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MADISON: Lamenting the young politicos missing in action

May 17, 2014
There have been times young Hoosiers flooded into the political arena. Indiana’s first territorial governor, William Henry Harrison, was in his late 20s when he assumed office. Jonathan Jennings just turned 30 when he became the first state governor.

MADISON: Hoosiers, the American Dream, and 'jest a bein' rich'

March 15, 2014
Indiana was for a century and a half the heartland of the American Dream. Pioneers bought land cheaply, built log cabins, grew corn, and soon acquired iron stoves and store-bought clothing.

MADISON: Statehouse religion isn't trending well

January 18, 2014
I’ve been listing to the Swan Silverstones. “Don’t blame it on the children,” this gospel group sings, which got me thinking about who’s to blame for the failure to regulate all our state’s child care facilities.

MADISON: Getting on the right side of history

November 2, 2013
We sometimes hear the advice to “get on the right side of history.”

MADISON: Leaders, pundits and reading books

August 31, 2013
Which of our leaders ever talks with us about a good book she or he has recently read?

MADISON: A depressing tale of two Indianas

June 29, 2013
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It’s a tale of two Indianas—one rich, one poor.

MADISON: Good leaders, swine mix at Statehouse

May 4, 2013
“We are governed by swine,” Meredith Nicholson lamented.

MADISON: Tax-cut promises make cheap politics

March 2, 2013
Promising to cut taxes is not political leadership. It’s cheap and easy.

MADISON: Revolutionary change and the Indiana way

January 21, 2012
Are there Hoosiers still waiting for 1950s-type manufacturing jobs or another Milan miracle?
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