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  1. I am an Indy native and former ticketholder to all three IMS events for several years while in Indy and now 20 years in Fort Wayne. My address had not changed and I see NO marketing material in the mail, NO ads on Fort Wayne TV, No billboards on the interstate traveling to Indy... NO ADVERTISING AT ALL ! Gotta promote and market your product IMS !!!

  2. Healthy Indiana Plan has gotten pretty good reviews from both providers and participants so it could be an effective method of extending Medicaid coverage under the ACA. The devil will be in the details - and it is concerning that after all these months of negotiations there is still no agreement reached between the State and HHS. Seems like it shouldn't be this difficult. Perhaps Pence is just keeping it in the news for his presidential primary hopes without really desiring to reach an agreement with HHS?

  3. So by increasing local income taxes by 9% and eliminating the homestead credit, we get 112 net new IMPD officers (the other 168 are replacements hence already in the budget) and a privately-contracted pre-school 'program' already proven not to work elsewhere that will cover less than 25% of the children. And taxpayers get to pay for these private contractors to improve their programs upfront. Perhaps we'll drive down crime rates among 4 year-olds? But a 7% increase in IMPD officers won't have much impact on the community of 15-30 year-olds who commit most of our serious crimes.

  4. As of this writing and into the foreseeable future this activity is illegal.. Shame on the IBJ and its writer for allowing a platform for a company to solicit the illegal services of a drone.

  5. What a huge waste of money based on false assertions! If you want to educate children, call it "Education". Pre-School does not teach the skills needed for future employment. The mayor and his team need to get a different set of eyes and ears on the ground. Jobs are the answer, and unless you are proposing that all Black Men living in Indianapolis need to relocate to China, India, Vietnam, South America, Mexico, or Western Europe, if they want a job, someone needs to know that young Black Men see no future without a job. I think the mayor is being grossly mislead, and he needs to find folks with real answers or his problems are only going to get worse.