Ticket giveaway: IndyFringe VIP passes

June 12, 2013
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This year's Indy Fringe festival, running Aug. 16-25, features 64 shows on eight stages. And you can see any or all of them if you win this week's contest.

As if that's not enough, you'll also score an overnight stay, Saturday Aug. 24, at the Nestle Inn Bed & Breakfast.

Just enter below and name your favorite thing about Mass Ave. I'll randomly pick one winner for the  VIP package for two, which is valued at $1280.

More info on Indy Fringe here and the Nestle Inn here.

Good luck.

  • Mass Ave
    I love all the arts the places to go eat so many different varieities of people and just things to see
    • Favorite thing in Mass ave
      Aesop's tables
    • Mass Ave Fun!
      I love that I can do so many things in such a small area. I can enjoy a pizza pie at Bazbeaux, stroll down the way for a delicious cupcake at the Flying Cupcake, take in some hilarious improv comedy at ComedySportz and finish the night off with a libation at Chatham Tap. And all of that without having to move my car. Priceless!
    • The Food!
      My favorite thing about Mass. Ave is definitely the food. From the Rathskeller to Bazbeaux to Chatham Tap you can never run out of places to get good food or drinks.
    • Rathskeller
      Live music food food and beer. What else do you need?
    • Silver In The City
      My fiancee and I love Silver In The City...one of our favorite places to browse (and, on occasion, we even end up finding something we "must" have).
    • 45 degrees
      I love the sushi at 45 degrees on Mass Ave!
    • Food
      Pizza and cupcakes!!!
    • boobs and beer
      boobs and beer, my favorite things
    • Sun King
      Sun king and comedy sportz, fun stuff
    • good times
      definitely the food!!
    • Heart of the Gay Community
      I love that Mass Ave has always been the "heart" of the gay community. Even many years ago when the Avenue was more quiet, it still was the place to go if you were gay. NY Connection, Betty Boop, Metro, and Mass Ave Video come to mind as well as several other gay-owned establishments. Years later, as thousands gather for a pride parade and festival, it is still the heart!
    • Its the vibe
      greaqt buzz from cool unique shopping to various food and drink options...
    • Favorite thing in Mass ave
      The Fringe, DUH!!
    • Strollin' down the Avenue
      It might sound creepy but I love people watching when out on the Ave. Good folks, good times.
    • Mass Ave Fav
      Sitting outside with a cold drink on a warm day
    • I love
      BRU Burger. Great fries, great food, and Good beer, whats not to love
    • i love
      Yats, Mesh, R Bistro, Black Market
    • My Fav
      When riding my bike to work, I ride along a mostly empty Mass Ave on my way part of my to the Monon Trail. I look forward to Ann Dancing...and the other great public art...
    • I love Mass Ave
      for the increasing variety of restaurants
    • aesop's table
      It's greek to me
    • Mass Ave
      So many reasons to enjoy Mass Ave but if I had to pick one, it's half-price sushi at 45 Degrees followed by dessert at Yogulatte. Although I guess it's technically Michigan St., sitting outside in the Biergarten with a Hefeweizen listening to the band on Friday night is right up there too.
    • The Culture
      The Culture of Mass Ave = Amazing Food + Great Theatre + Fun Shops
    • Mass Ave.
      Talking to all the cool people, of course.
    • MassAve
    • Mass Ave
    • The air
      The Atmosphere of feeling good.
    • People, Food & Fun!
      I love that it's an ever changing mix of people, food & fun!
    • Mass Ave
      I love how you can walk to everything you could want. It has food, drink, and entertainment all in the area. I love the feel.
    • Mass Ave Fav
      Ann Dancing!
    • Mass Ave sculpture
      i like the big head in front of Bru. Oh and the tenderloin at chatham tap. and i ***Reallllyy*** miss Agio...
    • Mass Ave
      The food and people
    • It's in the Bank
      The Art Bank that is...
    • Mass Ave
      Food and people watching!!
    • A Cool Angled Street
      Global Gifts and Yats are great. City Dogs Grocery saves the day when I run out of cat food (yes they have it). I also enjoy Chatham Tap. I like the bike racks and the fact that there's so much more to explore.
    • Love Mass Ave
      So many things - the atmosphere, food, drinks, art . . .
