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ODLE: Money, people better directed at preventing crime

May 17, 2014
Donald Sterling has caught the attention of America and reminds that the struggle to combat inequality and discrimination is ongoing and that the idea that we are living in a post-racial America is truly inaccurate. Every now and then, the negative perceptions we harbor about those different from us become public and we declare how unacceptable it is in our modern society.

ODLE: Liberty, freedom should be legislative priorities

March 15, 2014
It’s hard to ignore the amount of energy we have put on a constitutional amendment to define marriage.

ODLE: State needs bold, imaginative leadership

January 18, 2014
I don’t think anyone can disagree we need a strategy for making the slogan “Indiana Works” a reality.

ODLE: Indiana needs a new immigration burst

October 5, 2013
Indiana and Indianapolis have much to be proud of. The state is in a relatively good financial position, to the point of rebated taxes.

ODLE: Pull a chair up to the Big Table, leaders

August 31, 2013
I generally stay away from education issues in my column, but recent thoughts compel me to divert from that practice.

ODLE: Many ways to weed gardens of despair

June 29, 2013
There has been much discussion recently about the need to “beef up” Marion County law enforcement to reduce crime. I agree. The Indianapolis public safety director recently reported that only about half of the sworn officers are on the street.

ODLE: Regulate bullets the way we do drugs

May 4, 2013
A study by the Violence Policy Center reveals shocking statistics about Indiana. More Hoosiers were killed by gun violence than traffic accidents in 2009—735 gun deaths versus 715 traffic deaths, according to the Washington, D.C.-based center.

ODLE: Gov. Pence, please keep my money

March 2, 2013
Most days I wish the government would take less of my money and let me use it to save, invest, donate or just spend frivolously. I figure I earned this money, it’s mine and I deserve to keep it, right?

ODLE: Stop letting our young athletes die

December 1, 2012
A number of high-profile deaths over the past 15 years have increased awareness of sudden cardiac death in the national sports community and public at large, but also here on home turf.

ODLE: The fight to get out the vote is ongoing

November 3, 2012
Americans seem to be full of contradictions. Perhaps that is why we are so admired, and yet so hated, by the rest of the world.

ODLE: The changing face of homelessness

September 29, 2012
Most would probably agree that a stereotypical picture of homelessness exists. Many think of people dealing with alcohol or drug-dependency issues, dangerous deadbeats and the mentally ill. These stereotypes lead to misconceptions, whereby people don’t feel responsibility toward helping address and end this sad and unnecessary issue.

ODLE: Attack the scourge of abandoned houses

September 1, 2012
The announcement of a potential Super Bowl bid for 2018 is creating a buzz, reminding us that Indianapolis and central Indiana are now on the national, even international, stage in many ways.

ODLE: Black males see American Dream fade

August 4, 2012
The political season is nearing full swing and inevitably taxes will take center stage.
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