012
In an economic climate that can at best be deemed uncertain, and at worst catatonic, it is critical that the public and private sectors encourage and aid small-business entrepreneurs.

VANE: Bennett can tout list of accomplishments

July 14, 2012
The state superintendent of public instruction’s race may be the most crucial contest this fall.

VANE: Republican values drive Tea Party victories

June 16, 2012
The complainers still aren’t satisfied.

VANE: Brooks characterizes new Republican Party

May 19, 2012
She will be a brilliant ambassador for the type of conservatism that excludes no one.

VANE: No reason for vouchers to divide reformers

April 14, 2012
Forgive me, but I am perplexed as to why this issue is so controversial.

VANE: Mourdock misses mark with Lugar attacks

March 17, 2012
Why in the world would any campaign question Lugar’s integrity or Hoosier credentials?

VANE: Carrying the mantle of reform onward

February 18, 2012
Some of the people who played a pivotal role in shaping this debate are also running for public office.

VANE: Will Democrats ever work with Ballard?

January 21, 2012
Council Democrats decided to act as through the mayor has no say in what becomes law.

VANE: The shock and awe of the Kittle Revolution

December 24, 2011
The Indianapolis furniture czar got his chance to run things his way.

VANE: Jennifer Hallowell's take on Ballard's win

November 26, 2011
This election proved to be her steepest political uphill climb.

VANE: Cities need not be run by Democrats

October 22, 2011
There is a brand of Republican Party philosophy that fits quite nicely with the demands of a big city.

VANE: A conversation with an Indianapolis sage

September 24, 2011
Where would we be without the P.E. MacAllisters of the world? Not just in politics—and there are many Democrats about whom we could ask the same question—but throughout all our society.

VANE: Don't miss out on the calling of politics

August 20, 2011
It is easy to focus on the scandals and the politicians who fall gracelessly from grace. But for every one of them, the ones we’d like to forget, there is a Richard Lugar or an Andy Jacobs whose service to this country we should never forget.
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