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WESTERHAUS-RENFROW: Crime undermines Indy’s many advancements

March 15, 2014
In his recent State of the City address, Mayor Ballard expanded on a familiar theme of making Indianapolis a more livable city, one that can build on its unique amenities to attract middle- and upper-income residents back into Marion County and even the old city limits.

WESTERHAUS-RENFROW: Diversity still has bad rap in Indiana

January 18, 2014
What “D” word is used most sparingly or avoided altogether by Hoosier political, business and civic leaders when sharing how to position Indiana for growth and success? a) debt, b) deflation, or c) diversity?

WESTERHAUS-RENFROW: Return to sender: Get a clue about email

November 2, 2013
If I had a dollar for every time I read a news article or post about a public official getting busted for sending or exchanging inappropriate emails and texts to fellow officials, colleagues and subordinates, I’d be well on my way to financial freedom.

WESTERHAUS-RENFROW: The insidiousness of income segregation

August 31, 2013
As a child, racial segregation was a fact of my life, whether by law or by custom. In the South, barriers between whites and blacks were rigidly codified by statute before the civil rights victories of the 1950s and 1960s.

WESTERHAUS-RENFROW: Older neighborhoods need attention

June 29, 2013
Everyone knows the old real estate adage about location, location, location. But these days, for revenue-hungry Indianapolis communities, you can add another priority—development, development, development.

WESTERHAUS-RENFROW: More black men in college than in prison

May 4, 2013
My children grew up in an autocratic household with non-negotiable expectations. “You will make your bed before you go to school.” “You will respect your elders and teachers.” And the biggest mandate, “You will go to college.”

WESTERHAUS-RENFROW: Youth violence is state health issue

March 2, 2013
Everyone knows you are not supposed to discuss taboo subjects such as religion and politics in the workplace.

WESTERHAUS-RENFROW: 'Bus stigma' detailing mass transit

January 5, 2013
I moved to Indianapolis in the summer of 2005. Since then, I have learned to count on three things to occur each summer—a substantial number of die-hard Indianapolis Colts fans will still suffer from acute post-season withdrawal; mosquitoes the size of hummingbirds will nip at my ankles during my evening walk; and a massive, five-month road construction project (or two) will spring up somewhere on Interstate 465.

WESTERHAUS-RENFROW: Lessons from the War on Poverty

December 1, 2012
America has come so far, having elected a black president to a second term, mainly by women, young and non-whites. Yet, I hear all too often that Indiana companies cannot find qualified African-American workers.
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  1. I keep wondering why I keep hearing about this problem of corporations leaving America, and I never hear a reasonable proposal to lower corporate tax rates and raise personal rates on income from capital gains and dividends, especially for high earners. It is just too simple of a solution for Congress to embrace?

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  3. is a disaster. SR37 already needs to be built to interstate standards between 465 and SR144. Southport Road is a mess each morning and evening.

  4. Bass Pro Shops would be good for the mall as well as a Giant Eagle Market District or a Jungle Jim's International Market Place grocery store like the one near Cincinnati Ohio.A Disney quest indoor theme park would be good.An Academy outdoor store would be good too.Indoor Circus shows and magic shows would be good as well. A casino with sports bar would be good.A Disney theater inside that shows movies and Broadway shows would work.Nashville Tennessee concert shops with indoor neon lights would be good.How about a theater that shows travel shows and theme parks. A train store would be good.How about a giant toy store with high tech video games.

  5. This development is in addition to Allpoints Midwest 5, Aitrtek, a recent FedEx and more in Plainfield. Greenwood and Brownsburg also have similar projects.