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LATZ, VANAGS, DAVIS: Trade is crucial to Indianapolis' future

January 25, 2014
Over the past two decades, Indianapolis has become a vibrant metropolitan area, powering growth throughout Indiana. The next phase for the Indy region requires not just statewide progress, but global integration.

DAVIS: Public sphere needs Hoosier hospitality

November 2, 2013
We have a disconnect in Indiana that we need to fix.

DAVIS: Welcome to Indianapolis, Mr. Ferebee

August 31, 2013
We welcome a new leader to town to take one of our most important jobs—superintendent of Indianapolis Public Schools.

DAVIS: Some solid ways to move Indy forward

June 29, 2013
Three promising efforts are under way in Indianapolis to unite the community and propel us forward. I hope we pursue each initiative with a sense of urgency and change the trajectory on our health, skills and economic prosperity.

DAVIS: Prosperity focus lost amid cordiality

May 4, 2013
Keep the hope alive, I tell myself, keep the hope alive.

DAVIS: So far, so good at the Legislature

March 2, 2013
I had a happy Valentine’s Day visiting with members of the General Assembly.

DAVIS: Voices of moderation, speak up

December 1, 2012
Across the country on Election Day sprang voices and signs of social acceptance from young people, gay people, women, immigrants of many decades and people with disabilities. America has changed, and will continue to. Americans are seeing the relationship between equal opportunity and economic opportunity.

DAVIS: Republicans' turn to vote for Democrats

November 3, 2012
If you know me, I think you agree that I am not a firebrand partisan with automatic reactions based on my Democratic Party affiliation.

DAVIS: Building momentum on the near-east side

September 29, 2012
Indianapolis Public Schools and the community centers and ministries of the near-east side came together to apply for a Promise Neighborhood grant—committing to organize supports for students and families around schools in order to significantly improve the educational and developmental outcomes of all children.

DAVIS: Daniels stood on Democratic shoulders

September 1, 2012
It’s getting close to election time. I find many voters are feeling a depressed malaise. When we feel that way, it’s hard to imagine regaining the energetic confidence we could have, and that we need to succeed.

DAVIS: Let's press candidates for better ideas

June 30, 2012
We have to want it and talk about it and make our way.

DAVIS: Obama has delivered on his national agenda

May 5, 2012
It seems shortsighted and a little surly to treat hope like it’s a four-letter word.

DAVIS: Rallying more women to the political process

March 31, 2012
For all the uncertainty of politics we know one thing: When women vote, women win.

DAVIS: Governing from behind a computer screen

March 3, 2012
SEAS puts the analytical power of the U.S. military on our desktops.

DAVIS: Crack down on employees who ruin IPS

January 7, 2012
Separate the teachers and administrators who aren’t serving our students. Fire them now.

DAVIS: Advice for the mayor and new council

December 10, 2011
When mistakes happen—and they do—fix them. It’s OK to say “oops” if you react.

DAVIS: Learning to govern from a not-for-profit

November 12, 2011
Good design. Good policy. Good politics.

DAVIS: Mayoral leadership extends to education

October 8, 2011
The mayor sets a tone—doing the right thing, knowing what our citizens need and hustling for results.

DAVIS: How Gregg can take the state up a notch

September 10, 2011
For Indiana to prosper, we need interesting work that provides value to the world.
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