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MACALLISER: Ballard has characteristics that transcend politics

June 14, 2014
I go back to that happy time when elections (and campaigns) occurred on a fixed, periodic schedule versus campaigning incessantly every day, of every month, of every year. Although our municipal election is 18 months off, the political winds have been blowing for a full year—and we don’t even know who’s running for mayor.

MACALLISTER: Better ways for higher education to measure itself

April 19, 2014
Mitch Daniels made an almost iconoclastic observation about evaluating the value of a college (or university) education. He implied that the arbiter of its value is not reflected necessarily in grade point average or the number of Ph.D’s matriculating but in the degree of success students achieve as they find a career and then how quickly they advance in their chosen vocation.

MACALLISTER: We change our laws to match our definitions of truth

February 15, 2014
I wrote a piece recently that suggested truth is not eternal but transient. It moves, changes, flexes.

MACALLISTER: Gay marriage detractors need space, time

November 30, 2013
We rejoice in technological change when it improves the efficacy of our computers, but greet societal changes with less exuberance.

MACALLISTER: Not every free speaker is esteemed

October 5, 2013
We Americans pride ourselves on free speech and demonstrate that privilege—vocally, written, cartooning, tweeting, publishing, televising, on billboards, and through movies, TV shows and publications.

MACALLISTER: Bring back the CCC for troubled youth

August 3, 2013
Those chosen to govern have wrestled eternally with troublesome, often serious situations. Political disunity, stalemating action in city or state. Law enforcement losing its battle against dope, gangs and crime.

MACALLISTER: Stop, think before expanding transit

June 1, 2013
We continue to analyze, visualize and contemplate the expansion of an urban transit system for the Marion County area. All accept the blessing of reduced traffic during rush hours, but alas, to do so entails a cost-benefit ratio that might be troubling.

MACALLISTER: Hooray for underrated lawmakers

March 30, 2013
As the end of the annual meeting of our General Assembly draws nigh, it is not inappropriate to once again view both the legislation considered and the general health and well-being of the system itself as it works in the Great Hoosier Heartland.
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