    • Mass Ave
      How do I choose????!!! Knowing that I'll run into people I know on any corner. Scotch onion soup at MacNiven's. Cocktails and frites at Black Market. Kanga bars at Best Chocolate in Town. Roaming the shelves at Indy Reads Books. Sitting on the patio a Old Point Tavern. Pizza and local brews at Chatham Tap. Lounging on the back patio at the Metro Biking up and down the Cultural Trail. Watching all the street performers during Fringe. Ugh. I swoon.
    • Best?
      Mass Ave Wine Shop is my Favorite! That Mermaid sure knows her stuff!!!
    • the layout
      In a grid city, I love that Mass Ave is at a diagonal. All the way out to the east side!
    • Mass. Ave.
      My favorite thing is all the improvements being made.
    • Diversity
      I love the diversity...all sorts of people...a never ending joyful celebration of acceptance and love.
    • Favorite
      Great food and nearby theater.
    • Mass Ave.
      I love how "local" Mass Ave. is. From the stores (Silver in the City/ Indy Reads), to the food (Yats / Chatham Tap), to the theatre (Phoenix / TOTS). I love all that Mass Ave. has to offer, and that I can recommend it as a place for newbies to experience Indy. :-)
    • People
      I love the different types of people. No matter who u are:race, religion, sex, interests, there's always something or someone to watch! Brings so much life and culture into Indy!
    • Indy Fringe
      One of my favorite things about Mass Ave is the bread pudding at Mesh!
    • Spirit!
      I love the relaxed yet energetic feeling of the area!
    • Mass Ave Toys
      Mass Ave Toys is my favorite part. I could spend hours int hat shop wishing I was still a kid.
    • So many options
      Mass Ave is the place to go for whatever you're looking for: Family fun, girls/ guys night, couples- so many dining and entertainment options. Recently discovered Makeup by Sparkle, the special teen make-up application was so fun for my daughter.
    • Mass Ave
      Julian Opie's public art "Ann Dancing"
    • Local Flair
      I love Mass Ave for it's local appeal. Great food, bars, shops, and more which offer a fun and relaxed environment. Such a great energy when you are experiencing Indy through Mass Ave.
    • "Holistic"
      "Holistic" (Adjective) Characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole. My favorite thing about the Mass Ave Arts District is really a combination of things; the parts that make up the whole. tThe area is a single destination for dining, socializing, art appreciation, shopping, and theatrical entertainment - all within a pleasant walkable area. Mass Ave is something that was missing from Indy for many years and the sustained vitality, and the quality and uniqueness of the offerings in the district, are both exciting and energizing. I thoroughly appreciate the effort that has gone into making Mass Ave a premier destination for our City.
    • Scavenge!!
      Last night I participated in Scavenge the Avenue in support of Indy Reads. Great fun, so I say my favorite part of Mass Ave is the diversity - diverse businesses - some of which I found for the first time last night. Will definitely go back over and over again!!
    • Mass Ave Faves
      My daughters and I took a different part of Mass Ave to explore over several different weekends. We shopped a bit at Nurture, we had a picnic in the common area next to Starbucks, we looked through windows at Mass Ave Toys, and smelled flowers along the way. That was last summer and I look forward to doing it again and finding our new "faves" on Mass Ave!!!!
    • Buy Local
      I love that there are no chains (ok, besides Starbucks). Everything else is uniquely Indianapolis!
    • Mass Ave Crit
      Other than the Fringe, of course, ONE of the best things I always enjoy about Mass Ave is the Criterium each August. Indy needs to do more "block parties" like this. Last year, I rode down, checked out some bike racing, shopped and ate along the Ave, and watched "Breaking Away" al fresco.
    • Mass Ave is AWESOME!!
      There are so many things that make Mass Ave one of the best destinations in Indy! There are great selections of restaurants in the area (and very affordable options), various shopping outlets, THE ARTS (strings of theaters, galleries, etc.) and examples of art appreciation in statues/art pieces/etc., great social destination (always something going on with groups of people leading activities or street performers - saw flame throwers in the middle of the street last time I was on Mass Ave), live music, and the list could go onnnnnn!! There are a diverse number of reasons Mass Ave is one of the hidden gems of Indy, and I hope I can experience it through this contest :)
