VIEWPOINT: Could design transform your company?

At first glance, it seems like an odd scenario: a group of Indianapolis architects attending an auto show in Detroit so they can hear an Ohio guy talk about golf clubs. As convoluted as that seems, though, the trip makes perfect sense when you understand its purpose. We went to hear people talk about design and how it can define a product, brand or company. The event we attended was the AutoWeek Design Forum, presented as a part of the...
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VIEWPOINT: Indy needs more contemporary design

As an architect, I'm always interested in work that wins national architecture and interior-design awards. And as a contemporary design fan, I also make it a point to visit cities and attractions with unique and interesting design. So a few weeks back, I drove a couple of hours south to visit a boutique hotel in Louisville that's been creating a buzz and earning awards since it opened a year ago. The property is 21c, a 90-room hotel and museum dedicated...
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