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Domestic automakers slash area jobs:

January 1, 2007
Turmoil in the domestic auto industry cast uncertainty over thousands of central Indiana jobs in 2006. Ford Motor Co.'s 2,000-worker east-side Indianapolis plant will close or be sold by the end of 2008, according to a plan the automaker unveiled in September. The plant, which makes steering components, is part of Ford's Automotive Components Holdings LLC unit, which includes 23 troubled plants that used to be part of Visteon Corp., a Ford spin-off. Business at the International Truck & Engine...

CEO Smulyan captains Emmis through another turbulent year:

January 1, 2007
It was a frustrating year for Smulyan, 59, who watched the company's stock price tumble, driven down by an advertising slump. In an interview last spring, he lamented, "Nothing we do seems to make anybody happy these days." To focus on radio, the company unloaded 14 of its 16 TV stations for nearly $1 billion, shrinking its debt. But analysts widely panned Smulyan's decision to apply some of Emmis' new financial firepower toward his ultimately failed bid to buy the...

New stadium rising; city preparing for Super Bowl bid:

January 1, 2007
The concrete columns of the Indianapolis Colts' new $675 million stadium began rising out of the ground in early 2006. Soon thereafter, the new venue had a name. In March, California-based Lucas Oil Products agreed to a 20-year, $121.5 million naming rights deal. Meanwhile, city and team officials in 2006 began discussions they hope will lead to attracting the Super Bowl to Lucas Oil Stadium in 2011. The Lucas Oil pact is one of a flurry of sponsorship deals the...

Finally, a new stadium, and not just for football:

December 26, 2005
After years of angling and months of negotiating, city and state officials finally came to an agreement with the Indianapolis Colts to build a $625 million retractableroof stadium south of the RCA Dome. With a drum roll and a crowd of 1,200 fans and dignitaries counting down-three, two, one-Colts quarterback Peyton Manning, Gov. Mitch Daniels, Mayor Bart Peterson and others shoveled a little dirt on the future home of the city's new stadium in a formal ground breaking Sept. 21....

Incentives abound to help backfill old GM sites:

October 31, 2005
Anderson officials are taking advantage of two incentive programs-one state and the other federal-to lure users to former General Motors Corp. factories. A collection of vacant buildings and empty lots where more than 24,000 GM employees once worked was designated last December as a state Community Revitalization Enhancement District, or CReED. Anderson is one of only seven Indiana cities to have a CReED, which offers tax advantages to private companies that locate in the district. The program is funded by...

Theater rehab project symbolic of city's makeover:

October 31, 2005
While Anderson officials have focused much energy on Interstate 69 access points and former General Motors Corp. sites and business parks outside the city's center, they've also been carefully rebuilding downtown. In 2002, Anderson Indiana Main Street was formed, and has become active in the last two years recruiting business there and hosting a number of festivals and other events. In recent years, many of the streets have been repaved-some with brick pavers as part of a massive beautification project...

Staff departures don't derail IRL's marketing efforts:

May 23, 2005
Despite the departure of two key marketing directors, the Indy Racing League has continued full throttle with its initiative to raise drivers' profiles. Director of Driver Marketing Chris Bowers and Director of Brand Marketing Jayme Sabo departed earlier this year. That leaves two of the four director positions in the department vacant. John Griffin, Indy Racing League vice president of public relations, insists the departures are not a sign of instability in the series' marketing ranks. "I don't think it...
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Jim Irsay smacks down idea of Rush Limbaugh as NFL team owner

October 13, 2009
Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay said today that there's no place for Rush Limbaugh among the ranks of Nationsl Football League team owners.

New NASCAR start times pose difficult dilemma for IRL

October 8, 2009
New NASCAR start times may cause Indy Racing League to choose between pleasing its TV partner or local promoters.

Painter's realistic approach turns Purdue into power

October 7, 2009
Basketball Coach Matt Painter says Purdue may not be "sexy," but adds that the blue collar approach is getting it done in West Lafayette.

Drag racer John Force driven by Dunkin Donuts

October 1, 2009
John Force is pleased to be growing his Brownsburg facility. He said central Indiana has everything a National Hot Rod Association team could want. But nothing makes him happier than the new Dunkin Donuts there.

Indy Racing League TV ratings skidding toward season's end

September 25, 2009
Indy Racing League television ratings on cable channel Versus dipped below average at Japan race. Now open-wheel series' new TV partner is picking up NASCAR programming. So what gives?
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  1. President Obama has referred to the ACA as "Obamacare" any number of times; one thing it is not, if you don't qualify for a subsidy, is "affordable".

  2. One important correction, Indiana does not have an ag-gag law, it was soundly defeated, or at least changed. It was stripped of everything to do with undercover pictures and video on farms. There is NO WAY on earth that ag gag laws will survive a constitutional challenge. None. Period. Also, the reason they are trying to keep you out, isn't so we don't show the blatant abuse like slamming pigs heads into the ground, it's show we don't show you the legal stuf... the anal electroctions, the cutting off of genitals without anesthesia, the tail docking, the cutting off of beaks, the baby male chicks getting thrown alive into a grinder, the deplorable conditions, downed animals, animals sitting in their own excrement, the throat slitting, the bolt guns. It is all deplorable behavior that doesn't belong in a civilized society. The meat, dairy and egg industries are running scared right now, which is why they are trying to pass these ridiculous laws. What a losing battle.

  3. Eating there years ago the food was decent, nothing to write home about. Weird thing was Javier tried to pass off the story the way he ended up in Indy was he took a bus he thought was going to Minneapolis. This seems to be the same story from the founder of Acapulco Joe's. Stopped going as I never really did trust him after that or the quality of what being served.

  4. Indianapolis...the city of cricket, chains, crime and call centers!

  5. "In real life, a farmer wants his livestock as happy and health as possible. Such treatment give the best financial return." I have to disagree. What's in the farmer's best interest is to raise as many animals as possible as quickly as possible as cheaply as possible. There is a reason grass-fed beef is more expensive than corn-fed beef: it costs more to raise. Since consumers often want more food for lower prices, the incentive is for farmers to maximize their production while minimizing their costs. Obviously, having very sick or dead animals does not help the farmer, however, so there is a line somewhere. Where that line is drawn is the question.