    • Diversity
      I love the diversity of local people, local businesses and local entertainment!
    • Mass Ave
      All the food and fun in one place. Park once, walk to everything!
    • 45 Degrees
      Loved chilling out at 45 Degrees after doing a show! Great atmosphere and gorgeous waiter who made me feel even more like a Diva!
    • MassFav
      R Bistro's English Sticky Toffee Pudding!
    • a few of my favorite (Mass Ave) things
      IndyFringe Basile Theatre and Indy Read Books!
    • music, beer, and food?
      is there any more noble thing in life?
    • Daniel H.
      Expertly crafted cocktails at Ball & Biscuit
    • Rathskeller
      One Of Indy's originals, Rathskeller. Enough said.
    • Sophisticated, Fun Shopping For All Ages!
      I love going to Mass Ave. to shop. Mass Ave. Toys and Silver in the City are tied for my absolute favorite stores ever. My daughter has always enjoyed going with me. We first went when she was around five or six years old, and she fell in love with the eclectic mix of old and new toys. Now, at sixteen, she still spends just as long in the store as we used to. :)
    • Summer
      Oh, Mass Ave in the summer! Great for a stroll on the Cultural Trail and a stop for frozen treats!
    • Mass Ave.
      Great places to eat and shop. Bazbeaux is probably my fav.
    • Mass Ave
    • Mass Ave
      The sheer variety of options just on one block, let alone the entire avenue.
    • Mass Ave
      The food and entertainment variety is great but my favorite aspect of Mass Ave is the variety of people-watching and people-meeting opportunities that abound.
    • MESH!
      (Before that, it was Scholar's Inn...)
    • Heck Yes! Mass Ave is BOSS
      From the amazing theaters, funky gift shops, best chocolate, modern quilting, awesome food: Mass Ave is where locals hang out and visitors fit right in. Get down to Mass Ave to find locals doing local right.
    • Mass aVe
      The view from the Chatterbox patio. The wine doesn't hurt either.
    • Mass Ave
      Mass Ave gives Indianapolis its swagger!It’s “the art and soul of Indy”, and I love this area for its eclectic art, dining ,nightlife, fashion, home décor, and unique gifts. The ‘bohemian’ Mass Ave, established by the unique businesses and entrepreneurs that comprise the District, offers something to interest all visitors. Whether you’re heading out to explore Indy by yourself or with family and friends,head to Mass Ave,and don’t miss out!
    • Local
      Love the local businesses - Mass Ave Wine, Best Chocolate, Crimson Tate, Indy Reads, City Dogs, R Bistro, and that is just the beginning of the east end!
    • An Eclectic Community
      I love living on Mass Ave because of the commitment to the small business owner. Mass Ave is a unique community that spans just a few blocks but is thriving in so many ways. It has everything you could need without having to get in car and drive. From Indy Reads, Yats, Old Pointe, and Mass Ave Toys there is something for everyone. I love the new developments that are occurring and the prospects of new small businesses opening up that I can support.
    • Love it all
      Love the diversity from the food & restaurants, to the shoppes and different entertainment venues.
    • Zip Code
      Rarely have to leave the zip code by car.
    • Heather Givens/Crimson Tate
      Crimson Tate is my absolute favorite Mass Ave destination!
    • Mass Amoount of Love
      Mass Ave has a great fusion of culinary, visual and performance art within a mile stretch, and it is all easily accessible from different parts of downtown. Also I line that it continues to develop as a cultural hub of the city, with a "in with the new" attitude while still paying homage to its past.
    • Mass Ave
      Great food, and I love Silver in the city!
    • Mass Ave.
      Indy Reads. Wonderful, generous people working toward a wonderful goal. Their various events and readings support the community, and they offer a fantastic selection of books. Indy Reads holds a vital niche on the Ave.
    • Mass Ave
      I just love all the culture I get to experience and explore! There are theatres, there is food, there are great little stores, there's that awkward head I used to climb on when I was little and there are so many people I have the pleasure of bumping into, meeting or just barely encountering.
