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  1. There is a Geist story that should be told. Likely Star reporters from that timeframe have tales to tell. The IWC took the property through its power of eminent domain but it was the unregulated but related water company entity that made the profits from the land sales which has nothing to do with supplying water.

  2. Bit surprised the author didn't bring up the fact, there are many applications, like MobileIron, Good Technology, and of course, Blackberry BES available, to "sandbox" any corporate data and communications. Thereby allowing the company to immediately wipe that corporate info from the lost phone. Why wasn't this brought up? Its a simple matter to require BYOD phones to have this software on their phones, if a person wants their company's access on their personal device. The personal info stays personal, and the corporate info stays corporate. The corporation can even decide which websites etc a person can access, or allow or deny certain apps if they wish.

  3. No offence to these two guys, but this idea stinks. I have been an active cyclist for over 40 years, and I ride daily. This bubble has terrible safety issues.... Can you imagine two idiots trying to ride side by side on the Monon with this thing?

  4. Great idea about Mike Rowe, Bob !

  5. Boles doesn't know what he is talking about. He wants to keep fans but wants to get rid of finding a good replacement for Nabors. Right here is another example of a way to lose fans. It has become a tradition so keep it!!! I don't care where they are from, but it needs to be comparable to the way Jim used to sing it. Quit changing so many "traditions" that is what is losing fans:(