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HENDERSON: Why we should halt tax abatements

April 19, 2014
It’s time to rein in the tax abaters. If the business plan succeeds only if you can avoid or abate taxes, then it’s a bad plan.

HENDERSON: Love can trump constitutional missteps

December 14, 2013
The fatwa on gay marriage must end. The state Constitution is no toy for the disengaged to manipulate real love. I’m hoping the Legislature does the right thing: reverse the hatred and disinformation that makes us appear like Iran on an evil day.

HENDERSON: Why businesses should make Makers

October 12, 2013
Over beers and dinners, I hear complaints that innovation is dead in the United States, and that most of the “real” innovation comes from southeast Asia, and the university skunk works of Western and Northern Europe.

HENDERSON: My quest for online privacy

July 20, 2013
More than a year ago, I divorced Google. Why? Its terms of service and privacy policies are objectionable.

HENDERSON: Treat temp workers better

January 12, 2013
One of the highest costs to businesses is labor. Direct wages, benefits, vacation pay, pension vesting, health care and employment legal costs—they all add up.

HENDERSON: If coffee were like gasoline

September 1, 2012
Today, we’re paying what the market will not get upset over, just like the enormous price of coffee, whose bean prices have also collapsed.

HENDERSON: Don't choose between online tax and estate tax

January 14, 2012
I’ve yet to see an Amazon sign at a Little League playing field, or sponsoring the Girl Scouts.

HENDERSON: Behind the scenery of I-69 opposition

October 29, 2011
Your southern neighbors look at the sheer ugliness of convenience that surrounds Indy-area freeways and say: No way.

HENDERSON: On power players and the future of kids

May 28, 2011
We expect IPS to take its students to the very pillars of academic success after thoroughly hog-tying them. It’s difficult to find more breathless insanity than this.

HENDERSON: The great school massacre of 2011

February 5, 2011
What a great way to slime our public school education infrastructure: educational vouchers.

HENDERSON: Thinking outside the neurotypical hiring box

October 30, 2010
There’s a screening process we often use in the human resources process that’s meant to identify prospective candidates. It needs re-thinking.

HENDERSON: On civility and donning the brain bucket

July 3, 2010
Some of the things I was warned as a young man that I should never get into arguments over were—in no particular order—religion, politics, which hand in a card game wins, and whether there should be a motorcycle-helmet law.

HENDERSON: The real reasons not to merge utilities

April 10, 2010
Part of the overall utility problem is that lack of government oversight and public policy vision has made Indianapolis one of the highest-polluting and just plain ugliest cities in the Midwest.

HENDERSON: Indianapolis getting squeezed by suburbs

February 13, 2010
Indianapolis’ successful suburbs are rapidly surrounding the city. More important, tax and cultural shifts are starting to drain Marion County.

HENDERSON: Airport terminal, one long year later

October 31, 2009
As an all-too-frequent flier, I’ve had a chance to get the full-love experience of the new airport terminal numerous times in its first year. The summary is that it’s both tolerable, and I have no choice.

HENDERSON: Urban planning is local oxymoron

June 15, 2009
New neighborhood plopped in the middle of former cornfields are a disaster.

De-manufacturing can save resources

April 20, 2009
An industrywide bar-code identification system should be developed so that component objects used in manufacturing can be easily devolved and reused.

Barack Obama's new new thing

January 19, 2009
Tip O'Neill once said, "All politics is local." I watched my sister and even my bookkeeper—who hadn't voted in decades—cheer when Barack Obama rose far above John McCain in November. Clearly, there was a mandate and Obama's oratory and messages seemed to inspire voters across the country.

VIEWPOINT: Contributions to the deflation of your vote

October 6, 2008
Lots of people believe that campaign contributions and the influence that surrounds them are actually bribery. While it's true that some contributions are made with no strings of any kind attached, still many voters find it difficult to believe that cam paign contributions don't influence government in favor of the contributor. Others believe it's part of free speech. I recognize that campaigns need money. How we contribute, however, can amount to bribery and undue influence. Democracy should be about ideas,...

VIEWPOINT: Indianapolis needs to talk trash

July 21, 2008
Indiana has generous natural resources. I pumped some of those resources out of my sub-basement twice last month, and pulled some of its finer greenery from my roof and yard as well. The abundance is everywhere, from the farmlands and prairie in the north, to the farmlands, mines and even oilfields in the south. Drop a seed in most parts of Indiana and, if the neighborhood's not flooded out, that seed will grow nicely. Ask me about my tomatoes. Don't...

VIEWPOINT: Expect disruptions at midfield terminal

May 26, 2008
What frequent travelers dislike is disruption, and that's in your future if you travel through Indianapolis International Airport. If you're a frequent traveler like me, you'll need to be patient and learn some new tricks. Due to open late this fall, the terminal is a huge shift, with its own entrance off Interstate 70. Don't go to the old terminal and look for a route to the new one, because there isn't a convenient one. The airport parking lots you've...

VIEWPOINT: Indianapolis' utility acne syndrome

March 24, 2008
It took decades of turning a blind eye to get here: Indianapolis has draped itself in utility poles. Walk, ride, jog or drive to any major street in Indianapolis, with the exceptions of a few designated boulevards, streets and avenues. Take a mental picture of where you are. Now, with Photoshop in your mind, remove the web of utility poles and wires from that picture and quickly open your eyes. We're visually strangled by them. Few streets are exempt from...
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  1. John, unfortunately CTRWD wants to put the tank(s) right next to a nature preserve and at the southern entrance to Carmel off of Keystone. Not exactly the kind of message you want to send to residents and visitors (come see our tanks as you enter our city and we build stuff in nature preserves...

  2. 85 feet for an ambitious project? I could shoot ej*culate farther than that.

  3. I tried, can't take it anymore. Untill Katz is replaced I can't listen anymore.

  4. Perhaps, but they've had a very active program to reduce rainwater/sump pump inflows for a number of years. But you are correct that controlling these peak flows will require spending more money - surge tanks, lines or removing storm water inflow at the source.

  5. All sewage goes to the Carmel treatment plant on the White River at 96th St. Rainfall should not affect sewage flows, but somehow it does - and the increased rate is more than the plant can handle a few times each year. One big source is typically homeowners who have their sump pumps connect into the sanitary sewer line rather than to the storm sewer line or yard. So we (Carmel and Clay Twp) need someway to hold the excess flow for a few days until the plant can process this material. Carmel wants the surge tank located at the treatment plant but than means an expensive underground line has to be installed through residential areas while CTRWD wants the surge tank located further 'upstream' from the treatment plant which costs less. Either solution works from an environmental control perspective. The less expensive solution means some people would likely have an unsightly tank near them. Carmel wants the more expensive solution - surprise!