    • Mass Ave
      I love going to the Chatterbox on a sunny day, sitting out on the patio, seeing all the familiar faces, and having a cold glass of Wee mac.
    • Melissa
      The 800 block! Crimson Tate, White Dog, Best Chocolate in Town, Wine Shop, and Indy Reads!
    • Mass Ave
      Mass Ave is a great corridor for food and art! What's not to love?
    • What's not to love about Mass Ave?
      Having the mural at Mass and Alabama reminds me to always remember: “...to please notice when you are happy, and exclaim or murmur or think at some point, 'If this isn't nice, I don't know what is.” ― Kurt Vonnegut
    • favorite thing about Mass Ave.
      Fun, Food, and Art!
    • Mass Ave.
      Dancing Ann. I pass her walking to work in the afternoon and coming home about 12:30 a.m. when my shift is over. So much to like about Mass Ave., and so happy to have found a place to rent in the heart of Downtown. And seeing Ann swaying -- that makes my day and night. Just wish she'd change color more often. :)
    • Shop local
      I LOVE the shops on Mass Ave, Silver in the City is one of the best!! We love to shop local. Some of the best restaurants are also on Mass Ave, love Mesh!
    • Dancing lady!
      Gotta love the dancing lady sign! She never tires!
      I LOVE Mass Ave!!! My girlfriend and I feel comfortable when we are on Mass Ave. I LOVE that it is gay friendly!! I also love the different eateries and that they offer outside dining. I stayed at the Nestle Inn this past December for my birthday. Everyone there was super nice and friendly. The breakfast was to die for!! I live in Muncie and drive to Indy just to hang out on Mass Ave!!! I can't wait for Saturday because that is where I will be :)
    • Independent bars and restaurants
      Mass Ave is a big part of what makes Indy, Indy. The independent restaurants and bars make the spot one of a kind; places where locals can stop in for a beer and visitors can only find in Indianapolis. I love that its still an "up and coming" area and I continuously discover new spots to go for happy hour or sit down with a good book.
    • Heart of Art
      As a artist I feel like Mass Ave is the heart of art in many forms. There is the Art Bank, Indy Fringe, Music, and great food. I love going to Mass Ave for all of the above and you just never know what else you will see.
    • Fabulous and Fun
      I am proud to be a Mass Ave resident because we are home to some of the most inclusive and incredible people in Indy. On any given day, you never know who or what you might see, but anything goes on Mass Ave!
    • Everything!
      I love the quiantness of Mass Ave. McNivens is one of my most faves, as well as Bakersfield! Love the vibe!
    • My Fave
      My favorite part of Mass Ave is Bazbeaux--I met my husband there 8 years ago!
    • Mass Ave
      I love the atmosphere. It's a great place to enjoy good beer and good company.
    • naked on the street
      My favorite thing about Mass. Ave. Is the fact I am going to be performing my one-man show, Rough Sex, and other bad words...." in the Fringe Festival this August!
    • naked on the street
      Getting to perform there again!
    • Variety
      The Fringe! Plus, the simple fact that there are so many local faves in such close proximity to each other.
    • Mass Ave!
      I love the atmosphere! So unique! Shopping, Food and Art. Doesn't get any better!
    • Favorite district
      I used to work right off Mass Ave., which gave me an excuse to go there all the time. So many local businesses, near the center of the city but far enough away from the crazy downtown clubbing crowds. It is truly a live-work-play neighborhood that people want to be a party of. Watching it (and Fringe!) grow over the years has been wonderful.
    • Mass Ave
      We love sitting on the patio at Old Point Tavern with a large plate of nachos and cold beer watching all the people passing by the intersection.
      Close free parking, fantastic food, walkability, & enough night life to not get bored. Oh! & no puke on the street like BRip.
      I love everything about mass. ave! its so pretty and we love sitting at the local resteraunts watching the people walk by that are all so interesting. the night life is awesome
    • The food
      All the restaurants on Mass Ave are must visits!

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