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  1. If it were me I would find a new place for the transit hub between the Marion County jail and City County Building and then when the new Criminal Justice Complex is complete build this building were the jail is lots of moving pieces I know. Also wasn't there a young man that had a foward looking design for the corner of Penn and Washington where Dunkin Donuts was maybe build a larger tower with a smaller footprint. Market street there is a parking lot next to that parking garage that could be squeezed in there. I'm sure there are plenty of locations in the downtown area would work with a little creativity.

  2. Margie... you clearly don't even know about the neighborhood you're denigrating. Please refrain from commenting unless you have something of value to add to the conversation. Yes, we do have quite a few grocery stores in this area, however, I can't get everything I want at a single location. That being said, I prefer to shop at Target Glendale. I wonder how this Meijer would effect Target - and as someone else stated, The Marsh at 52nd. Though it's the closest to my house, I rarely shop there anymore as they don't have half the things I'm looking for. We need to really take a look at this and make our concerns known. I'm all for new development, but only when done right and when it will benefit, not hurt the neighbors it says it wants to serve. Traffic on Keystone at certain times of the day is already challenging, so I would like to know what all the plans entail, before I start complaining or cheering.

  3. So let me get this straight Tim. Let's say a public official such as a Town Manger should not take tax dollars that are set aside for schools and give that money to developers? I mean when Scott Fadness raided the school treasury he assured us all that giving millions of school money to developers was good for Fishers. Is Scott Fadness wrong Tim? I mean his developer buddies did buy him an election err I mean helped him win an election. It seems to be working out well for soon to be mayor Fadness. The only real loser is the HSE school district and with the menial jobs Fadness is bringing to Fishers I guess an education won't matter anyway.

  4. Under the ACA, we could see carriers that are specific to certain counties. We see this in other states where the insurance company has a strong relationship with in a few counties. This approach is very popular in Both NY and CA.

  5. Another interesting stat: Versus last year, the total number of homes available this month is higher by 191 units of 3.5%. Source: